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Joe show 2 b


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Team Pics part 2

Published in: Sports, Self Improvement
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Joe show 2 b

  1. 1. Team Pictures Part 2
  2. 2. Katy Mello Metcalf We developed life-long friendships, learned invaluable life skills, and wereinstilled with such self-confidence. Yes, we are the ones that are blessed. :)
  3. 3. Everybody Ready
  4. 4. Page
  5. 5. Conway Construction Company
  6. 6. Susan RandolphI still have all of my LilHustlers uniforms packedup in my attic. Those werethe days. I rememberRondas dad Dave pickingus up for practice becausewe all to young to drive.Those were the best days.
  7. 7. Swing
  8. 8. Good Times
  9. 9. Najorka Insurance Agency
  10. 10. The Question was asked What did you learn from Joe or Just playing SoftballTrish Steed Waters Being a team player in sports allowsme an advantage in my career.Katy Mello Metcalf My best friend always says, "If youhad fun, you won." And I tell her, "Your team must nothave won much." Because youre right, Trish Steed Waters...Winning ROCKS!Tanya Hayford Keefer Teamwork and respect for yourteam mates!Linda Willis Gillotti Never give up. I always give what Iam doing my best shot regardless if I win or not andhave a positive attitude while doing it. Positive attitudemakes all the difference in the world.
  11. 11. Orlando Fashions
  12. 12. All Stars
  13. 13. B&B Trophies
  14. 14. There No One Can See Me
  15. 15. Now I Can’t See You
  16. 16. When She Releases it….Take Off
  17. 17. Hoeltke’s Jewelers
  18. 18. Melissa Ballard Locey The best softball parents in the world.Remember how ugly "the other" team parents could be when we traveled? Heather Foley Travis LMAO….Mom Could Move
  19. 19. Jane Craig CorserCount me there Katy! LOVE your Dad :)) Michelle Hoffner WolffI was just looking at some recent photos of your dad and he is gonna cry!
  20. 20. Katie DemmingDebbie Ligas Brooks
  21. 21. Armor Systems Inc. Summer 1985
  22. 22. Heather Foley Travis Many fond memories withJoe Mello ............. sure miss those days Trish Steed Waters Joe was AWESOME! Jody, your Dad ROCKED!! He helped me sooo much!
  23. 23. Apple Core Antiques
  24. 24. Jodi Smithwick I am getting old I think I am standing in the back row first one on left. Linda Willis GillottiDont feel bad. I did not remember I was on the Love Bugs until I saw myself in the photo. LOL
  25. 25. Friendly Concrete of Florida
  26. 26. Rose Rasey Bullock Buss If Karen finds this, I may not survive to attend the reunion!! PS...can we put it on the slide show????Katy Mello Metcalf Aundrea GaskellGood skin care is a MUST for a ball player! HAHAHAHAHA Tooo Funny!!!
  27. 27. All American Pool and Patio
  28. 28. All American Pool and Patio
  29. 29. Play Hard OrGo Home
  30. 30. Alma
  31. 31. I am not going to get upset
  32. 32. Friendly Concrete
  33. 33. RunToTheLine
  34. 34. Friendly Concrete
  35. 35. The Griner Clan
  36. 36. What is it going to be
  37. 37. ALMA
  38. 38. Where is my Glove
  39. 39. Borden
  40. 40. Karen Hoffman-Espanol"In the corn"... I remember that one! Lol Robin Bradford Those were some fun times and some awesome girls to grow up with. And Damn Good Softball Players!
  41. 41. ASA Champs
  42. 42. Hit Go ItAhead This Way
  43. 43. I Remember Those Things. Clackers (Right)
  44. 44. Did you hear We WonWe WonWe Won
  45. 45. Streakers ASA 1987
  46. 46. Jody Guthrie AndersonNot sure what the word is for this , I just remember him singing" Ladies dont let your babies grow up to be cowboys" at practice.
  47. 47. Touch of Class
  48. 48. Got toLove the Hair
  49. 49. Borden
  50. 50. Times When Lifelong Friendships Are Made
  51. 51. Trouble GettingSet for Pic
  52. 52. Summer of 1984!
  53. 53. The Question was asked What did you learn from Joe or Just playing SoftballMary Hubley Heath I feel so blessed to have had thechildhood I had, playing lots of ball! Most of mycoaches, but especially Joe, taught good sportsmanshipabove anything. I think it gave me confidence to try myhardest all the time and to dust myself off and try againwhen we lost. Priceless life lesson! Sorry I wont be able tomake it to Joes celebration. Please send my love to him andeveryone.Oh, and also, Coach Hubley says Hi! :-)Trish Steed Waters That stereotypes arent fact. That teamwork is fun. That winning rocks! That for each bad day therewill be a good day.
  54. 54. They Don’t Call UsThe Wildcats For Nothing
  55. 55. Jane Craig Corser That was the magic tonic! Cindy LukeThat was great stuff we called it miracle water. (spirits of ammonia mixed with ice water). "Spirit Water"
  56. 56. Carrie Losapio Allard Streakers, Love Bugs, Sting Rays! Debbie Ligas, Patty Rollman, JodyGuthrie, Me, Katy Mello, Debbie Loveless, Diane Willis, Melissa Ligas, Shelley Vonarx! Who am I forgetting???
  57. 57. ALMA
  58. 58. Mitch McLain
  59. 59. Best T hing about Weekends “Tour naments”
  60. 60. Best T hing about Weekends “Tour naments”
  61. 61. All AmericanPool and Patio
  62. 62. Bob and Mary Slaughter
  63. 63. Heather Foley Travis Okay so I was showing the kidsthe pictures of all of us playing ball back then.My youngest says “hey mom when were these pictures taken the 50s or something.........”. WOW I know I am old but just WOW
  64. 64. Mister Willis
  65. 65. Check Out Those Moves
  66. 66. Sambo’s
  67. 67. Conway Field One of theCasualties of playing the game
  68. 68. The Question was asked What did you learn from Joe or Just playing SoftballLinda Willis Gillotti Never give up. I always give what I am doingmy best shot regardless if I win or not and have a positiveattitude while doing it. Positive attitude makes all the differencein the world.Michelle Ballard Lewis I would say, never give up too. I had towork hard to be good enough for one of his teams, but once I gotthere, he worked my butt hard to keep me good enough andmake me better.Cindy Slaughter teamwork & good friends.........Jane Craig CorserIts one of the reasons I am soo very proud and happy in my lifetoday, especially Richard & Bobbie Joe, they never turned anyoneaway. Softball, by far, shaped me to the woman I am today andIm very proud of my success!
  69. 69. We Got This
  70. 70. Willis Publications
  71. 71. Motley Crew “85”
  72. 72. Old Times