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Jimdo Artist Template Plugin


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Jimdo Artist Template provides you with everything you need to market your craft.

Published in: Business, Technology, Art & Photos
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Jimdo Artist Template Plugin

  1. 1. Graphic Montage BY SHAW WEBSITE DESIGN GROUP Jimdo Artist Template Plugin
  2. 2. Bring Your Artwork to Life Simple 3d Box Shadow Effects
  3. 3. Lift Your Artwork to new Levels Reflections that allow your image to hover
  4. 4. Make Your Artwork Stand Out Attract Attention with glowing soft edges
  5. 5. Provide A Three Dimensional Experience Apply Beveling ,Contouring and Rotation Effects
  6. 6. Set Your Background Mood Apply Images, Gradients or Patterns
  7. 7. Apply Effects to Your Artwork Sketch or Pastel’s will get you noticed
  8. 8. End of Graphic Montage Thanks for Watching BY SHAW WEBSITE DESIGN GROUP Jimdo Artist Template Plugin