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Tim Morris Feb 2015


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Tim Morris Feb 2015

  1. 1. RESUME Tim Morris Postal Address: 130 Allchin Cct, Kambah ACT 2902 Home phone: 02 6161 0750 Mobile phone: 0412 911 954 E-mail: Agile Project Manager/Scrum Master (AFSA) Australian Financial Security Authority December 2013 - Present Responsibilities  Sprint planning  Product backloggrooming andprioritisationwithproduct owner o Dealing withmultiple business arms throughout the country o Team members are alsoinmultiple locations  Perform role as scrum master, set andmaintainagile processesand standards  Hone development processesthrough mid sprint reviews andretrospectives  Implement online forms technology, payment system, integrated withCRM, legacy systems (untouchedfor 2 years)and active directorywithin 2 months from start to productionrelease.  Deliver inaccordance withService OrientedArchitecture  Requirements gathering anddocumentation, through stakeholder engagement  Reporting to senior management and steering committees  Ensure development passes internal and external audit  Scrum team consideredto the highest functioning teaminAFSA IT Experience gained  Managed eight highly successful, project releases from early 2014 to November 2015 o Two very urgent builds. One as a result oflegislationthe other because of a ‘broken legacysystem.  Agile development processesandsystems, incombinationwith Prince2 governance  Reaffirmedthe importance of communicationandaccurate prioritisation  Further experience with JIRA  Extremelyrapidplanning anddeliverywithsubstantial documentation  Reporting andplanning withina fragmentedhierarchy  Communication and planningwithremote (Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane) clients.  Consultationandcommunicationwithexternal, private enterprise end users, basedin everycapital city. IT experience July–November 2013 Project Manager Dept of Communications Contract Responsibilities  Manage multiple projects  Design andimplement agile deliverymethodology  Developcommunication, risk management plans  Executionplans  Change control  Requirements gathering anddocumentation, through extensive stakeholder engagement  Reporting to senior management and steering committees  Vendor selection and management Experience gained  Vendor management  Rapid turnaroundof requirements andprocurement documentation  Test management andchange control
  2. 2. IT experience August 2011- April 2013 Program Manager – CSIRO Cloud Computing Infrastructure Project Contract Responsibilities  Deliver Proof of Concept business case  Implement agile deliverymethodology, Prince2 governance andreporting processes  Developcommunication, risk management plans  Extensive Stakeholder engagements with science users, across multiple states  Input intoandexecutionof enterprise architecture  Executionplans  Change management processes & planning  Resource planning andacquisition  Produce requirements matrix  Manage multiple sub-projects, including, o infrastructure installation, o building remediation o software rollout o Liaising withpropertyservices  Manage contractors andpermanent staff  Detailedreportingto senior management andsteeringcommittees  Scheduling  Deliver finalbusiness case  Detailedtask scheduling, capacitymanagement, resource requirement identification  Manage multiple deliverystreams  Prioritisation  Stakeholder, riskandcommunications registers Experience gained  Project management inaninfrastructure environment usinga combinationof traditional and agile methodologies. Specifically, combining verystrict governance while maintaining the flexibilitynecessaryto work withinan organisationwith over 50 sites anda culture of ad hoc project management. AKA science.  Use of JIRA  IT Infrastructure delivery, multiple projects.  Buildingremediationandsubcontractor management.  Stakeholder engagement withscientific community(verydifferent!)  Planning andstrategyat a highlevel e.g. CIO.  Staff and programmanagement ina complex environment, i.e. resource sharing, underfunded, multiple unofficial communicationchannels  High level communication planning and execution  Cloud computing  IT Storage systems
  3. 3. 2007-Dec 2010 Team leader and project manager Agile web development project DEEWR Contract Responsibilities  Project manager for a complex webbasedIT project with Department of Employment, Education & Workplace Relations (DEEWR)  Oversee the development of multiple websites andwindows applications within the Vocational EducationandTraining division ofDEST/DEEWR  Manage each development iterationfor a number ofprojects withseveral teams  Ensure accurate development tracking systems were inplace. I.e. product backlogs, detaileduser stories, etc.  Ensure usability, functionalityandcompliance withrequirements, for each site.  Ensure functionalitycomplementedpolicy  Team size from 6 to 15  Managingup to 6 projects at one time  Implement solutions withina complex SOA enterprise architecture.  Assess, prioritise anddocument business requirements, and business cases  Obtainsubject matter expertise  Identitymanagement, deliveryusingAzmanauthorisation tool andActive Directory authentication, for internalandexternalusers.  Management ofData warehouse andbusinessintelligence feeds and reporting requirements.  Liaise withend users to ensure that data warehouse output wascapable of meeting ad hoc and frequentlyaccessed reporting requirements  Management oftight deadlinesina highpressure environment  Conflicting andregularlychangingpriorities andgoals  Manage a varietyof skilllevels and personalitytypes amongst the team Microsoft office automation, using Excel, Word and Outlook programming. (VBA) Experience gained  Agile development processesandsystems, incombinationwith PMBOKand Prince2 style reporting and governance.  Deliveryof highfunctioning, complex websiteswithin anequallycomplex SOA environment.  Management ofmultipleprojects (up to 6 at once) withlimitedresources and tight timeframes, using agile development methodology.  Improvedknowledge of online service deliveryfor government.  Managingand training staffinanagile environment  The importance of ongoing enduser involvement infast moving iterative environment  Maintaining qualitydocumentationfor agile development.  Reporting to senior management  Complex problem solving  Design, testing andmanagement ofa complex identitymanagement product withina multiple applicationenvironment, requiringsingle signon, complicatedrole matrix design, orphan and inactive user management.  Data warehouse utilisation  Requirements gathering andprioritisation  Improvedorganisational skills  Create andreview documentation, e.g. business process models, use cases and agile documentation(user stories)  Reinforced(again)the need for regular, accurate communication andfor maintaining strong productive working relationships  Development of myownmanagement style:  Set clear targets  Encouragement before criticism  Maintainfocus onhighest prioritywork, bymanagingandminimisingdistractions  Target individual strengths  Set, maintainand insist uponhighstandards anddeliver systems to support those standards
  4. 4. 2007 User Centred Design (UCD) Analyst DIAC Responsibilities  Create usabilityscenarios for user testing  Conduct usabilitytestingfor online procurement portal  Report findings from usabilitytesting and implement changes  Design webUI’s to highstandards of usability  Ensure compliance withaccessibilitystandards  Business analysis  Reporting to project team and usabilitycentre  Excel andWordMacroprogramming Experience gained  Importance ofsimplicityof screen design  Web UI design  Business Analysis  Online UsabilityTesting  Automating office products Feb 1998 –Sep 2001 Web developer/programmer/ Project Manager ATO Responsibilities  New development andmaintenance ofbranchweb site (OCTC). Including teaching myself visual basic to deliver anincrediblyrusheddeployment of a verylarge intranet site.  Development of legislative management project, anonline, automated capture and distribution ofHansard.  Analyst developer newdevelopment for windows projects – Visual Basic, include, screen design business analysis anddevelopment  Developer new online projects – ASP, Javascript, VB script, HTML, SQL Server  Project managerseveralprojects. Experience gained  Agile development processes  Web design, development anddeployment.  Software development  Project management  Business analysis  Business relationshipmanagement  Iterative development Sales and business experience Proprietor of Capital Waste and TrashpackServices.  Purchasedbusinesswith 200 customers, built to over 800  Expandedcommercial client base  Improvedefficiency  Developedimprovedcustomer communicationsystems  Sold businessfor 500% capital gain Experience gained:  Management ofstaff andcontractors  Time management  Cost management  Marketing  Customer relations andcomplaint handling  Account management  Importance ofmaintaining a faultless businessreputation
  5. 5. Proprietor of Advanced Golf Supplies – Internet based import/distribution 2001 - 2007  Start up business  Identifiedprofitable niche  Design, develop, test andmaintainweb sites  Sourced and developedoverseas equipment/suppliers relationships  Obtainedindustrybest pricing  Set and exceededownsales targets  Managedimport anddeliverylogistics andassociatedcustoms obligations  Developedre-seller relationships acrossAustralia/NZ, (Perth, Adelaide, Victoria, Central NSW, NZ)  Sold product worldwide, (US, Canada, UK, France, Middle East)  Maintaineda perfect EBaysellingrecordon over 1000 transactions.  Managedsub-contractor/re-seller performance.  Produced and adaptedinternet marketing and website development Experience gained:  Importance ofbranding  How essential goodcommunicationis inthe sales relationship. Communicationis vital with internet sales as the customer has to trust the supplier andhas verylittle redress if the supplier is dishonest or unhelpful. The lesson from is that high qualitycommunication will prevent most problems fromoccurring.  Stock control  Development andmonitoring of marketingstrategies  Qualitycontrol  End to end businessset-upandmanagement  Complaint andproblemresolution  Business relationshipdevelopment, (Customs, Suppliers, s ub-contractors, re-sellers, retail customers, freight companies) Educational Qualifications  2008 AgileCertification  Prince2  Extreme ProjectManagement Summary  Agiledevelopmentspecialist  20 years experiencein business,sales,marketingand management  Extremely fastlearner  Exceptional inter-personal skills  Innovative  Organised  Extremely delivery focused Referees  Russ Condick (DEEWR,AFSA) –0438 234 544  AdamPearson (DEEWR) - 0407 420192  Angus Vickery (CSIRO ) –0437 304091  Ian Corner (CSIRO) –0412101386