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Big profile

  1. 1. Agency Profile
  2. 2. ABOUT BIG (INCORPORATED AS ‘BIG ADVERTISING PTE LTD’)We are a Singaporean-owned, 10-year digital and interactive agency in the business of converging divergent digitalassets into a coherent, on-going 360-degree conversation.Our passion therefore stems from a deep obsession with stimulating curiosity; an inner drive to create channels ofcommunication that are integrated and immersive; as well as a dedication to deliver measurable conversions /MROIs / KPIs for our clients.OUR EXPERTISEWith strategic counsel and digital innovation thinking at the core of our service offerings, the BIG team is able todeliver tactical capabilities to clients, some of them global engagements, along the following service areas: Strategy / Thought Leadership Planning, digital brand stewardship, process Creative Content IP, crowdsourced, invention Visualization Applications Design, visual branding, website, eCommerce, social, gaming, CMS/CRM microsite, portal, engagement, curiosity Cloud, crowdsourcing, web 2.0, sales/marketing 2.0 Search Engine Optimization / SEM Keyword Research, Site Optimization, Platforms Linkbuilding, Google Adwords / Intranet, web, mobile, last-mile, Adsense hybrid, integration, engagement Social Media Optimization Social Loyalty Seeding, Weeding, Database, conversion, ROI, Breeding affiliate marketing, loyalty, monetization, location-based, Online Reputation Management / PR time-based Education, evangelism, advocacy, articulation
  3. 3. AGENCY’S ONLINE CREDENTIALSThe following lists but a few of the website / microsite / digital / application interface work that we have done for ourclients.Hawley and Hazel – Darlie Baby Nutritionals Asia Pacific Global digital / search / social Chia Holdings Corporate Governance Freres International – makers of Ayam Sardines and TunaFriendster Global Singapore’s social media ASEAN website APPOINTMENTSChangi General Hospital (government / healthcare) – digital agency-on-recordGlobal Explorer (hospitality) - online booking and eCommerce applicationPICO (exhibitions and conferences) – social mediaHealthchat (healthcare) – healthcare professionals forumBausch and Lomb (FMCG / consumer eyecare) – brandingKey ExecutivesStrategy, Social Timothy Yew has more than 20 years of industry experience in regional marketing,Media, and PR Lead PR and digital roles. Tim has world class IT product, marketing and communications experience from his career with Digital Equipment Corporation, 3com, Intel. He isTimothy Yew also a seasoned PR practitioner and copywriter, having been in copy-based roles in Shandwick PR and Sparktech Communications prior to joining Big. He has a solid understanding of the multiple facets of an International Integrated Creative and Communications Agency, and ensures the work that comes forth from the studio team is of cutting-edge quality. Known for his passion and energy, he delivers measurable results to all of his client’s bottom line experience. Specifically to social media, Timothy holds the distinction of being one of the earliest
  4. 4. proponents of social media, and is currently part of the core team managing the regional digital / social media executions for Ascendas, Nissan, and PICO. Timothy is also one of the evangelists for integrated social media, which incorporates the entire spectrum of community engagement including search-optimized social executions. Timothy is also a social media trainer, helming a social media syllabus for training school Finggle Singapore Pte Ltd, and has a course ( media-marketing/) that is ranked on the first page of Google Singapore for keywords ‘social media workshop’.Web Services and Tan Kian Ann combines the technical saavy of a web developer, with the experi-Development Lead ence and acumen of a social media activist and advocate. A classically trained pro-Tan Kian Ann grammer, web designer and web marketing strategist who has consulted, designed and marketed the websites for businesses in Singapore, Malaysia and the United States over the past 6 years, he is a specialist in creating effective business web- sites / applications to get more traffic, leads, sales, and to better connect with cus- tomers through the Internet. Kian Ann is also trained and openly recognized as one of the most effective SEO / SEM practitioners in the region, having glowing testimonials and case studies that have demonstrated the effectiveness of SEO / SEM / Social hybrid implementations. Kian Ann’s area of expertise lies in customized social developments with a search optimization and search marketing edge. He is also an avid blogger, and is the voice behind the popular underground blog for entrepreneurs called ‘Blogoprenuer’. His development skills are exceptional, and heads a talented team of programmers across the region. Kian Ann currently is the ASEAN SEO / SEM / programming lead for NetApp. Kian Ann is also the 2001 gold medalist in the WorldSkills Competition, representing Singapore in the IT-Software Applications category. Kian Ann currently heads our development / R&D team, and innovations in all things web and mobile applications, technologies, and product innovation.Project Operations Jessie Yong is an international project management director, with over 15 years ofJessie Yong experience in events, and activations. Previously Jessie worked with PICO International, managing international events & multimedia projects in the Asia region. Jessie comes from a solid background of project management plus process management and is often insightful in her client counsel. To date, Jessie has been spearheading all regional activation and client launch projects; with our fortune 500 clients such as Unilever, Sanofi-Aventis, Clouet Trading etc. She also manages execution and project schedules for her team. A lynchpin in the operational efficiency of all projects, online as well as in certain
  5. 5. cases integrated and offline, Jessie is currently involved in regional projects for Ascendas, PICO, Bausch and Lomb, Esplanade, and Changi General Hospital. She was also instrumental in delivering projects like Darlie’s All Shiny White Microsite and activations in an efficient and timely manner.Research and Re- Shi Heng Cheong is a name synonymous with SEO / SEM in Asia – and issearch Consultant openly acknowledged as one of the forefathers and frontrunners in the area ofShi Heng Cheong search academics and practicals. Heng Cheong (he prefers to be known as Shi) has more than 6 years of experience in performing hands-on SEO - from keyword research to content optimization, link building to social media strategizing and PPC campaign creation and management. Shi is currently the co-chairperson for the Asia Pacific Chapter for SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professionals Association). Shi is passionate about what he does and is committed to helping businesses un- derstand and implement techniques to maximize the potential of their websites. He has helped B2B as well as B2C corporations expand market reach, create visibility, gain top ranking in major search engines and increase website customer conversion by more than 400%. Before joining BIG, Shi has started several Internet businesses and has been very passionate about search marketing. His experience in Web hosting, Web design, search engine optimization and online marketing has helped his clients to increase Web visibility and gain top ranking in major search engines. An avid trainer and evangelist in his spare time, Shi began teaching SEO in his first public seminar on Internet marketing in 2005 and since conducted regular SEO workshops and courses to individuals and companies. People who attended these SEO training and courses include executives from organizations such as Abacus In- ternational, Accenture, CrimsonLogic, IDA, International Baccalaureate, Kim- berly-Clark, LANXESS, Mediacorp, National Library Board, Optima-Petronas, Rarit- an Asia Pacific, Royal Plaza on Scott, Science Centre Singapore, Sony Electronics, Zuji and business owners of SMEs. "Shi Heng Cheong provides a very unique way for you to look at how you can op- timise websites. He teaches and coaches you on how to bring those websites to the fore in the search engines" -- Timothy Goh, Vice President, New Media Business, Mediacorp (Source: )Interactive design and Trista Sor is a web- and interface-design specialist, with a flair for illustration andinterface flash / HMTL5 projects. Also an avid photographer and an individual with an eye forTrista Sor beauty, she has contributed significantly to clients who are looking for a strong youth-centric flavor in their work.
  6. 6. An immense asset when projects require a youth / grassroots engagement with a digital content slant.Interactive design and Alyssa Cai is a web- and interface-design specialist, with a flair for illustration andinterface flash / HMTL5 projects. She has a corporate eye and is an individual who canAlyssa Cai deliver and engage audiences both B2B as well as B2C with her work. She constantly delivers work that has delighted and surprised her clients, and is an asset when it comes to what projects need to deliver high visibility and impact. AGENCY DETAILS NAME OF VENDOR BIG Advertising Pte Ltd ADDRESS 8 Burn Road, #09-16, Trivex, Singapore 369977 TELEPHONE +65 6509-5487 WEBSITE DATE OF INCORPORATION December 07, 2001 NAME OF CONTACT PERSON Timothy Yew MOBILE +65 9785-7005 E-MAIL