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2012 student track - vs2010


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Student track given for Antwerp highschool Artesis

Published in: Technology
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2012 student track - vs2010

  1. 1. Visual Studio 13 februari 2012
  2. 2. Info Support Groep Info Support Global Info Support BV Info Support NV Services (NL, Veenendaal) (BE, Mechelen) (BE, Echteld/Gent) Create solutions that innovate the wayorganizations do their business
  3. 3. Info Support Opgericht in 1986 Focus op IT vakmanschap Alle jaren financieel gezond en autonoom gegroeid Actief in Nederland en België Microsoft Gold Certified Partner voor Custom Development Solutions Learning Solutions SOA and Business Process Hosting Solutions Business Intelligence Mobility Solutions Information Worker Solutions Advanced Infrastructure Solutions Business Solutions Competency (CRM) Business Partner IBM en NL-JUG Endeavour overview 3
  4. 4. Contents Features of VS 2010 Team Foundation Server 2010 Unit Testing in VS 2010 Debugging in VS 2010 VS 11 (what’s next?) Extending VS 2010
  5. 5. IntroMicrosoft Visual Studio is a powerful IDE that ensuresquality code throughout the entire application lifecycle,from design to deployment. Whether you’re developingapplications for SharePoint, the web, Windows,Windows Phone, and beyond, Visual Studio is yourultimate all-in-one solution.
  6. 6. Intro 2010
  7. 7. Team Suite Visual Studio Visual Studio Visual Studio Team Test Team Team Developer Team Test Essentials Architect Static Code Analyzer Load Testing Test PlanningProcess and Architecture Guidance UML Models Code Metrics Lab management Use Case Web Testing Sequence Dynamic Code Analyzer Activity Test Case Management Schema Compare Class Data Compare Functional Testing Component SP unit testing Win Forms Architecture Explorer Historical debugging WPF Web (IE/FF) Layer Diagram Test Impact analysis DGML models Collectors for: Code Coverage, Test impact, System Info, video, etc. Visual Studio Professional Edition Team Foundation Client (includes CAL) Visual Studio Version Control Reporting Test Management Web Access Team Foundation Work Item Tracking Project Site Project Management Team Build
  8. 8. Demo Most used Features of VS 2010
  9. 9. Most used Features of VS 2010 Solution <> Projects Code analysis Build <> Debug – Quality Multi languages – Metrics NuGet Packager Most used Windows – Server Explorer Application Types – Class view – Web (project/website) – Object Browser – Win (WPF, Forms) – Tasks list – Cloud – Bookmark window – Database – Command window – Modelling Architecture views
  10. 10. Team Foundation Server 2010 Intro Demo Real life case
  11. 11. Intro Developer Database Designer Professional Architect TesterBusiness ProjectAnalyst Manager
  12. 12. Intro Team Foundation ServerProcess Focused Version ControlProcessTemplates Work Item Tracking IntegratedSharePoint Check-in Build Automation Manage workCustomizable Check-in Bugs, Tasks, Reporting Policies Continuous Requirements, Integration Shelving Stories, Risks, Decision etc. Scheduled Support Very Extensible Ad Hoc Track Project Progress
  13. 13. IntroClient Interface Version Control Build Proxy Environment Visual MS Excel Command Line Studio Version Control Build Proxy Process Service MS Project Team Explorer TFS SDKApplication Tier SQL Reporting Services Windows SharePoint Services Web Services SQL Server Version Data Work Items Team Build Control Warehouse Data Tier
  14. 14. Intro Key concepts – Process templates – Workspaces – Changesets – Work Items
  15. 15. DemoCreate TFS projectWorking with Work ItemsSource control – Checkin/Checkout – History tracking/Diffing – Merging changes – Locking – Shelving – Checkin Policies – Labeling – Branching
  16. 16. Real Life Case Current project
  17. 17. Unit Testing in VS 2010 What is unit testing How to create a unit test in VS 2010 Demo: Test first approach Other features inside VS 2010 to help you unit testing
  18. 18. What is unit testing? A unit test is an automated piece of code thatinvokes the method or class being tested and then checks some assumptions about the logical behavior of that method or class. A unit test is almost always written using a unit-testing framework. It can be written easily and runs quickly. It’s fully automated, trustworthy, readable, and maintainable.
  19. 19. What is unit testing? Compile Static Code Analysis Integration Test System Test Acceptance Test Performance Test Robustness Test Some other Test Unit Test (Does not replace other tests, but makes them more effective)
  20. 20. What is unit testing?
  21. 21. Benefits of TDD Forces you to think about how you want to use your classes. Makes it impossible to write code you can not test. Automatically improves the quality of your design. – Test Driven Design
  22. 22. Writing a Unit Test With MSTest Visual Studio has a specialized project type for unit tests named “Test Project”. We use the [TestClass] and [TestMethod] attributes to make our tests known to the MSTest framework. Many Assertion methods are part of the framework for your convenience.
  23. 23. Demo: working test first The game consists of 10 frames as shown above. In each frame the player has two opportunities to knock down 10 pins. The score for the frame is the total number of pins knocked down, plus bonuses for strikes and spares. A spare is when the player knocks down all 10 pins in two tries. The bonus for that frame is the number of pins knocked down by the next roll. So in frame 3 above, the score is 10 (the total number knocked down) plus a bonus of 5 (the number of pins knocked down on the next roll.) A strike is when the player knocks down all 10 pins on his first try. The bonus for that frame is the value of the next two balls rolled. In the tenth frame a player who rolls a spare or strike is allowed to roll the extra balls to complete the frame. However no more than three balls can be rolled in tenth frame.
  24. 24. A quick design session Game+ roll(pins : int) Clearly we need the Game class.+ score() : int
  25. 25. A quick design session Game 10 Frame+ roll(pins : int)+ score() : int A game has 10 frames.
  26. 26. A quick design session Game 10 Frame 1 ..2 Roll+ roll(pins : int) - pins : int+ score() : int A frame has 1 or two rolls.
  27. 27. A quick design session Game 10 Frame 1 ..2 Roll+ roll(pins : int) - pins : int+ score() : int 1 Tenth Frame The tenth frame has two or three rolls. It is different from all the other frames.
  28. 28. A quick design session Game 10 Frame 1 ..2 Roll + roll(pins : int) + score : int - pins : int + score() : int 1The score function mustinclude all the frames,and calculate all their scores. Tenth Frame
  29. 29. A quick design session The score for a spare or a strike depends on the frame’s successor Next frame Game 10 Frame 1 ..2 Roll+ roll(pins : int) + score : int - pins : int+ score() : int 1 Tenth Frame
  30. 30. Code Coverage Every unit of code that contains logic is important and should be tested – Simple properties do not contain logic – branching statements (if, switch case) and loop statements (while, for, foreach) are considered logic. Code coverage can help determine if every important unit of code is tested. A computer program can measure what source code is executed during test execution.
  31. 31. Code Coverage Enable code coverage in the test settings file.
  32. 32. Test Frameworks Test Frameworks make it easier to write fully automated, trustworthy, readable and maintainable tests. – JUnit (java) – NUnit (.Net port of JUnit) – MBUnit – MSTest (integrated in Visual Studio)
  33. 33. Use Assertions in your Tests AreEqual(expected, actual, message) IsTrue(expression, message) IsFalse(expression, message) IsNull(variable, message) IsNotNull(variable, message) Lookup the Assert class on MSDN for more…
  34. 34. Test Impact Analysis Test Impact Analysis shows you which tests need to be re-run after a code change has been made. Need to establish a baseline by running all tests once Impact Analysis is enabled. Any code changes after that will result in recommendations on the “Test Impact View” window. – Only meaningful code changes will result in recommendations. – Changes in comments or changes that are optimized away by the compiler (foo + 10 => foo + 5 + 5) are ignored.
  35. 35. Debugging in VS 2010Basics of debuggingBreakpoint options – Conditions – Tracing optionsChange the debugging visualization – Attributes – Type ProxiesIntellitrace
  36. 36. Extending VS 2010 Project & Item templates Extending the editor Custom toolbar & menu commands Extend the editor
  37. 37. Visual Studio 11 (what’s next) C#: Async/Await New features – Search (assemblies, solution explorer, quick launch, error window, ctrl-i window) – Project roundtripping between VS2010 (SP1) & 11