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Content, Community & Commerce - the why.

  1. Content + Community => Commerce Seminar by Comma Group.
  2. Welcome. I will not introduce myself.* Nor Comma Group. *But I’m not afraid of self promotion, so follow me on Twitter @vermeiretim
  3. I will tell you my story. to explain who I am & to show the value of Comma Group.
  4. Because this story demonstrates that “CMS” helps to change “marketing communication” because the world, the consumer & consequently business and marketing changed.
  5. So this isn’t about me. And certainly not about Comma Group. It’s about saving your business. It’s about your marketing authority. And it’s about change.
  6. Why is this about change management? Sales-driven Commerce Content & Community-driven
  7. Your Brand, the next media company.
  8. Why is this about change management? Content, Community, Commerce Change Management
  9. CHANGE MANAGEMENT Change Things. Change Technology. Change CMS.
  10. Content Management Solution How CMS helps in transforming marketing communication into a content and community-driven approach that positively impacts Commerce?
  11. Partner vendor talks later.
  12. First understand the “new marketing”. A tool with a fool, you know.
  13. Why Content & Community drive Commerce? Because everything changed. And continues to change. Failing to adapt = end of business. Failing to change marketing communication = ?
  14. The world changed. Consumers changed. Financing is changing. Business is changing. Marketing is changing. Communication is changing.
  15. How can we change? We can change like Tim did before.
  16. Here’s the story of Tim. Tim was a typical corporate marketer. The knowledge was in the books on his shelf. So he just did things accordingly.
  17. Until one day… His (office, desk!) phone rang. Straight from the management board room. Whether he would like to join the meeting.
  18. Arriving at the meeting … Tim’s boss didn’t seem very happy… Sales were down. Advertising flopped. Empty Event spaces.
  19. “This needs to change, Tim!” What’s going on? Find a solution!
  20. Tim had to figure out why this happened. He looked at the world and noticed things were nothing related to the wisdom in the books.
  21. The world had changed. There was something like the internet. And even an entire ecosystem of web and app solutions that empowered people massively.
  22. The consumer had changed. The empowered people are prosumers. Crowd power: get what you want from another.
  23. How the consumer came prosumer?
  24. How the consumer came prosumer?
  25. What defines a prosumer? • Connected • Tech-savvy • Confident, self-reliant, self-organizing • Purpose • Trust
  26. Their TRUST in businesses declines…
  27. And especially in these industries.
  28. How to restore trust in your firm?
  29. The role of ownership and money changed. The empowered people don’t require ownership. Access to a product or service when they need it.
  30. How ownership changed?
  31. How ownership changed?
  32. How ownership changed?
  33. How ownership changed?
  34. How ownership changed?
  35. How money changed?
  36. The role of businesses & organizations changed. Empowered people bypass traditional business.
  37. Bypassed by the crowd…
  38. Bypassed by the crowd & tech helps
  39. Consumer crowd as an industry? Uber app Reaction?
  40. Consumer crowd as an industry?
  41. Consumer crowd as an industry?
  42. Consumer crowd as an industry?
  43. “Sharing is Caring.” Just went through the roof. It’s THE community MANTRA.
  44. The role of Marketing & Communication changed. Empowered people interact differently with companies. Community-driven Marketing is a sustainable strategy for businesses.
  45. Communicate Community-wise.
  46. Communicate Community-wise.
  47. Communicate Community-wise.
  48. Live & Breathe Content & Community
  49. So, Tim got back to his boss. With some nerves to be honest.
  50. He presented his business case as “Content & Community to drive Commerce.” The 3 C’s of today’s marketing strategy.
  51. “Damn. Things changed. Let’s do this! Before it’s too late!” Fortunately this boss hated status quo. And yeah, he needed revenue as well.
  52. We Changed. Successfully. Content + Community = > Commerce. We were bought by a foreign industrial concern.
  53. To realize this, we altered every Marketing P. That’s right. It wasn’t just a communication thing. Digital is more than communication.
  54. Tim’s altered Marketing P’s. Product: SaaS instead of buy license, co-engineered Place: direct via www instead of via local resell
  55. Some changes in Marketing P’s. Price: use/rent instead of buy Promotion: digital communication instead of …
  56. The PROMOTION P is what we talk about today. Content & Community is all about Communication.
  57. What is Content & Community driven Commerce? “Content to the right people in a timely fashion in order to pull them towards Commerce.”
  58. Right time, right place, right people? Know the context!
  59. Context If content is king, context is queen.
  60. What does it mean? What is context?
  61. What is Context?
  62. Context example 1: Banners vs. Organic Search Banner Blindness: context for reception isn’t fertile. SEO: context fertile by default if people search for it themselves.
  63. Context example 2: Mobile & location Mobile devices are location-aware. Serve content that matches a fertile place context. iBeacons allow to serve content on a micro- location levels like e.g. in-store content.
  64. Context example 2: location
  65. Context example 2: location (& Google+)
  66. Context example 2: Mobile & Location
  67. Context example 2: Mobile & Location
  68. Context example 3: internet of things (cars, home) Even more context about people through the internet of things. The smart home, smart energy and smart car space in the near future.
  69. Context example 3: internet of things (cars, home)
  70. Context example 3: internet of things (cars, home) Your Smartphone / Tablet / Computer as a remote control?
  71. Context example 4: quantified self tech Wearable technologies allow to monitor (quantify) the physical status of a person. Insights in these parameters allows for efficient health management. Nike+ e.g. could be a quantified self tool that provides additional context to serve the community members.
  72. Context example 4: quantified self tech
  73. ATTENTION! In this “new digital space” Start-ups rule & are disruptive The crowd is disruptive via Maker Movement
  74. The maker movement … and why it matters?
  75. Context is the way to make content a pull tactic. Next to content creation, create your context. Commerce happens as Content & Context meet.
  76. Knowing the Context allows to service the Community through tailored and timely Content which in turn contributes to Commerce goals. How to know the Context?
  77. Turning the unknown into known through a digital ecosystem…
  78. Build a digital context… That pulls & fosters community through content…
  79. Build a digital context… Corporate website, brand website, campaign websites, community portals, social media, apps, …
  80. Build a digital context… So to “know” the people and their context.
  81. Allowing to present Content To the RIGHT person at exactly the right time and place when he really NEEDS it.
  82. So … Build a digital ecosystem…
  83. And get to REALLY know your communities
  84. And get to REALLY know your communities
  85. And tailor your content towards that context.
  86. Wow! That’s one hell of a challenge.
  88. And we’ll let the vendors talk to you soon. But first some extra’s on Comma Group.
  89. Build & facilitate the digital enterprise. That’s the Comma Group goal.
  90. The digital enterprise exceeds marketing projects. But includes them nonetheless.
  91. Comma Group bridges gap between IT & Business. Precondition for successful projects.
  92. Comma Group is a structural partner. Compared to agencies collaborate structurally.
  93. Comma Group only works with best vendors. And that’s why they are here today…
  94. How can CMS help you to change your marketing communication? In order to build a sustainable business in this ever-changing fast-paced world of empowered people?
  95. SEMINAR PROGRAM EpiServer Sitecore Drupal / Acquia
  96. Shoot your questions after seminar or via: @vermeiretim

Editor's Notes

  1. TomorrowlandContent + Community = CommerceExperienceGatheringConnected UGC
  2. Is een tablet nog mobile tenoemen? Context van tablet? In auto? In huis? En dusblijvenkijkennaartoepassingen die het nog “mobielvriendelijkermaken”.
  3. Eensmartwatch of eenbril?
  4. Wearables > smartphone / tablet link Tablet / smartphone => social
  5. Wearables > smartphone / tablet link Tablet / smartphone => social