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Student Attendance Monitoring Brochure


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Student Attendance Monitoring System

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Student Attendance Monitoring Brochure

  1. 1. Biometric Student Attendance Monitoring & Recording Helping you with Tier 4 Visa Compliance and to Reduce Administration Costs c ni ng c tro ori VIZUAL E le nit it h Mo Management Solutions Ltd w om ow sro 0800 288 8632 N s a Cl
  2. 2. I Biometric Student Attendance Monitoring I I with Electronic Classroom Registration Dramatically Reduce the Burden of Tier 4 Compliance and Reduce your Administration Costs with CaptureIT Introduction Attendance Times CaptureIT helps you meet the challenge of UKBA Students’ scheduled daily attendance times can be set for one compliance, whilst dramatically reducing or a group of students. These times would typically be each administration time and costs. day’s scheduled start and finish times and can vary by day, e.g. Mon-Thurs 09:00-16:00; Fri 09:00-15:00. It removes the unreliability associated with manual CaptureIT supports many different weekly attendance patterns, registers and the burden of all those manually so there is scope to cover a wide range of variations. maintained spreadsheets of attendance data. The times set against days on which a student is scheduled to In helping with Tier 4 compliance, CaptureIT keeps attend are then used in monitoring that student’s you fully informed of all student attendance and attendance behaviour, including lateness which pro-actively tells you of students to be reported to is then acted upon accordingly. the UKBA and those whose attendance behaviour is If a student fails to attend on a scheduled day putting them at risk. then CaptureIT can automatically mark that day as ‘unauthorised absence’ and email You can now meet every inspection with the this fact to the relevant person(s). confidence that your student attendance monitoring is clear, accurate and reliable! Triggers can be set to alert administrators if a student fails to attend for a specified number of days. Arrange a Free Demonstration This is particularly important in complying with Telephone 0800 288 8632 the requirement to inform the UK Border Agency of students who are absent for 10 days, whether these be consecutive or during a specified period. How it Works Authorised and un-authorised sick days and Students register their arrival and approved absences can be entered into a student’s departure at College using a Attendance Calendar to ensure there is a complete biometric terminal. record of attendance behaviour. This technology ensures that the person registering is indeed that person and, in addition, prevents Health & Safety and your Duty of Care students falsely recording the CaptureIT helps you discharge your duty of care for the Health, attendance of others. Safety and Welfare of your students. Whenever a student registers, the CaptureIT database is In addition to reports covering absence and sickness, CaptureIT immediately updated so that administrators have a real-time provides you with an up-to-date fire list of all students on site. view of which students are on-site. Students can be grouped by course, year or other criteria. The biometric terminal uses fingerprint technology, which has Option to Include Academic Staff been shown to be reliable, whilst not raising any ‘human rights’ You have the option to include all staff on CaptureIT. This issues - in this regard a unique number is derived from the provides the added benefit of an early warning when staff have finger image and it is this alone that is stored in the CaptureIT not arrived, so that cover can be put in place, and secondly, database. It is not possible to ‘reverse engineer’ the number into ensures that everyone on-site is included on the fire list. any form of finger pattern or fingerprint. If classroom monitoring is in place you will be able to meet the Many colleges use the CaptureIT student latest requirement to show the attendance of qualified staff in proximity card as the student’s ID card. lecture rooms. This provides added security, whilst Administrators can be authorised to view just students and not helping make registration quick and easy. staff if this is deemed necessary. Telephone 0800 288 8632 Email
  3. 3. Helping you with your Tier 4 Compliance Administrator View You can easily differentiate between students who are currently on site and those who have attended, but have since left site. Students can arrive and depart as many times as they wish in a day, with the times of all instances being recorded. Coloured shirts are used to show students by their status for that day, e.g. attending, study leave, placement, sick, authorised absence, etc. Clicking on a student allows navigation to all data relating to that student, making CaptureIT very intuitive and exceptionally easy to use. This illustration shows students on the highlighted group “Computing”, together with the actual attendance this week for the (highlighted) student, John Ashe. Student Attendance Calendar Every student has their own Attendance Calendar showing details of their attendance, absence, authorised holidays, sickness, placements and the like. This makes it incredibly easy to have a clear picture of every student’s attendance throughout the academic year. CaptureIT is customisable and enables you to create your own absence types (with associated colour schemes) to suit your individual needs. Typically, these would cover common occurrences, such as study leave and work placements. All attendance data is retained indefinitely, even for students who have been marked as ‘left’. This means that you are always in a position to provide historically information on any student, past or present. Group Attendance By Course You can view attendance by group, giving you visibility on many students’ attendance on a single screen. This could help in spotting patterns of absence by students on the same course. Here we see students studying Computing during the month of May. Telephone 0800 288 8632 Email
  4. 4. Monitoring and Reporting Classroom Monitoring CaptureIT is able to monitor the time students spend in individual classrooms (or other locations). This is achieved using Classroom Registration Readers. Each classroom would have two readers, one for ‘in’ and one for ‘out’. When the student enters or leaves a classroom they simply pass their Proximity / ID Card in front of the appropriate reader. By electronically recording the exact times that a student attended lectures you can : • eliminate the need for a tutor to take a manual register and • remove the need to manually update attendance spreadsheets The screen shown to the right shows June Brindley attending college on 8th Jan. Her on-site times are shown, together with the time spent in each lecture room. Note that only the time spent in lecture rooms counts towards Jane’s attendance for UKBA purposes. (Note also the message that June ‘returned from absence’ on this day) Daily and Weekly Attendance Each student’s attendance is recorded on a daily basis, with supporting weekly summary. If the student has agreed daily start/finish times then CaptureIT can report exceptions to such times, such as absence, lateness and leaving early. Time away from site, such as work placements and study leave can be easily accommodated. Access Control The CaptureIT system can be extended to include full access control to help keep your students, staff and property safe. The technology uses the same student proximity ID card and can be configured in line with your college access policy. When a student is marked as ‘left’ they cannot gain access, even if they retain their ID card. Reporting CaptureIT has a comprehensive set of reports to ensure you are kept fully informed of student attendance behaviour, such as; • less than required percentage attendance (e.g. 80%, 85%) • failing to attend for the required hours (e.g. 15 hrs per week) CaptureIT Student Monitoring • absent for a specified number of days (e.g. 10 consecutive; A College 10 days within a period) Absences Report Showing 5 or More Consecutive Qualifying Absences for the Period • persistent late arrival For the period ending 08 / 07 / 2009 - Run at 02:27:26 on 09 / 07 / 2009 This email covers all students • daily absence A Qualifying Absence is one where the student had zero attended time on a day on which they were due to attend Reports can be run manually or scheduled to be emailed to named persons. For example, if classroom monitoring is not No. Name Group Absences Starting Last 1 John Ashe Computing 8 07/11/2008 01/07/2009 being used a report could be automatically produced every 8 Ismael Martins Computing 7 18/11/2008 16/06/2009 morning at say 9:30 showing all students who had arrived on- 9 Mark Newcombe Computing 8 20/01/2009 08/07/2009 site. The tutor could then use this in checking class registration. All reports can be output in Word, PDF or Excel formats. Sent by CaptureIT (Student Monitoring Edition), © 2009 Vizual Management Solutions Limited Telephone 0800 288 8632 Email CaptureIT is a trademark of Vizual Management Solutions Limited. © 2009 Vizual Management Solutions Limited Vizual Management Solutions Limited, New Media House, Stanley Street, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire ST6 6BW