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Cross CMS plugin development using AWF

Presented at WordPress Sydney User Group, Tim Plummer talks about his experiences using Akeeba Web Framework (AWF). AWF is a web application framework for single source standalone web applications, Joomla! components and WordPress plugins.

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Cross CMS plugin development using AWF

  1. 1. Cross-CMS Plugin Development using AWF Presented by Tim Plummer 26/10/2015
  2. 2. My Holy Grail • A framework for building applications that are cross-CMS compatible
  3. 3. Why? • Single codebase to maintain • Less code = less bugs • Platform independent – let the web developer choose the best CMS for that particular project. • Larger potential customer base
  4. 4. How • Akeeba Web Framework (AWF) A web application framework for single source standalone web applications, Joomla! components and WordPress plugins. • WordPress 3.8.0 or greater • GPL • Requires PHP 5.3+
  5. 5. Who wrote AWF? • Written by Nicholas Dionysopoulos from who also has a WordPress blog • September 2014 – public release of AWF
  6. 6. What can AWF do for WordPress? • Object Oriented programming • MVC • ACL • Namespaces • ORM (This is something a lot of WP developers in the community dream of)
  7. 7. Does it stack up? • Not quite holy grail, but the closest I’ve seen. • AWF is good for building back end application, doesn’t help much with front end. • AWF works well as stand alone PHP or in WordPress, but ironically the Joomla integration doesn’t work well (I recommend still using FOF for Joomla apps).
  8. 8. What I like • Code is very similar to FOF • MVC • Separation of content from presentation, with overrides for views and media files • JSON support
  9. 9. What I think is missing • JForm equivalent – Lot more code required to create form fields etc. • CSV export • Front end routing
  10. 10. How does it work in WordPress? • App folder contains AWF, and files for plugin • Helper files provide wrapper to bootstrap the application
  11. 11. Cpanel view in AWF
  12. 12. List view in AWF
  13. 13. Form view in AWF
  14. 14. AWF for Stand Alone PHP
  15. 15. Stand alone installation
  16. 16. Configuration file
  17. 17. User table
  18. 18. Where do I get AWF? • •
  19. 19. Where do I get AWF? • • Demo time…
  20. 20. Can you do me a favour? • I’m looking for people to help me beta test BF Survey for WordPress before I release it. I need your feedback, for example what features should be in free version vs paid version. • Register via
  21. 21. Questions?
  22. 22. Where can I get AWF? • ml • Tim Plummer @bfsurvey