Custom web analytical reports and dashboards


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Collecting the right data is the most important task within web analytics. But almost just as important is the presentation of this data. Without understanding what your collected data means, it’s just as bad as collecting the wrong data. In our experience, within a digital agency, it’s almost inevitable to use custom dashboard and reports. The power that custom dashboard and reports is given to you, even in free tools like Google Analytics, can create a view of data that will help you find faster insights.

The only problem we faced is the huge amount of tools which are available on the market, and also the many options you have to build it yourself. We are currently using three levels of custom dashboard and reports: pro-excel sheets, automated excel reports (e.g. Excellent Analytics and Supermetrics data grabber) and our internally built dashboard.

On Measurecamp I shared our findings on the different tools, how we are using the different reports and how we build our own dashboard.

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Custom web analytical reports and dashboards

  1. 1. My Dutch experience with: Custom Reports & Dashboards Tim Stierman Digital Consultant Liones
  2. 2. Digital Agency since 1998  Origin in Digital Publishing & Online Media  Create, Publish, Manage and Measure content-driven sites & applications  Strategy, Development, UX, Design, Analytics - All under the same roof  Working for more 50+ companies Digital Agency Liones Creating Online Content Solutions
  3. 3. Customer Battle Plan 1. Determine your KPIs & Targets 2. Measure what you need to measure 3. Make relevant reports 4. Start optimizing 5. Report on progress Reporting Analyse Concepts Optimization Online KPIs Analytics implementation
  4. 4. What really happens  No clear KPIs Also changing over time  Incapable employees  Unclear who is responsible for what  Scared about their results (visibility) Mindshift needed. Prepared to fight!
  5. 5. Analytical Maslow Pyramid Predictive Analytics Real-time Analytics Combine multiple sources Interpretation of data and reports Collecting web statistics
  6. 6. Holy grail: Customized Reports & Dashboard  Non-standard GA Reports  Break down barriers
  7. 7. Differences in: Report & Dashboard Problem analysing vs Problem detection
  8. 8. What are the possibilities? 1. Dig deeper into Excel / Google Spreadsheet 2. Integrate APIs 3. Buy reporting software 4. Build it ourselves
  9. 9. Fase 1: Dig deeper into Excel  Define KPIs  Build a template  Manually add data  Focus on the visuals  Be an Excel guru!
  10. 10. Fase 2: Integrate APIs  API Connection  Supermetrics Data Grabber  Saves copy & paste time
  11. 11. Fase 3: Liones Dashboard  Angular JS  JQ Plot  Widgets  Targets  Google OAuth
  12. 12. Learning’s  Partner up with the client  Management love nice dashboards  Better insight can stimulate internal competition  No clear KPIs Still changing over time  Time consuming  Complex development
  13. 13. Next steps  Invest in Supermetrics Data Grabber  Continuously support customers  Make the Liones Dashboard flexibel  Creating a Editorial Dashboard  ……..
  14. 14. Many thanks! @timstierman Don’t hesitate to contact me!