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Social strategy: where inbound meets outbound.


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Just another social media strategy

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Social strategy: where inbound meets outbound.

  1. 1. Social Strategy Where inbound meets outbound
  2. 2. From Outbound to Inbound …
  3. 3. Your website @ the core. Generate leads on owned media. E-mail Website LinkedIn Twitter Events
  4. 4. Conversion on your own website Website tactics (newsletter sign up, whitepaper download, event registration, …)
  5. 5. Social inbound & Social outbound Listen first, talk later.
  6. 6. Social Media Strategy without Campaigns It’s structural. It takes time & effort. Campaigns for reach are OK. But in social, reach should not be focus.
  7. 7. GOALS KPI GOALS KPI Inbound social (care) Outbound social (educate) strategy tactics activities Set-up monitoring Engage in conversations Help people out Curate external content Set-up team Editorial planning Processes Crisis Communication
  8. 8. Monitoring Tools Set-up Hoot suite for social channels Google Alerts for the entire web
  9. 9. Hoot suite
  10. 10. Hoot suite
  11. 11. Google Alerts
  12. 12. Inbound strategy Listen and jump in when: - You can help - The content helps - It’s about your brand
  13. 13. Inbound strategy Define response scenarios for topics (outbound meets inbound)
  14. 14. Inbound strategy Think crisis communication as well. What potential crises? How will we react? (outbound meets inbound)
  15. 15. Outbound strategy Editorial planning. Linked to Sales focus.
  16. 16. Editorial outbound planning What content to who at what time through which channel?
  17. 17. Editorial outbound planning To who? Map your audience. List pains, content preferences & channel preferences.
  18. 18. Audience Mapping 1: people FTE Decision maker
  19. 19. Audience Mapping 2: pains & values FTE Decision maker
  20. 20. Audience Mapping 3: channel & content preferences FTE Decision maker
  21. 21. Audience-Content Map Link content values of audience to content types and channels Audience with content values Content to create
  22. 22. Editorial outbound planning At what time on which channel? Timing - Calendar (align with e.g. cold calls by sales) (align with industry events) (define a SMART frequency)
  23. 23. Editorial outbound planning
  24. 24. How to generate social reach? • Keep calm and never give up • Use your internal ambassadors (seeding) • Connect with influencers • Campaigns (LinkedIn PPC, De Tijd, Kanaal Z) • E-mail signatures refer to social presence • Don’t do social media marketing to get reach – Do remarkable stuff, do good.