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Lowlands Unite BE - What's new on the radar


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Slides from my session at Lowlands Unite Belgium Edition 2017.

Published in: Technology
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Lowlands Unite BE - What's new on the radar

  1. 1. New blips on the Configuration Manager radar TIM DE KEUKELAERE
  2. 2. About Me @Tim_DK
  3. 3. Number of Technical Previews released Number of Current Branch Releases * Oct 2017
  4. 4. Software Update Point boundary affinity ◦ Client use boundary groups for locating a Software Update Point ◦ Different behavior for upgrades vs fresh installs ◦ Upgrade – all existing SUPs are added to the default site boundary group ◦ Fresh install – SUPs not automatically added to the default site boundary group. Need to assign manually. ◦ Fallback scenario: ◦ New clients select SUP based on boundary groups ◦ Clients continue to use a last-known good software update point until they fallback to find a new one ◦ Client always attempts to reach its last known-good software update point for 120 minutes before starting fallback. ◦ Never fallback option ◦ Ability to Manually switch to a new software update point ◦ As of 1706 : ◦ Fallback times can be set to less than 120 minutes. ◦ But only after the original SUP cannot be reached for 2 hours. 1702 1706
  5. 5. SUP Boundary Affinity – Pre 1702 Default Site BG Ghent BG Brussels BG SUP SUP Ghent SUP Brussels 120 Min 20 Min
  6. 6. SUP Boundary Affinity – During 1702 Upgrade Default Site BG Ghent BG Brussels BG SUP SUP Ghent SUP Brussels 120 Min 20 Min
  7. 7. SUP Boundary Affinity – Post 1702 Optimized Default Site BG Ghent BG Brussels BG SUP SUP Ghent SUP Brussels 120 Min 20 Min
  8. 8. Uninstall Content Location Specify both an installation content location and an optional uninstall content location Previously install location was also assumed as uninstall content location Uninstall resulted in full download of content if not available in cache 1706
  9. 9. Update Reset tool CMUpdateReset.exe Located in cd.latestSMSSETUPTOOLS For unblocking in-console updates in failed state Requires the GUID of the update package to reset 1706
  10. 10. Run Powershell Scripts Alternative to Packages and Programs for deploying scripts Import PowerShell Scripts to Configuration Manager Edit the scripts from the Configuration Manager console (for unsigned scripts only) Security : ◦ Prevent users to approve their own scripts ◦ RBA integration (Approve/Deny, Run Script …) Run scripts on collections Scripts are not deployed - they are run almost immediately on client devices. Results returned by the script are available in the Configuration Manager console. Requires PowerShell 3.0 (or higher) and 1706 Agent * Pre release feature 1706
  11. 11. Peer Cache 1610 ◦ New feature enabling clients to share content with other clients directly from their local cache ◦ Every type of content that is held in the cache of a client can be served to other clients ◦ Enabled using client settings ◦ Client data sources Dashboard for monitoring 1702 Peer cache source rejects content request based on conditions Low battery mode CPU load exceeds 80% at the time the content is requested Disk I/O has an AvgDiskQueueLength that exceeds 10 There are no more available connections to the computer. Reports on content rejection 1706 ◦ NAA only required in WinPE 1610 1702 1706
  12. 12. Peer Cache - Dashboard
  13. 13. Accessibility Improvements Keyboard shortcut Purpose Ctrl + M Set the focus on the main (central) pane. Ctrl + T Set the focus to the top node in the navigation pane. If the focus was already in that pane, the focus is set to the last node you visited. Ctrl + I Set the focus to the breadcrumb bar, below the ribbon. Ctrl + L Set the focus to the Search field, when available. Ctrl + D Set the focus to the details pane, when available. Alt Change the focus in and out of the ribbon. 1706
  14. 14. Cloud Management Gateway 16101610 1702 1706 Corporate Network AD CA Windows Update No Internet Mgmt
  15. 15. Cloud Management Gateway 16101610 1702 1706 Corporate Network AD CA Windows UpdateAD CA IBCM
  16. 16. Cloud Management Gateway 16101610 1702 1706 Corporate Network AD CA Windows Update CMG
  17. 17. Site Server High Availability Additional primary site server in Passive Mode Characteristics: ◦ Uses same site database as the Active Mode site server ◦ Receives a copy of the active site servers content library --- kept in sync ◦ Does not write data to the site database so long as it is in passive mode ◦ Does not support installation or removal of optional site system roles so long as it is in passive mode Operations: ◦ Passive mode site server is manually promoted to Active Mode --- Active mode server becomes passive ◦ Only site server role is switched - Additional roles on previously active server remain available Requires a site database which is remote (for each site server) 1706TP
  18. 18. Management Insights Get insights into the current state of your environment Currently available: ◦ Collections with no members ◦ Apps without deployments 1708TP
  19. 19. Software Center Customizations Branding Options ◦ Company Name ◦ Color ◦ Company Logo Show / Hide Tabs 1708TP
  20. 20. Windows 10 Support ConfigMgr current branch alignment with Windows and Office Cadence continues 3x per year to better support Intune and upcoming versions of Office and Windows Source :
  21. 21. Co-Management Solution to provide a bridge from traditional to modern management for Windows 10 devices
  22. 22. Co-Management - Prerequisites Configuration Manager TP1709 Azure Active Directory EMS or Intune license for all users Intune subscription (MDM authority in Intune set to Intune)* Windows 10 1709 (Fall Creators Update) * Not supported in a hybrid environment!
  23. 23. Co-Management – Supported Workloads After enabling ConfigMgr continues to manage all workloads Workloads that can be switched to Intune (currently) ◦ Compliance Policies ◦ Windows Update for Business Policies Remote Actions available in Intune ◦ Factory reset ◦ Selective wipe ◦ Delete devices ◦ Restart device ◦ Fresh start
  24. 24. Co-Management - Enabling INTUNE ENROLLED DEVICE Install ConfigMgr client using a specific command-line argument to prepare the clients for co-management Then enable co-management from the ConfigMgr console CONFIGMGR CLIENT MANAGED DEVICE Enroll device and enable co-management from the ConfigMgr console. ConfigMgr triggers automatic enrollment into Intune based on the Azure AD tenant information.
  25. 25. Co-Management – Switching Workloads Cloud Services > Co Management > Configure Provide Intune Subscription Configure staging using Pilot / Production phases Enable co-management and create ConfigMgr Client app in Intune Configure Workloads
  26. 26. Key Takeaways Keep your Current Branch infrastructure up to date. Many new features available in CB today – start using them now! Build a TP lab environment ◦ Start exploring upcoming new features!
  27. 27. Thanks to our event sponsors Silver Gold