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Identification of products


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Identification of products

  1. 1. Timo Indigne Identification of Products
  2. 2. Introduction In this PowerPoint I will explain some of the products or brands that I have always wanted and then that I have gotten. I will explain the image/perceptions the connects to the brand or product. I will explain what the values are the product is associated with. I’ll explain any beliefs that connect to the products/Brand. And I will explain what influenced me to want to buy this product or brand. I have chosen 5 products and each on of them on the picture is the exact one that I had or have.
  3. 3. Name of Products Lakai YCF Enjoi I pod Burton
  4. 4. Lakai (skate shoes)  The image the you get from wearing these shows is always skateboard. When I wear lakai shoes people will always first think that I'm skater.  The values that associate with this brand is comfort, because when you are wearing these shoes they are really soft inside and have protection which are like cushion and then they are always lose instead of tight.  The beliefs to this product is that if you wear lakai you will have more comfort skating and you will skate a lot better.  The thing that influenced me to get this product was friends telling me things and TV, magazine ads. My friends influenced me the most thought because we would always be talking about how could it is and it made me really want to shoes.
  5. 5. YCF Dirt bike  The Image that you get when you have this product is daring or extreme, because having a dirt bike is very dangerous and so when you have on wouldn’t be scared calm safe type of person.  The values associated to this product to me would be fun, because I didn’t get the bike for competitions or stuff like that I got it because it was fun , I like riding bikes and for excitement.  There are no beliefs to this product because this products is just for playing and having a good time.  I have always wanted a dirt bike, because I watch a lot of extreme channels on TV and I do a lot of extreme sports and so I thought motocross was cool but I was never able to because I didn’t have a dirt bike. And so that’s what influenced me in getting one.
  6. 6. Enjoi skateboard  The image from riding a enjoi deck would be a good skater. Since enjoi is almost number one best skateboard company enjoi is expensive but very good and so people would think you are a good skater.  The value that this brand is associated with is skill, because when you skate with a enjoi deck you will be better because enjoi decks are the best in everything. The are the lightest, strongest, nicest, smoothest, and have the most pop so you can jump and do tricks higher.  The belief to this brand is the when you own and skate a enjoi your skill in skating will improve a lot.  A lot of things influenced me to get a enjoi deck. Mostly it was friends and videos and magazines. But out of those the most was videos. When I watched skate videos from enjoi they were the best and always doing crazier stunts than other brands.
  7. 7. I pod Nano  The image that goes with this product I think would be that the person loves music.  The value that this brand associate’s with would be music because the I pod nano is made for music and I wanted it because its so small and its good for music.  The belief the goes with I pod would be the if you get a I pod your music will be better and you will love music more.  Friends and family influenced me to get a I pod because they always had one with them to listen to music. My friends also told me that I pod nano was the best type of I pod you could get because it was small and you could record videos with.
  8. 8. Burton Snowboard  The image that you would get from a Burton snowboard is a good snowboard. Burton is the number one snowboarding brand and it is the best for freestyle snowboarding.  The values the this brand is associated with is skill, because when you use this board you will be able to snowboard a lot better and become a better snowboarder because it is very smooth and flexible.  If there were a belief to Burton snowboards it would be something like if you is this board you will become a really good snowboard and you can land any of your tricks.  TV and Magazine ads influenced me to get a Burton snowboard because in every type of ad I saw for Burton snowboards it always saying that it is amazing and it always shows the best snowboard using Burton snowboards.