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Digital Textbooks Can Change the World


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Digital Textbooks Can Change the World

  1. 1. Scholar’s Publisher Digital textbooks Can Change the World Why is it that students in the western world have to pay $1000 or more every year for textbooks? Even though many textbooks can be accessed in digital format they are still relatively expensive. Google has announced digital textbooks from major publishers for up to 80% off. This initiative is significant, but the actual offerings are disappointing. Most of the textbooks they list are still $30, $40, $50 or more and the biggest discounts apply to older books on publishers’ backlists rather than new volumes. What about developing countries? Access to knowledge is fundamental for individuals and society to advance. Knowledge empowers, but we ignore one basic question: How can anyone expect the marginalized in any society or those in developing countries to advance in any meaningful way when their access to knowledge is effectively blocked by the price of admission? Help us to stop the madness. At Scholar’s Publisher we believe that everyone should have affordable access to knowledge in the form of textbooks, research, educational videos, and any other digital learning resources that will educate and empower them to face the formidable challenges and opportunities in a global society. Our Mission is to Transform
  2. 2. Education. How can we do this? 1. All of our digital textbooks are provided at values of 80% or more below the price of equivalent volumes from legacy publishers. Currently, none of our volumes exceed $12 and most volumes will not exceed $15 for years to come. 2. Our textbooks are accessible. Many other new sites and publishers do not provide enough functionality. Our reader enables you to annotate, bookmark, share on social media, and do searches with one click. 3. We value our authors. Even though our volumes are accessed for an incredible value, our royalty structure is 25-30%. It is equivalent to the standard royalty of 10% by North American publishers and exceeds most publishers in Europe. 4. Rewarding authors and incredible value = greater access to knowledge. Digital publication and the power of the internet results in the ability for more users to access our textbooks immediately at affordable values. 5. We can publish in any language. Digital publishing is very flexible so we can publish easily in any language for the educational needs of any audience. As translation technology improves it will provide even greater access. 6. With your help. Do you share our belief that everyone should have affordable access to knowledge? Are you an author? Publish with us. Are you a teacher? Assign one of our textbooks if it is appropriate and/or encourage scholars to publish with us. Are you an investor? Funding will enable us to provide more books and resources for users everywhere. Our journey is only beginning, but digital publishing can change the world. The Vision of Scholars Publisher is to be the global portal for the exchange, production, and dissemination of knowledge. Scholar's Publisher will develop
  3. 3. a global community of learners by encouraging scholarship and the pursuit of knowledge through innovative publishing opportunities for original, excellent material, and by providing value-added interactive features that nurture and facilitate the exchange of information and ideas. Dr. R. Timothy McLay President, Scholar’s Publisher