Providential Purchase Central for Realtors


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Providential Purchase Central for Realtors

  1. 1. Providential Purchase Central An Outline of Realtor Relationship Marketing
  2. 2. What does PBL do for realtors? We help market their services to potential clients. Our goal is to help them grow their business. We will work with them to strengthen their brand and be instrumental in getting word out to buyers and sellers on their behalf. As a licensed banker and broker, we have unique flexibility in today’s marketplace. We have unparalleled knowledge of the local Chicago real estate market.
  3. 3. What does PBL do for realtors? continued… Our mission is to provide our realtor partners and their clients with outstanding customer service and be available whenever they need us. Our goal is to be voicemail-free…when a realtor calls us, we want them to talk to us – not a machine.
  4. 4. What services do we offer? Mortgage Listing Craigslist Listing Ads Sheets with call capturing feature Signs and Sign Riders Social Media Call Capturing Management TextMyMLS Other Advanced Marketing
  5. 5. Mortgage Listing Sheets Professionally designed Includes property info and a few financing options Featured in the house or outside in flyer boxes for customers to take from showings or open houses .pdf file for easy re- printing
  6. 6. Signs and Sign Riders Extra attention catching information in front of a house Features the 800 number for call capturing Features the TextMyMLS capturing code Provided for all listings at no charge
  7. 7. Call Capturing Our call capturing system generates two to three phone numbers each month of interested buyers. These potential clients drive past the house, call an 800 number, listen to a brief recorded description, and can be directly connected to the realtor. Signs and riders are provided free for all of your realtors’ listings.
  8. 8. TextMyMLS At Providential, we own the rights to TextMyMLS throughout the entire state of Illinois. Similar to call capturing, a sign rider provides a code for passers-by to text for more info on the house… easy lead generation.
  9. 9. Craigslist Ad Posting – with Call Capture All we need are each listings’ MLS numbers and we generate sleek, streamlined Craigslist advertisements. This is no- hassle, weekly posting. We also combine this with our call capturing tool by adding an 800 number to the ad.
  10. 10. Social Media Management •Realtor must provide us with basic biographical information and a headshot to get going •From there on out, each site will be updated daily with no work from the realtor •We will be able to accumulate at least 300 friends each month to grow brand recognition