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What does success in life mean to you? Discover our definition and read our 'must have' 10 tips for success in life

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  1. 1. brentandtim 0 Comments December 3, 2016 2SHARES 10 Tips for Success In Life What does success in life mean to you? People have their own definition of what success means to them. A definition that I like is by Earl Nightingale who said that “success is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal or idea” I’d like to share 10 tips that can help you be more successful in any area of your life.. 1. Have a plan. The phrase “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” really has truth in it. I interpret ‘to plan’ as us deciding what that “worthy goal or idea” is and working out the sequential steps in order to get there. This way we can calibrate how on track we are to achieving our final outcome (goal) by crossing off the ‘stepping stones’ along the way 2. Discover what you’re passion is. The internet has made it possible for people to make money from their passions like never before! With the internet, you can connect with other people who share your passion from all over the world. Once you discover your passion, this will give you the drive that you’ll need to put your plan into action, that will lead to to being able to start living your dream lifestyle. 3. Be your authentic self . When you are authentic, open and honest about who you are, your story, your passions etc, then people 0   0 Home converted by
  2. 2. Name* Leave A Response who are part of your niche customer group will naturally resonate with what you’re saying so much more powerfully. There are many people who hide behind an ‘internet identity’ that they think will entice people to buy more from them. They’re only short changing themselves and their true audience who would benefit from hearing what you’re passionate about in an honest and open way. 4. Keep on persevering! The famous American Inventor Thomas Edison is one of my favourite people to draw inspiration from. He reportedly tried 10,000 ways to develop the world’s first light bulb before succeeding! How many people would’ve had that level of perseverance? After several attempts without success, many people would get deflated and stop, but Edison kept going until he created his world changing invention.A key factor in him accomplishing that was this.. When asked what it was like to have failed 10,000 times, he replied ” I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways that do not work”. It was that mindset that enabled him to push through and keep on going, where so many of us would stop. Remember, the lessons you learn along the way teach you what you need to know in order to achieve your goal, and as a result gives you more value and advice that you can share with others 5. Use your power! Aside from any religious beliefs, the greatest power that you have access to is your mind. The main functions of the mind are called the ‘6 higher faculties’. They are 1) the will, 2) imagination, 3) reason, 4) memory, 5) intuition and 6) imagination. Cultivate and develop each of these and see the changes in the results you achieve! 6. Value your time Many people do not see time as a resource.The truth is that we all only have 24 hours in one day, no matter how wealthy or poor we are. Plan your time wisely, remember what’s truly important to you and focus time on those things. We never know how much time we have left in this world..if you had one day left on Earth, how would you spend it? how does that differ from your average day? 7. Push through your limiting beliefs A collection of limiting beliefs is called a paradigm. We very often get what we think we deserve in life and this can be greatly affected by our paradigms. One way to help remove those limiting beliefs is to look at the ten people you’re closest to and spend the most amount of time with, sometimes called your “circle of influence”. You can improve your mindset by starting to include more people that are further down the path to success than you.Listen to how they talk, what they say..what they don’t say. As the famous success coach Tony Robbins says “Success leaves clues”. 8. Release the need for approval If other people’s approval is needed before you take action, then that also gives those same people the power to influence you against doing something too. People very often do not react positively when those around them demonstrate what changes are actually possible. The people who support what you do in life will stay with you throughout your journey, those who criticise or tease when you are implementing new, positive behaviours are best to keep at arms length or remove from your social circle completely if possible. 9. Be your own best friend Sometimes we achieve the goals that we set for ourselves, and sometimes we may fall short. We’ve all had days where we started off with good intentions of having a very productive day but got sidetracked by something, or overwhelmed by how much we had to do and instead took no action. Something that we can control in times like that is how we respond. Sometimes, people can ‘beat themselves up’ so as to not repeat that behaviour. However, this can have a more negative impact than the not taking action.Show yourself the same compassion and understanding that you would to to a very close friend if the same thing had happened to them. 10. Get advice from people more experienced than you, People who who have achieved the success that you want are invaluable to helping you. We are all ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’, and a good mentor can save you many years of frustration and trial and error, plus they can save you money by helpig you to get where yo want to be quicker, without spending money on a lot of courses and seminars that only tell you certain piece of the success puzzle. One of my mentors is an incredibly successful guy called Stuart Ross. He has helped many people to escape the rat race and gain financial and geographic freedom. If you’d like to watch a short video presentation where Stuart tells you how you too can start to live your own dream lifestyle, please Click HERE And remember.. you CAN have your life, on your terms, your way. best wishes to you, Tim Sawyer Dream LifeStyle team member converted by
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