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Practicing Reading Exercises With 7 Speed Reading


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Use an online speed reading software like 7 Speed Reading to quickly and easily practice reading exercises.

Published in: Education, Sports
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Practicing Reading Exercises With 7 Speed Reading

  1. 1. Practicing Reading Exercises With 7 Speed Reading
  2. 2. • Doing fast reading exercises on daily basis will enable you become a very good reader within no time. • Whether it is for increasing your speed or reducing bad behaviors such as skips backs does not matter.
  3. 3. • As far as you will be able to finish an exercise daily, then you will surely improve your skills. • In case you are planning to buy a fast reading program, check whether it includes some fast reading exercises.
  4. 4. • You need to know that 7 speed reading software does not come automatically; it requires efforts and commitments for you to succeed. • Reading exercises enables you to improve gradually until you are able to do fast reading.
  5. 5. Here are some of the tips you can use as you do your reading exercises:
  6. 6. • Reducing skip backs:- A piece of newspaper, timer or stopwatch and a pen are the items needed for you to do this exercise. • The pen is used to direct the eyes where you are reading.
  7. 7. • It should be moved at an average speed ensuring that your eyes do not move from the pointer. • Using the pointer will help you read more smoothly.
  8. 8. • Increase the speed as you continue to read and try to avoid looking back to see any words which you could have missed.
  9. 9. • Reading of the larger words: This enables you to increase the amount of words as you continue to read. • An average person read about five words but as a seed reader you should target to read about ten words or even more.
  10. 10. • Set the time and try to read as many words as possible with the stipulated time. • Then put the pointer at the centre and try to look at the entire sentence. • If you can see everything in that sentence, then you have the capability to read so many words.
  11. 11. • Continue with the exercise until when you will be able to see the entire sentence at once. • 7 Speed Reading is the best speed reading software available currently.