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Innovative Business Ideas | A Proactive Referral System | How to Increase Sales - Just one of our dozens of innovative business ideas on how to increase profit. See more of the different types of marketing strategies we give to business owners to rapidly increase sales and profits, risk free in weeks and months.

Growing your business is easy, when you take all the risk out of it and our clients have been growing rapidly, month after month, year after year into tens of millions in revenue with our strategies.

Instead of PPC and hoping you make money, just apply this strategy on proactive referrals and see how fast your business growths with new customers, referring their friends to your business too.

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Innovative Business Ideas | A Proactive Referral System | How to Increase Sales

  1. 1. You’re about to see one of our Innovative Business Ideas Tim Stokes
  2. 2. This video is on… How to Increase Your Customers with a Proactive Referral System
  3. 3. Every customer who buys from your business, would have friends who could also buy from your business
  4. 4. And imagine, if every person who bought something from you, referred a friend who bought something too
  5. 5. Your sales would rocket exponentially and you would be turning over millions of $ more, in less than 1 year!
  6. 6. The question is, how can we make this principle work for you?
  7. 7. Instead of being passive and hoping for referrals, why don’t you motivate your customers to refer friends, by rewarding them?
  8. 8. Do you like getting an unexpected gift? Your customers sure would!
  9. 9. Since every customer would know someone who could buy from your business, why don’t you incentivize them to want to talk to them?
  10. 10. All you need to do is tell them, in writing, you’re going to give them a free voucher, credit or gift for a referral (who purchases)
  11. 11. Never offer money, make it something worthwhile from your business you know they’d like.
  12. 12. If you don’t have something you can give them from your business, offer something from another business
  13. 13. This strategy works brilliantly! And virtually every business can use it - 100% risk free!
  14. 14. I’ve watched a LOT of our clients increase their sales by 20%-50% in just months using our Proactive Referral System
  15. 15. This is just one of our innovative business ideas with marketing and increasing profits. Want more?
  16. 16. For a limited time I’m giving away a copy of my book…
  17. 17. This book has more information on setting up Proactive Referral Systems plus 6 other awesome strategies
  18. 18. Grab my book from our website & get our video newsletters and an invitation to my next Profit Strategies Webinar! Act Now, grab the book & start increasing your profits today!