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Meeting the top IT Challenges

What the worlds best consultants often miss. CBC Solutions takes a detailed look at current challenges and offers some very simple steps you can take to be sure you get the best rates and top notch services that work for your business.

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Meeting the top IT Challenges

  1. 1. And what the worlds best consultants often miss…
  2. 2. Current I.T. challenges Vendor practices and schemes Right and wrong ways to rate I.T. Solutions What the best I.T. providers often miss The CBC Solutions advantage
  3. 3. Technology is getting more and more complex The old ways of spending capital no longer work Cloud computing has added complications Carriers often compete with each other in a way that is not in the best interest of the customer Fast changing environment forces decision makers to re-evaluate more frequently
  4. 4. Telecom providers use a process called “Cramming” to add unnecessary fees to your bill The FTV, and states' attorneys general has brought a total of $353 million in penalties and restitution against the U.S.'s four largest wireless carriers –source, FCC Cloud service providers often include a “Financially Backed Uptime Guarantee” that is non-specific and doesn’t define their liability
  5. 5. Contracts are written with auto-renew clauses that can lock you into a new term without your permission Unnecessary services are “bundled” to make a more attractive bottom line, but cost more in the long term Companies are forced to change their business process to meet the needs of the technology; it should be the other way around “If you haven’t completed a detailed analysis of your telephone bills in the past two years, there’s a 90% chance you are being overcharged—possibly as much as 20%.” -FCC
  6. 6. Wrong questions: How long have you been in business? What is your position on the Gartner Magic Quadrant? How much does the solution cost? Is the provider a recognized name? Better ways to rate solutions: What are the business requirements? Does the solution meet the requirements out of the box? What is the Total Cost of Ownership?
  7. 7. Building Trust is better than closing a Transaction Customer success leads to better engagements and more sales Good support is an actual necessity, not a luxury Your solution may not be the best match for the customer Other providers can be your assets, not your competition
  8. 8. We are vendor neutral; we find the best solutions for the customer above all else We help you develop a budget and stick to it Our focus is on the long game We show you the Total Costs over a 3 year span We use measurable statistics to rate our effectiveness by your increased efficiency and lowered costs
  9. 9. Best off-book pricing from over 150 of the best carriers in the world We help you define switching costs and 3 year savings Deals are signed between you and the provider We help negotiate contracts and set terms We are your first line of communications with back-door access to providers
  10. 10. We help your business grow and adjust to the changing market Sales force automation Cost analysis and bill reduction Mobile workforce Office moves Business continuity Web presence
  11. 11. Free initial consultation: CBC Solutions 619-784-5211