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Wcma Product Awards_2018_All_Nominations


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View all submissions to the window covering industry's 2018 awards program!

Published in: Design
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Wcma Product Awards_2018_All_Nominations

  1. 1. HARTMANN&FORBES Rollerfold™ Michael Jones, Founder Rebecca Welch, Director of Product Development HARTMANN&FORBES’ ROLLERFOLD is an innovative style that combines the aesthetic beauty of a roman-fold shade with the sleek performance and child safety features of a Roller Style shade. Best for Kids Certified, this style eliminates the shade-body operational cords and can be easily automated for a completely cordless option. Three fixed folds are handsewn to the bottom of the shade, fitting comfortably under a valance or soffit structure regardless of the shade length. U.S. Patent Pending. WCMA PRODUCT OF THE YEAR
  2. 2. ROLLEASE ACMEDA Hook tube Scott Cackowski, Mechanical Engineer Cormac Diamond Hook tube solution enables easy and fast changing of a fabric on a roller shade without uninstallingthetubeof theshade.Thefabricof arollershadecanbechangedfrequently, such as for different sports or holiday seasons.It also allows longer term use of hardware and operating solutions that are growing in complexity and cost, such as motorized shades or decorative fascia or bracketing systems. Apartments, hotels and schools can change fabrics without changing the system. WCMA JUDGES’ AWARD
  3. 3. HUNTER DOUGLAS Duette® TrackGlide™ with LiteRise® Annette Rodriguez A window covering solution for European-style,Tilt-and-Turn windows trending in high- end homes.TrackGlide™system keeps cordless Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades in place while operating either of the two distinct window functions: swinging in like a door, or tilting the top inward for interior ventilation.The LiteRise operating system is available in either Bottom-Up orTop-Down/Bottom-Up for ultimate privacy light control. The 4 metallic finishes blend with existing window or door hardware. CELLULAR & PLEATED SHADES
  4. 4. COULISSE Absolute Honeycomb TDBU Motorized Bas Klein Tuente and Ruben de Vries The motorized Absolute Honeycomb top-down/bottom-up system sets a new child safety standard. A patented mechanical stopper in the head rail of the system prevents the bottom rail from passing the head rail. As a result, the cords in the system remain tensionedatanytimeandwillnothangloose,sonoloopsoccur.Thecompletelywireless honeycomb tdbu motor CM-08 —with integrated usb rechargeable lithium-ion battery— can be used on both sides of the head rail thanks to its smart swivel end. CELLULAR & PLEATED SHADES
  5. 5. HUNTER DOUGLAS Duette® LightLock™ System Annette Rodriguez The latest innovation from Hunter Douglas Duette® honeycomb shades is the new standard for creating room-darkening home environments. This category game- changer provides the solution to high-end demands for complete darkness, without compromising style or performance.Meticulous design and innovation come together in our LightLock side channels featuring Light-Control Technology (patent pending). CELLULAR & PLEATED SHADES
  6. 6. THE FINIAL COMPANY The Finial Company™ Modern Metal Collection Eric Bennett, Mimi Rowley, Kathy Hall, Mikala Moller The Finial Company™ Modern Metal Collection features clean lines and trend-right acrylic styles available in 5 contemporary finishes. Designed to be customized, the collection offers three mix & match cuff and collar options in 1 1/8” and 1 3/8” diameters that can be combined with any of our 14 finials to create sleek to soft modern styles in more than 400 design combinations. DRAPERY HARDWARE
  7. 7. ORION ORNAMENTAL IRON, INC. French Double Rod with Returns − Bay Window Edgar Catalan French Rod with Returns is a very popular drapery hardware application. We have introducedthisconceptnowusingDoubleFrenchRodwithReturnandcanbecustomized for Bay Windows where in the back you can hang light weight sheer treatment and in front beautiful drapes. This can be done with any size diameter rods starting from 1/2” to 3” round Hollow rod.This design can be customized with different shape by matching the templates. The product is handcrafted and finished in the USA. DRAPERY HARDWARE
  8. 8. ROWLEY AriA® French Returns Lee Cope, Mimi Rowley, Margaret Addison, Kathy Hall, Mikala Moller Our curved 1 1/8” diameter French Return elbows with stylish round and square mounting plate options allow drapery panels to wrap all the way to the wall for a clean transitional look. The innovative French Return band is a unique option with a dual purpose that allows you to pin the drapery to wall to reduce sidelight, and can also be used to cover the seams created at the splice of the pole. The pole return has also been thoughtfully designed to offer the option of a 4” or 6” projection. DRAPERY HARDWARE
  9. 9. ROWLEY AriA® H-Rail Traverse Lee Cope, Mimi Rowley, Kathy Hall, Mikala Moller Launched in a larger diameter in 2018, the 1 3/8” H-Rail traverse provides the perfect combination of fashion and function, creating more sophisticated solutions for both residential and commercial environments. AriA® H-Rail provides an array of traversing solutions including: single and double rod traverse rods designed to work with any 1 3/8” finial; wall and ceiling bracket options; trend-right finishes and coordinating accessories. DRAPERY HARDWARE
  10. 10. THE FINIAL COMPANY The Finial Company™ Wood & Resin Collection Eric Bennett, Mimi Rowley, Kathy Hall, Mikala Moller In our wood & resin collections, The Finial Company™ offers the timeless classics that never go out of style and the transitional new favorites that accentuate today’s modern aesthetic. The 1 3/8”, 2 - 2 1/4” and 3” diameter collections feature over 35 new finial designs with sleek profiles and exceptional design details available in our 50 hand painted standard finish options. The wood & resin collection is custom hand painted to order by our talented artisans in Dallas, TX. DRAPERY HARDWARE
  11. 11. COULISSE Eco Essence Bas Klein Tuente and Ruben de Vries Eco Essence is a transparent plain roller blind fabric made of 100% recycled PET-bottles and plays into the globally growing demand for sustainable products in homes and buildings. The fabric has a delicate weaving texture and offers pleasant light filtering, privacy and atmosphere. To contribute to a better, cleaner world, Coulisse donates part of the turnover in Eco Essence to Trashpackers, a global platform for backpackers who want to help create a better world by cleaning up trash. GREEN PRODUCTS
  12. 12. NORMAN WINDOW FASHIONS SmartPrivacy Cordless Normandy Wood Blinds Norman R&D Team Our new cordless wood blinds are “Best for Kids” certified and 1) are more level when raise 2) re-engineered to keep slats from shifting, 3) include our exclusive SmartPrivacy system for improved slat-to-slat coverage, no visible route holes when closed, and tighter closure. Plus, our biggest slat selection ever, including Osmo finish - made from natural oils and waxes and creates a wet look to bring out wood’s natural highlights. HORIZONTAL BLINDS
  13. 13. NORMAN WINDOW FASHIONS Faux Wood Blinds in Euro Headrail with SmartRelease Norman R&D Team Offering sleek high-end styling, low-maintenance and extra convenience. The one- piece headrail creates a modern look and comes in a gallery of shimmering textured finishes. The SmartRelease feature enables the blind to be “released” or lowered from an upward position with a gentle pull. It glides to a closed position automatically - smoothly, quietly, and effortlessly. Another pull stops the blind at the desired height. SmartRelease makes the daily lowering of the blind almost effortless. HORIZONTAL BLINDS
  14. 14. NORMAN WINDOW FASHIONS SmartPrivacy Cordless Faux Wood Blinds Norman R&D Team Our new cordless faux wood blinds are WCMA certified and 1) are more level when raise 2) lighter and easier to lift 3) re-engineered to keep slats from shifting, 4) include our exclusive SmartPrivacy system for improved slat-to-slat coverage, no visible route holes when closed, and tighter closure. Plus, our biggest slat selection ever, and brand new top treatments, including a curved fascia and euro headrail. HORIZONTAL BLINDS
  15. 15. QMOTION QMotion Qbasic+ Shading System Gene Demestre, Vice President of Business Development, Shading Division Darrin Brunk, Mechanical Design Engineer Legrand altered the shading upgrade landscape with its QMotion Qbasic+ Shading System — a unique and premium manual shade solution that is easily field upgradable to motorized power without need for fabric changes, external power packs, or bracket reinstallation. Qbasic+ shades are designed for residential and single family and multidwelling units, and can be used independently or with a building control system. MOTORIZATION & AUTOMATION BEST TEC H N ICAL INNOVATION W IN N ER Moto rization & Autom ation
  16. 16. SOMFY Sonesse® ULTRA 30 WireFree RTS Li-ion The Somfy team ThenewSonesse®ULTRA30WireFreeRTSLi-ionisSomfy’squietestwirefreemotorization solutionforawidevarietyof today’sdecorativeinteriorshades.Thisnewinnovationfrom Somfy features a built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery for minimal maintenance and includes a visual battery charge indicator which tells you when to charge your shades! Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, consumers can experience a connected solution and control shades using simple voice commands. MOTORIZATION & AUTOMATION BESTTEC H N IC A L IN NOVATION HONORAB L E M ENTION Moto rization & Autom ation
  17. 17. COULISSE MOTION Bas Klein Tuente and Ruben de Vries MOTION is a ground-breaking window covering automation solution with motorization solutions for any requirement.The new generation completely wireless roller shade and honeycomb motors -with integrated usb rechargeable lithium-ion batteries- are easy to install and operate and can be controlled from anywhere in any way. Push the button of a remote control, use the MOTION app or connect to smart speakers and IFTTT. The unique Pull Control option allows to manually override remote control options MOTORIZATION & AUTOMATION
  18. 18. HARTMANN&FORBES Rollerfold™ Michael Jones, Founder; Rebecca Welch, Director of Product Development HARTMANN&FORBES’ ROLLERFOLD is an innovative style that combines the aesthetic beauty of a roman-fold shade with the sleek performance and child safety features of a Roller Style shade. Best for Kids Certified, this style eliminates the shade-body operational cords and can be easily automated for a completely cordless option. Three fixed folds are handsewn to the bottom of the shade, fitting comfortably under a valance or soffit structure regardless of the shade length. U.S. Patent Pending. ROMAN & ROLLER SHADES
  19. 19. COULISSE Twin Pull Bas Klein Tuente and Ruben de Vries Following the stringent laws and regulations related to child safety, Coulisse introduced Twin Pull: the child safe alternative for chain control. The mechanism is driven by two separated chains or wands, which allows for easy, intuitive manual control.Twin Pull has all benefits of the conventional chain mechanism; the operation is as smooth and light as that of a chain mechanism and shades can be moved to any desired position, yet unlike chain operation, Twin Pull is 100% child safe by design. ROMAN & ROLLER SHADES
  20. 20. CIERA INDUSTRIES INC. CIERA Clutch hardware Richard R Fraczek Most innovative roller shade hardware featuring patented clutch design with safety features preventing clutch from disengaging from the hardware. Unique torsion spring configuration eliminates “dead spot” during rotation and ensures smooth clutch operation.Patentedspring-loadedidlerwithhalf-shearshaftguaranteeseasyinstallation and prevents from binding and squeaking. Unique idler bracket design allows the shades to be height adjusted to counter problems with shade fabric telescoping to the side.This innovative hardware can lift up to 26 pounda and can be used on rollershades and roman shades. ROMAN & ROLLER SHADES
  21. 21. ROMAN & ROLLER SHADES HUNTER DOUGLAS Designer Roller and Screen Shades with SoftTouch™ Motorization Shannon Thomas Designer Roller and Screen Shades with SoftTouch™ Motorization provide easy shade operation with a soft touch of a wand. SoftTouch™ Motorization is a battery-powered system with wand-controlled operation. Gently pull down on the wand to lower shades and push up to raise them. Operation is intuitive and easy with click-and-walk-away functionality that provides superior child and pet safety since there are no cords. An added feature is the ability to set a favorite shade position.
  22. 22. ROMAN & ROLLER SHADES MECHO Mecho® /5x Manual Shade Lift The Mecho Design Team The Mecho/5x is applied innovation to the manual shade clutch. The Mecho/5x “super- powers” the shade-lifting clutch that started the roller-shade industry. With its high- performance technology, the Mecho/5x lets you lift larger, longer and heavier shades with less effort. The Mecho/5x is ideal to help those with physical limitations. The Mecho/5x also features a redesigned chain pull with a greater pull angle for added versatility and ease-of-use when there are obstructions in front of a window.
  23. 23. HUNTER DOUGLAS Vignette® Duolite® Modern Roman Shades Stephanie Harvey The new Vignette® Duolite® dual-opacity finally answers your desire for the best of both worlds – a light– filtering or sheer fabric with a room-darkening fabric in one shade. Choose any light–filtering or sheer 6” flat fold front fabric,paired with a room–darkening back panel that can be deployed as desired with the front panel fully lowered. Offered exclusively in the Rolling Style with PowerView Motorization. ROMAN & ROLLER SHADES
  24. 24. BLINDWARE ZeroGravity Balanced Spring Technology Grant Norton - Managing Director, Blindware Pty Ltd. (Distributed in USA by Global Fabriks, based in Holland, MI.) ZeroGravity is a new and unique technology (patent pending worldwide) that allows the tension in a counter-balance spring to be quickly and simply adjusted to always perfectly match the weight of a roller shade, no matter what width, fabric weight or tube diameter. Product configurations can include child-safe Chain-Free, “Fast-Rise” Chain operated and Motorised using low power DC motors. The roller shade always remains in perfect balance, ultra-light to operate and always without tightening. ROMAN & ROLLER SHADES
  25. 25. HUNTER DOUGLAS Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters with PowerView® Motorization Ellen Beth Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters are now available with PowerView® Motorization, for hands free louver operation via the PowerView® Pebble® remote. Exclusive features include a manual override which allows for manual louver operation without damaging the motor, and a motor coupler which allows two panels to be operated with a single motor. Also features compatibility with the PowerView app for automated and remote louver operation, as well as integration with popular home automation systems. SHUTTERS
  26. 26. NORMAN WINDOW FASHIONS Norman Ultra Shutters featuring Norman Ultra Hinge Norman R&D Team We have further refined the concealed “invisible” hinge that comes standard on our flagship Norman Ultra shutters.The build quality is now even more substantial,enabling single panels up to 48” wide. Multiple colors to choose from. Easily adjusts with an Allen Key: up & down, in & out, side-to-side. Makes “racking” shutters a quick one-person job, and enables flawless, smooth performance. Oh, and it’s great to look at, too! SHUTTERS
  27. 27. NORMAN WINDOW FASHIONS DayNite Shutters Norman R&D Team A single compact corded honeycomb shade installed to a batten behind the shutter frame provides ultimate dimming effect, energy efficiency and noise dampening. A perfect solution for shutters in a bedroom, a home theater, or anywhere light control is critical. SHUTTERS
  28. 28. ROLLEASE ACMEDA Hook tube Scott Cackowski, Mechanical Engineer Cormac Diamond Hook tube solution enables easy and fast changing of a fabric on a roller shade without uninstallingthetubeof theshade.Thefabricof arollershadecanbechangedfrequently, such as for different sports or holiday seasons.It also allows longer term use of hardware and operating solutions that are growing in complexity and cost, such as motorized shades or decorative fascia or bracketing systems. Apartments, hotels and schools can change fabrics without changing the system. SPECIALTY APPLICATIONS & MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS
  29. 29. TEXTON OPTEX Solar Screens Ed Williams OPTEX is a fixed Solar Screen used on the outside of windows for heat control and energy savings.Common screens of this kind offer greater energy savings than any type of window covering on the market. However, many consumers consider the overall look to be unattractive in that they alter the outside look of their home. OPTEX remedies this by offering the appearance of Plantation Shutters from outside. OPTEX is available in White & Off-White, and multiple frame & specialty options. SPECIALTY APPLICATIONS & MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS
  30. 30. ROLLEASE ACMEDA Bottom Up Shade Aidan Schofield, Mechanical Design Engineer Kai Kallio, Product Manager The bottom up solution has a smart self-leveling hem bar that makes the installation extremely easy and fast. The special bottom up hem bar also enables adjusting the location of the support cord sideways. Provides a practical alternative for privacy and light management that currently is mostly obtained through cellular shades. SPECIALTY APPLICATIONS & MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS
  31. 31. MECHO Mecho ElectroPocket™ The Mecho Design Team Mecho ElectroPocket™. The Easiest, most economical way to Install Motorized Shades ElectroPocket reduces the cost of installing motorized shades by eliminating expensive metal clad or conduit wiring and reducing electrician time required. ElectroPocket features pre-wired sections that nest for easier handling, transportation and lower shipping costs. ElectroPocket incorporates standard connectors to easily clip together. ElectroPocket is pre-wired to motorize when you’re ready. SPECIALTY APPLICATIONS & MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS
  32. 32. MAXXMAR WINDOW FASHIONS Genius Concept Norbert Marocco, Mario Marocco, Renato Ottaviani The Genius is a revolutionary Cordless Mechanism that eliminates the use of cords/ chains on blinds/shades. It has an appealing slim look. To operate the blinds/shades you go up and down in a pumping motion on the spiral to raise and lower the blinds/ shades. By flicking the switch on the mechanism you reverse the direction and on blinds it also acts as your tilter as you can open the blinds at any height. You can customize the Genius so that even oversize blinds/shades can be operated properly. SPECIALTY APPLICATIONS & MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS
  33. 33. HUNTER DOUGLAS Dealer Social Media Program Jamie Rivera Hunter Douglas partnered with leading social media management platform Hootsuite to pioneer an innovative social media solution for its dealers.The solution allows for scheduling and automatic posting to participating dealers’ Facebook pages, with each postlinkingtopageswithinthedealers’HunterDouglasprovidedwebsites.Theinitiative aims to help dealers grow their social media presence, drive greater traffic to dealers’ Hunter Douglas provided websites and create more lead opportunities. CONSUMER ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN
  34. 34. ROWLEY Rowley New Website and Online Product Configurator Tony Xie, Edward Leong, Kathy Hall, Traci Carver, Margaret Addison The new Rowley website has been updated with industry-forward technology. Along with an updated look, it offers more robust search and filtering to find products quickly and efficiently. The new site is also mobile responsive, so you can browse, shop and learn while on-the-go. The Design your Window feature is also an innovative upgrade that offers a visual product configurator for you to easily build custom window systems to your exact specifications, place your order or save for future use. CONSUMER ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN
  35. 35. HUNTER DOUGLAS 2018 Quarterly Consumer Rebate Promotions Jamie Rivera The Energy Smart Style Savings Event touted wintertime savings on energy-efficient shades. The Celebration of Light Savings Event focused on light-diffusing products in the spring. The Smart Shades Savings Event offered summer savings on motorized styles. And the holiday-themed Season of Style Savings Event showcased our most popular products. These promotions generated strong engagement, local advertising activity and sales increases for the promoted products among participating dealers. CONSUMER ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN
  36. 36. HUNTER DOUGLAS Marketing Technology: The Hunter Douglas Mobile Selling App (MSA) Jamie Ziegler MSAmakesdesignerstheexpertstoincreasetrust,avg.ordersizeandsavetime.Loaded with tips, consumer facing videos and immediate feedback on consumer preferences, even a junior designer is a trusted advisor.The designer creates pricing options to fit a budget.Consumers are less likely to ask for a discount as they drive the spend. We saw a 5% increase in average order value over phone.With integration to The Link CRM,information is passed to sales, marketing & task reporting,saving time. MARKETING TECHNOLOGY
  37. 37. HUNTER DOUGLAS Duette® LightLock™ Launch Event at The Glass House Donald Montgomery In November 2018,Hunter Douglas welcomed media, designers & influencers to The Glass House in Connecticut to Outsmart the Sun to celebrate launching Duette® LightLock™System.HunterDouglasorchestratedaonce-in-a-lifetimeevent,showcasing the 100% blackout technology in the glass space. Top media attended from New York Times,Architectural Digest, Elle Décor,Veranda & Dwell.As a result of the event & other marketing efforts, Hunter Douglas sold 411 LightLock shades in just over one month. MARKETING TECHNOLOGY
  38. 38. NORMAN WINDOW FASHIONS SmartPrivacy Blinds Sample Bag Norman R&D Team Presented in a carry-all format with high-end details consistent with our sampling for shutters and shades, the all-in-one blinds sample solution makes custom blinds look and feel premium again. Elegant and highly portable, the breadth of our expanded faux wood and wood programs is showcased side-by-side through 5 different color decks, top treatment cut-outs, ribbon swatches, and expanded selection guide. POINT OF SALE DISPLAY
  39. 39. THE FINIAL COMPANY The Finial Company™ Modern Metal Table Top Display Eric Bennett and Mikala Moller The Finial Company™ Modern Metal Collection table top display is an innovative merchandisingtoolthathasasmallfootprintwithabigimpactforshowroomsdisplaying and demonstrating the product. The display holds nine finial and finish combinations in 1 1/8” and 1 3/8” diameter pole options, three mix & match cuff and collar designs and five Modern Collection finishes to present over 200 potential design combinations to clients. POINT OF SALE DISPLAY
  40. 40. HUNTER DOUGLAS 2018 Vignette® Sample Book Stephanie Harvey Theprimarygoalofthe2018Vignette®launchwassimplification.Shadefabrics,opacities, options and sizes have been streamlined, resulting in easier dealer specification and a more enjoyable customer experience. The complete re-engineered Vignette sample book makes selling Vignette Modern Roman shades an engaging experience by showcasing the newest product design innovations. POINT OF SALE DISPLAY
  41. 41. ALTA WINDOW FASHIONS Alta SoftStyle Cellular Program Sample Book Pat Leighty, Wayne Gourlay, Ren Judkins along with Gary Gottdiener with Phoenix Sample Our SoftStyle cellular program - launched May 2018 - is merchandised in an easy-to- use, cost-effective sample book. The Innovative color block system allows consumers to view multiple colors in large single cell; system includes cell size deck for quick cell size comparisons and color blocks are easy to remove and quick to lock back into place (so decks aren’t lost!). Accompanied by a consumer photobook that inspires and educates, all the information necessary to close the sale is at hand. POINT OF SALE DISPLAY
  42. 42. MECHO Mecho’s Product Sampling The Mecho Design Team Mecho’s® Product Sampling Puts Choice at Your FingertipsMecho’s new sampling box and binder are a desktop shadecloth showroom. Our new fabric sample box contains swatches of every shadecloth we offer.You’ll see what the fabric looks like, how it feels— even hold it up to the window to see how its openness controls daylight. We even include fascia and pocket color samples, so you’ll see how the color choices come together. We’re working smarter, so you don’t have to work harder. POINT OF SALE DISPLAY
  43. 43. HUNTER DOUGLAS Provenance® Woven Wood Sample Book Shannon Thomas The Provenance® Woven Wood sample book features a refreshed fabric collection focused on trend right patterns, bright whites and greys. Removable fabric swatch and accessory decks are now simpler to use so consumers can choose color and opacity options more easily. An updated Photobook with new photography with more details of the product as well as design inspiration for the consumer. Other Key tools: Product guide, Flip Book, and Headrail Mounting Guide. Since launch, sales have increased 15%. POINT OF SALE DISPLAY
  44. 44. MECHO Mecho’s Upgraded Dealer Portal The Mecho Design Team Mecho’s revamped ordering portal lets you work smarter, not harder. Our new portal is the easiest way to order standard—and custom—shades and accessories. You can attach documents, upload, and share drawings with your order to ensure products meet your client’s exact needs and specifications. You can also track and manage existing orders to keep your customers up to date on their order status. POINT OF SALE DISPLAY
  45. 45. NORMAN WINDOW FASHIONS Shutter Design Guide Norman R&D Team Selecting and visualizing the right shutter type, frame and options can be daunting. The new selling platform makes it easy for both dealers to sell and clients to choose. The new guide — included with the new shutter bag — is both thorough and simple. Technical and beautiful. The most encyclopedic guide the industry has seen. Plus, its plethora of QR video codes makes choosing more dynamic and fun, enabling retailers to sell with precision and clients to buy with inspiration and knowledge. POINT OF SALE DISPLAY
  46. 46. ALTA WINDOW FASHIONS Alta Window Fashions Trade Ad Campaign Claire Nelson (client), Dawn Moore (writer/strategist), Brandt Wilkins (designer) “Pick Alta” trade advertising campaign launched September 2018 with the goal to increase Alta’s visibility with window fashions retailers beyond our current base. The six ad, full-color spread campaign grows with each ad building on the benefits of why Pick Alta. The digital execution clicks through to a microsite ( pickalta) that expands the Pick Alta story and captures information on retailers desiring additional information; the print execution includes the URL. TRADE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN
  47. 47. HUNTER DOUGLAS Shutter Workshop Trevor Tandy Shutters demand a real-world, interactive learning environment to build selling and orderingconfidence.Bydoingandnotwatching,ourguestsquicklybecomecomfortable with the in-home concepts and skills that shutters require. This is how Hunter Douglas designed the Shutter Workshop regional training. Our experts traveled to 12 North American cities armed with hands-on exercises, new live-polling technology and online assessments to deliver and reinforce this message. Engage, Grow & Deliver! TRAINING PROGRAM
  48. 48. HUNTER DOUGLAS Employee Product Experience Trevor Tandy Aworld-classcustomerexperienceisdeliveredbyemployingastaff toanswerquestions or give advice in a timely way with expert level hands-on knowledge. Not easy to do. Real-world skill development for all Hunter Douglas Divisions is provided at the Employee Product Experience where teams are exposed to life as an installer. In 4 days, they participate in hands-on, confidence building exercises designed to teach aspects of measuring, ordering, repairing and installing our most sold products. TRAINING PROGRAM
  49. 49. SPECIAL THANKS TO THE 2018 WCMA PRODUCT AWARDS PANEL OF JUDGES • SUSAN ARANN is an interior design director and principal of American & International Designs Inc., an award winning, multi-disciplined interior design firm based in New York City. Arann is a past president of the American Society of Interior Design’s (ASID) New York Metro chapter. • SUSAN HIRSH is a décor consultant and industry expert who formerly served as North American Manager for decorative programs at Benjamin Moore & Co, president of the International Furnishing and Design Foundation (IFDA) and as national chair of IFDA’s Educational Foundation. • LAURA NALLY is design director at Wallauer’s Design Center, a Westchester County, NY-based chain of home decorating stores. 2019 WILL YOUR COMPANY’S PRODUCT BE ON THE LIST?