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Business Development Strategies - How to Generate Future Sales for FREE


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This strategy is all about the benefits of a CRM to offer professional service as part of your business management training on business development.

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Business Development Strategies - How to Generate Future Sales for FREE

  1. 1. You’re About to See the 4th Red HOT Marketing Strategy to Rocket Your Profits Tim Stokes
  2. 2. This video is on… How to Use a CRM to Generate Future Sales for FREE
  3. 3. Here’s a Marketing FACT It costs 6 times more to ‘buy’ a new customer, than it does to sell to a previous one
  4. 4. The question is, how are you collecting and managing previous customer purchases?
  5. 5. There are dozens of benefits in collecting prospects’ and customers’ details, so let’s look at a few…
  6. 6. Ever had the experience of calling a company a second or third time, and no one knows who you are?
  7. 7. These businesses don’t use a CRM!
  8. 8. A CRM is an online record taker of all your prospect or client interactions by phone or email.
  9. 9. You can access all the data from anywhere, anytime, even from your smart phone
  10. 10. A CRM has a digital calendar, so you can enter all your quotes, jobs, appointments and reminders, instead of all that being in your head, or on paper
  11. 11. That means all your staff can access it and know all about a person’s details, even if they’ve never talked to them before
  12. 12. When a person calls your business and you know a lot about them, from their previous inquiry, your business instantly looks more professional!
  13. 13. When you enter a prospect or client’s details, you just need to categorize them into Product or Service “Types”
  14. 14. Most businesses sell 6 to 16 “types” of Products or Services, so that’s an ideal number to categorize contacts into.
  15. 15. They may be inquiring about 1 of them today, but in weeks or months in future, they may be interested in any one of the others
  16. 16. Using a CRM you can contact them by email (for free!) to offer your other products or services, proactively
  17. 17. Don’t make the mistake of assuming they will contact you, if they ever want to buy again!
  18. 18. Here’s another marketing FACT
  19. 19. If you haven’t contacted a previous customer in the last 30 days, stop calling them a “customer” because they’ve probably forgotten you!
  20. 20. Every person who buys from you is interested in your business, or they wouldn’t have bought from it
  21. 21. Send out regular (daily, weekly or monthly) newsletters by email, to educate them and to keep them interested in your business
  22. 22. The cost for a CRM is tiny, from free, to $20/month and upwards, depending on your business’s size.
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