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Timbuktu Labs


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Timbuktu creates magic toys that connect the physical and digital worlds. We inspire children to become creative thinkers and makers.

Published in: Education
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Timbuktu Labs

  1. 1. Digital toys to play the world
  2. 2. Timbuktu designs cross-media experiences that connect the physical and digital worlds (2013 TIMBUKTU DIGITAL CAMP)
  3. 3. Timbuktu Fear A series of books connected to mobile games IN PARTNERSHIP WITH
  4. 4. IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Timbuktu Playground 2D interactive playground connected to a mobile game
  5. 5. Timbuktu Camps Apps for children created by children PICTURE SHOT DURING IN PARTNERSHIP WIT HTI MBUKTU DIGITAL CAMP)
  6. 6. Timbuktu Pizza Mobile games connected to TV cartoons Timbuktu Pizza IN PARTNERSHIP WITH
  7. 7. • Best Children’s Magazine of the Year Digital Magazine Awards 2013 • First Mention Bordeaux Biennale of Architecture 2014 • Best Design Launch Education and Kids 2012 • Best Italian Startup Italian Innovation Day 2012
  8. 8. Dooper School Cartoon connected to a fitness tracker (2014 TIMBUKTU LABS, INC. - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)
  9. 9. Elena Favilli CEO U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism “Timbuktu is about the future of children’s media” - Francesca Cavallo Chief Creative Officer Award-winning Creator of Children’s Shows Founders