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Networking Music: Presentation for IT-journalists 4.10.2011


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Presentation on how the common network setup was designed at the Helsinki Music Centre to better support challenges related to networking requirements of entertainment technology, such as real-time audio distribution.

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Networking Music: Presentation for IT-journalists 4.10.2011

  1. 1. Networking Music Timo Ruohomäki Head of ICT, Helsinki Music Centre
  2. 2. 15.8.2014 2 HMC In a Nutshell • Floor area 36.000m² • Total cost 189 M€ (166 M€ construction, 23M€ equipment) • Architect: LPR-Arkkitehdit Oy (Marko Kivistö, Mikko Pulkkinen, Ola Laiho) • Acoustics Consultant: Nagata Acoustics (Yasuhisa Toyota) • Main contractor: SRV Toimitilat Oy • Ownership: •City of Helsinki 26% •Yleisradio 26% •Senaatti Properties 48% (Government of Finland)
  3. 3. 15.8.2014 3 Premises • Common Area •Main concert hall, 1704 seats •Rehearsal hall •2 audio control rooms, video control room •Technical space, restaurants, loading decks etc. • Sibelius Academy •4 concert halls with capacity of 200-250 seats •Auditorium •Classrooms and rehearsal rooms in 7 floors •Management rooms
  4. 4. 15.8.2014 4 HMC ICT, Key Vendors • Construction consultant: ISS Proko (Antti Rehtijärvi) • Network planning: Pöyry Telecom (Jukka Haapalahti) • Network contractor: Nordic Lan&Wan Oy (Kari Salmela, John Stolpe) •Turn-key network setup incl. Firewalls, WLAN Controllers •Core switches: HP 7503E •Access Switches: HP S5120 –series •Network Management: HP iMC
  5. 5. 15.8.2014 5 HMC Common Network • Most audio and video technology is running on IP-based network Each system cannot have its own physical network infrastructure, must be centrally managed • A number of proprietary protocols, ports and streaming technologies •Dante digital media network •PTP for Riedel intercom •GrandMA and Paradigm light control •Currently over 100 custom service objects in firewall! • Switches not acting as routers: All routing is done in the firewall on a port&service/host –basis • Very specific VLAN –scoping
  6. 6. 15.8.2014 6 HMC Network Infrastructure • 2 firewalls • 2 core switches • 59 managed access switches • 72 WLAN access points • ~2400 access switch ports of which less than 1% is used by desktops or laptops • 63 Virtual LANs
  7. 7. 15.8.2014 7 VLANs and Subnets
  8. 8. Dante Audio Network • Developed by Audinate Pty Ltd • Used in 100s of products by 27 vendors • True Ethernet and IP network compatibility • Sample accurate timing and low latency • Zeroconf • 512+512 48kHz/24bit audio channels over single link 15.8.2014 8 Yamaha DME64n DiGiCo SD8
  9. 9.