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Portfolio Tim Polder


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Published in: Sports, Automotive
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Portfolio Tim Polder

  1. 1. Hi there,While getting a degree in Medicine, Ifound out that looking at things from anunconventional P.O.V. and acting on thoseinsights was more of a forte, thanlistening to 55 different versions of aheartbeat.Breaking classic conventions as a ‘doctor’in advertising; Living by an everything ispossible attitude and picking up somevery expensive paperweights along theway; all made me realize I’m not goinganywhere, but this industry.Until someone offers me a job as aprofessional whale hunter – hunter.Take a look at the next pages for some ofthe work I did, after leaving the whitecoat in the wardrobe.Tim Polder+31-642707520
  2. 2. actie@wijsman.nlClick! for the casefilm
  3. 3. ‘OUD & OPNIEUW’Challenge:Throw a fun New Year’s eve party. At NYE it’salways a battle to be with the right peopleand at the right venue, which costs a ton toget into. The worst part being, that if you’renot paying attention at that one crucialmoment, you miss it and you’ve got to wait awhole year.Solution:Celebrate NYE 2 weeks in advance with yourbest friends, every hour, for ten hoursstraight. Including count-downs, champagne,fireworks and making out with completestrangers.And get Martini to sponsor the whole thing,so it doesn’t cost a ton to get into.Results:10 happy new year moments, 250 smilingpeople, an unproductive Thursday.Click! for the casefilm
  4. 4. STUDIO LANCIAChallenge:Get ING car lease employees enthused fortheir new Lancia Ypsilon fleet, since a newfleet gets delivered every other week andthey were recently taken over by BMW.Solution:Instead of the standard road show or theobligated pie in the shape of a car weinvolved the ING employees in the world ofLancia. A world of style, art & photography.Taking the Lancia brand video as jump-offpoint, we ‘rebuilt’ the set, took one acephotographer, a few models and made someamazing photo’s. Which were printed on thebiggest piece of paper we could find, framedand hand-delivered to the ING car leaseteam.Results:50 beautiful pictures of a competitors carhanging in a BMW building and a requestfrom Lancia international to adapt the wholething when they find the budget.Click! for the casefilm
  5. 5. THE BOMBAY SAPPHIRE • ….‘FELICITATIE’ BARChallenge:Get free drinks for 10 days at the 195thcelebration of student society ‘Vindicat AtquePolit’.Solution:1. Design & built a kick-ass bar that fits nicelyinto both the theme of the Lustrum, and thejust released “glow in the dark” promotion ofBombay Sapphire.2. Convince Bombay to give a lot of free ginfor said event. Knowing 18-25 year olds arethe demographic that are still deciding theirspirit’s preferences and this being the perfectguerilla opportunity for a Bacardi brand at aBols event.Results:An extraordinary headache and 40K inturnover.
  6. 6. APENKOOIChallenge:Do something else entirely in the Dutch partyscene; where one “has” to be on the guestlist, sneakers are a reason not to get into aclub and smiling is forbidden.Solution:Organize a party that’s a throwback toeveryone’s favorite childhood game:‘Apenkooi’. Where everything ispossible, dressing-up is a most and notwearing sneakers is a reason not to get in.Results:One of the most fun and trendsetting partiesin the Dutch party scene. Went fromunderground creative get-together, to one ofthe biggest events in the Netherlands.