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State of play for Joomla - Nov 2014

Presented at SydPHP's Battle of the CMSs, this presentation gives a quick introduction into where Joomla is at right now, and where it is going in the future.

Note that many of the slides are "borrowed" with permission from Rod Martin's JoomlaDay Sydney State of the Union presentation.

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State of play for Joomla - Nov 2014

  1. 1. State of play for Joomla! Presented at SydPHP 27th Nov 2014 By Tim Plummer
  2. 2. Joomla won the 2014 People’s Choice CMS Award for Best Open Source PHP CMS VFAPfPdwj2V.facebook
  3. 3. Joomla! Volunteers Portal
  4. 4. If you know what you are doing, you can pretty much achieve the same outcome in either Joomla, WordPress or Drupal. Although you can achieve the same outcome, this can be at the expense of security, maintainability, and reliability if you pick the wrong tool for the job.
  5. 5. Joomla Terminology Component –application (similar to Drupal Modules or WordPress Plugin) Module – add bits of content somewhere (similar to Drupal Blocks or WordPress Widget) Plugin – event driven code (similar to WordPress Plugin) Template – look and feel (similar to Drupal or WordPress Theme)
  6. 6. What makes Joomla Awesome Out of the box functionality such as: ACL (with granular permission system) Ability to pretty much override everything for complete customisation (that wont break on update) – Template overrides – System plugins to override core classes – Media overrides for CSS & JS (using FOF) – Language overrides
  7. 7. What makes Joomla Awesome Object Oriented MVC Architecture Content versioning SEO friendly with Microdata
  8. 8. What makes Joomla Awesome Two factor authentication Rapid Application Development – Framework on Framework (FOF) allows you to create components with very little code. Front end editing Advanced search (that can be customized to search specific categories and content)
  9. 9. What makes Joomla Awesome Onboard Redirect Manager - To redirect old (invalid) URLs to new working ones. Multiple database support – mySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL Joomla Extension Directory (JED) - lists both commercial and non-commercial extensions. No limitation on business model. Up to 4 million unique visitors per month.
  10. 10. What makes Joomla Awesome Built in command-line interface (CLI) Joomla Framework – Can be used to create stand alone applications without CMS bloat.