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  2. 2. Thanks to our expansion we can offer your customers the most extensive wine storage product portfolio in the world. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, an unrivalled international team of experts and passionate individuals, we promise we're the best at what we do. Since 1947 we have specialised in the design, manufacturing and installation of wine storage. In 2012 Sorrells merged with Carlo Garn and formed the STC Wine Rack Group which is now the world's leading supplier of wine storage category management to retailers. T +44 (0)1268 777277 W PAGE 2 Products We are constantly researching the latest trends and technologies to ensure we supply the most innovative and creative solutions to wine storage. Category Management You may currently have to deal with half a dozen suppliers. But when you trade with us, you won't need to speak to anyone else. Our extensive range of products and contacts, make us your one stop shop for wine storage. Commitment We only source premium grade FSC and PEFC materials to guarantee our products are made of the highest quality wood and show our support and commitment to creating a world in which people manage forests sustainably. International Rise in Wine Storage Not only is it a growing industry but it offers market security - in the UK alone the wine storage industry has grown for 38 years in a row. Our vast expertise and wide reaching connections means we're in prime position to help you tap into this global boom.
  3. 3. PAGE 3 T +44 (0)1268 777277 W Traditional Wineracks: Self Assembly For centuries this classic design has decked out cellars, houses and restaurants and is regarded throughout the world as the best and most trusted method to store fine wine. The classic traditional wine rack will enhance any space and is constructed from the best quality Swedish PEFC solid redwood blocks from renewable sources and 18-gauge bright- galvanised steel strips which are specially straightened and deburred. The kit range comes flat packed for self assembly making it easy to store and display, while reducing shipping costs. It comes in natural plus four different colours, which match our other storage ranges, and is easily expanded to increase storage space, using connector kits. 228mm DEPTH BOTTLE NECK PROTRUDING 12 bottle L420 x H228 x W228mm 15 bottle L420 x H324 x W228mm 30 bottle L625 x H420 x W228mm 42 bottle L625 x H625 x W228mm 72 bottle L1825 x H825 x W228mm 90 bottle L1005 x H825 x W228mm STANDARD RANGE Connecting Kits As a collection grows this is a simple way to increase storage capacity. These kits have been specially designed to allow a range of our products to seamlessly fit together, giving the appearance of a complete and continuous design. Each connecting kit will rejoin 12 holes.
  4. 4. T +44 (0)1268 777277 W PAGE 4 Traditional Wineracks: Fully Assembled Our fully assembled racks aim to make your customers lives a little easier.They're ready made and boxed, so all they have to do is decide where to position their new wine rack. Equally as desirable as the self assembly range, this is a sturdy and traditional rack which has extra eyelets pre-drilled at the back for fixing and additional strength. It can be expanded, using our connecting kits to increase storage space, and comes in natural pine plus four different finishes which match our other ranges. 228mm DEPTH BOTTLE NECK PROTRUDING 12 bottle L420 x H228 x W228mm 16 bottle L420 x H324 x W228mm 30 bottle L625 x H420 x W228mm 42 bottle L625 x H625 x W228mm 56 bottle L625 x H825 x W228mm 72 bottle L1825 x H825 x W228mm 90 bottle L1005 x H825 x W228mm 300mm FULL BOTTLE DEPTH 12 bottle L420 x H228 x W300mm 18 bottle L420 x H324 x W300mm 30 bottle L625 x H420 x W300mm 42 bottle L625 x H625 x W300mm STANDARD RANGE Black Ash Natural Pine Light Oak Dark Oak Weathered Oak STANDARD COLOUR RANGE
  5. 5. Case Racks Can be used on their own or combined with our other products to increase storage capacity. Each case is made to hold two wine cases of 12 bottles. Supplied fully assembled and available in our standard colour range. 400(w) x 510(h) 530mm deep Wine Case Constructed in either wood or crystal clear acrylic, we can make personalised boxes to fit our case racks. See page 10. Black Ash Natural Pine Light Oak Dark Oak Weathered Oak STANDARD COLOUR RANGE PAGE 5 T +44 (0)1268 777277 W STANDARD RANGE Cubes Stylish and made from quality PEFC approved Redwood this cube has mitred corners for added strength.Available flat packed, they're ideal for storing cases of wine and look good either on their own or stacked to increase storage capacity. Customers can easily connect this cube with case racks or traditional wine racks to form a complete wine cellar solution. Available in our standard colour range PLUS white lacquered finish. 12 bottle (3 in each triangular section) 395 x 395 x 300mm deep 24 bottle (6 in each triangular section) 510 x 510 x 300mm deep Crystal Clear Acrylic Cubes A stunning way to store your wine bottles, these cubes can either be completely clear or mixed with our hardwood. It's transparent design allows a 360˚ view of the wine bottle while in storage. 24 bottle (6 in each triangular section) 490 x 490 x 300mm deep NEW NEW supplied flat pack supplied flat pack supplied assembled
  6. 6. T +44 (0)1268 777277 W PAGE 6 Metal Racks These racks are hard-wearing and practical with adjustable feet for levelling on uneven surfaces, and have a carry handle making transportation effortless.They are finished in either polished chrome or lacquered white and hold either 6 or 12 bottles. Dimensions 6 bottle 260(w) x 420(h) 150mm deep 12 bottle 260(w) x 750(h) 150mm deep STACK RACK 4 bottle 408(w) x 115(h) 150mm deep These versatile racks are designed to stack on top of each other and join seemlessly at each corner. Photo (right) shows two racks joined Bottle Display Unit Made from a mixture of the finest solid materials and acyclic, this unique and classy wine display unit is ideal for any home. Each unit holds 6 standard bottles and is available in either solid Redwood (with 5 colour options) or Hardwood. 250(w) x 535(h) x 300mm deep Scallop These racks are an attractive and practical way of storing wine as they showcase both the bottle and label.An innovative solution for small areas, this rack will home 6 standard bottles and is available in either solid Redwood (with 5 colour options) or Hardwood. 400(w) x 790(h) x 116mm deep White American Oak Black Walnut HARDWOOD OPTIONS STANDARD RANGE
  7. 7. PAGE 7 T +44 (0)1268 777277 W Base Racking Unit Hand crafted from the finest solid woods this design combines traditional racking with modern cube storage to create a design that is perfect for any wine collection. Holds up to 68 standard and 16 magnum or Champagne bottles. Dims (mm) 1070(w)x1100(h) 320 deep FURNITURE RANGE White American Oak Black Walnut HARDWOOD OPTIONS Black AshNatural Pine Light OakDark OakWeathered Oak REDWOOD COLOUR RANGE Tree Trunk With it's lacquered finish and baroque styling, this beautiful tree trunk is a one-off and will become a centre piece in any home or cellar. Each trunk holds 12 bottles of any size up to a standard Champagne bottle. Dims (mm) 480(w)x1000(h) 280 deep (varies as each tree is unique) Tasting Table This minimalist table makes a chic addition to any wine cellar or home and is ideal for dinner parties or functions. Its elegant tempered clear glass top, sturdy redwood body and unique cork design gives it a sense of occasion. Additionally this table's body holds extra storage for 5 bottles. Dims (mm) 800(w)x902(h) 760x450 oval base plinth Our furniture range is handcrafted from solid natural Redwood and is available in four colour finishes, or in Hardwood using White American Oak or Black Walnut
  8. 8. T +44 (0)1268 777277 W PAGE 8 Case Rack and Display Storage Unit Crafted from the finest Hardwood this displays 12 standard wine bottles or standard Champagne bottles alongside 8 standard cases. Each case is fitted with our latest soft-close runners and uniquely carved front draws.The unit features a convenient cupboard for additional storage at the rear. Dims (mm) 1320(w)x1100(h) 520 deep Case Rack and Storage Unit Crafted from the finest solid materials, this storage unit holds 48 standard bottles, 8 standard cases on sliding runners and features a convenient cupboard for additional storage. Dims (mm) 1320(w)x1100(h) 520 deep NEW These versatile pieces are a great way to showcase a wine collection and are the perfect purchase when starting as a collector because they easily combine with our other products FURNITURE RANGE
  9. 9. PAGE 9 T +44 (0)1268 777277 W DESIGN AND INNOVATION
  10. 10. Our creative and unique use of LED light coupled with crystal clear acrylic makes a stunning feature in any wine cellar By harnessing laser engraving we can create a personalised wine labelling system Customised Wine Label A very unique way to identify your wine collection, constructed using crystal clear 8mm cast acrylic, these allow you to label your racking system without compromising the look of your wine storage. 112(w) x 65mm Minimum order of 5 pieces of one type Customised Wine Case Totally unique, this individual way to identify your wine collection can be constructed in either wood or crystal clear acrylic. 6 bottle case 330(w) x 180(h) x 260mm deep 12 bottle case 330(w) x 180(h) x 500mm deep NB. Minimum order of 20 pieces of one type in wood and 35 pieces in acrylic T +44 (0)1268 777277 W PAGE 10 NEW NEW DESIGN AND INNOVATION
  11. 11. PAGE 11 T +44 (0)1268 777277 W This style of racking gives impressive looks with practical storage. Constructed from solid Redwood PEFC blocks and 18 gauge galvanised steel which has been especially straightened and deburred. This superior quality, soft edge finish not only makes the steel comfortable to handle but limits any label damage on the wine bottle. One rack can start a display but as the collection grows, more racking can be added using our connecting kit system giving a seamless appearance.This can additionally be combined with cubes and case racks plus adding a solid plinth will give support and protection from dirt and damage. 5 Easy Steps to Wine Storage 1 . . . CHOOSE THE STORAGE DEPTH: Standard 228mm single bottle (bottle neck protrudes out) Single 300mm single bottle (whole bottle inside the rack) Double 535mm (one bottle in front of another) 2 . . . CHOOSE THE TYPE OF BOTTLE STORAGE: Standard General wine bottle Magnum Champagne and magnum bottle Half Half bottle storage 3 . . . CHOOSE A PLINTH: Standard plinths are 65mm high, available in three depths: Single 300mm Double 535mm Double + 600mm 4 . . . CHOOSE A COLOUR: 5 . . . DELIVERY: Direct delivery available from our workshop to customer Black AshNatural Light OakDark OakWeathered Oak TRADITIONAL RANGE
  12. 12. T +44 (0)1268 777277 W PAGE 12 Offer your customers the chance to build their own wine cellar traditional rack + worktop + cube x 2no. + case x 2no. + plinth • Easy to connect products ensures a seamless and beautiful design • A range of finishes to compliment home décor • Fully assembled; most products come ready-made saving your customers time and effort of building it themselves combination idea 01. SELF BUILD
  13. 13. PAGE 13 T +44 (0)1268 777277 W Wine Temperature Control The Wine Guardian unit is the perfect ‘plug-in and go’ cooling system, enabling wine collectors to relax in the knowledge that their investment is being properly preserved. Capacity: 15-25m2 Dims: 365(w) x 403(h) 635mm deep KEY FEATURES: • Integrated condensate evaporation system with direction grilles • Corrosion resistant coil for longer life • Easy-to-install • Environmentally friendly refrigerant • No wiring involved and unit runs off standard UK and EU plugs Climate Monitoring System Using the GSM network to feed information to a remote 'cloud' means this system sits outside regular and existing IT and Security systems needing only a power source.This allows for rapid deployment of live data. E-mail and SMS messages are sent out before the wine room reaches its predefined critical warning level. KEY FEATURES: • Plug and play installation • No manual work, the system stores measurements automatically • Online access from PC, tablet and mobile phone • Real-time information at a glance • Automatic reports daily, weekly, monthly • Warnings via text message and e-mail • Easily redeployed in new locations PARTNER PRODUCTS sourcing the right products to match our standards
  14. 14. Sorrells or Carlo Garn can provide your customers a comprehensive service to transform a room, cellar or basement into a fully functional wine storage area. Our designs are unique, creating an environment for storing wine that is both practical and distinctive.We understand how it should be stored and displayed; from lighting considerations to climate control, ensuring that the space doesn’t just look good but also preserves the wine investment. Whether it is a custom wine cellar for a new residential property, commercial premises or just a single room in a home, we handle everything from design through to installation. The quality of our product and service is unmatched by any other company in the UK and throughout Europe. For more information: T +44 (0)1268 777277 W PAGE 14 CUSTOM WINE CELLARS