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Shot list


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Shot list

  1. 1. Shot list Timmy
  2. 2. Shot reverse shot• This shot is typically used for a conversations and alternated so that you can see the angle of each character when they are speaking.• An example of a picture of this is :
  3. 3. Eyeline match• This is the most important editing technique to get correctly.• All this means is that the audience see everything in the order that the director wants.• So for example when you’re editing a scene where somebody enters a door you the editor will need to make sure that the segments of clips they are putting together run smoothly, i.e no jumps, sudden cuts or jumping to a different position which would make it look very un real and unprofessional as the clip sequence wouldn’t make sense.• An example of this would be :
  4. 4. Establishing shot• This type of shot is normally found at the start of a scene or something important.• This shot does exactly what it says on the tin: it establishes the setting/scene.• These shots are normally far away and they reveal a great area of the thing you are filming• An example of this would be :