Sustainability April 2013


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Half day open training event on sustainability held in Toronto in Canada.

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Sustainability April 2013

  1. 1. A sustainable future for Ontarioby Toronto Training and HRApril 2013
  2. 2. Contents3-4 Introduction to Toronto Training and HR5-6 Definition7-8 Triple bottom line9-13 Drivers for investment14-15 Barriers to sustainability16-17 Positive outcomes of initiatives18-20 Demonstrations of sustainability21-22 The implementation process23-24 Stages in the reporting process25-26 The corporate maturity curve27-29 Leadership30-31 Pressures and opportunities32-34 Sustainability professionals35-38 Impact on HR39-40 The supply chain41-42 Global megaforces43-44 Software packages45-47 Growing trends48 Case studies49-50 Conclusion and questions
  3. 3. Page 3Introduction
  4. 4. Introduction to Toronto Trainingand HR• Toronto Training and HR is a specialist training andhuman resources consultancy headed by Timothy Holden• 10 years in banking• 10 years in training and human resources• Freelance practitioner since 2006• The core services provided by Toronto Training and HRare:• Training event design• Training event delivery• Reducing costs, saving time plus improvingemployee engagement and morale• Services for job seekersPage 4
  5. 5. Page 5Definition
  6. 6. Definition• What is sustainability?• Impacts• Dimensions• Sources of sustainableemployee motivationPage 6
  7. 7. Page 7Triple bottom line
  8. 8. Triple bottom line• People• Planet• ProfitPage 8
  9. 9. Page 9Drivers for investment
  10. 10. Drivers for investment 1 of 4• Contribution to society• Competitive financialadvantage• Environmental considerations• Saving money on operationalcosts• Health and safetyconsiderations• The futurePage 10
  11. 11. Drivers for investment 2 of 4• HR• OrganizationalPage 11
  12. 12. Drivers for investment 3 of 4• Internal dimension• External dimensionPage 12
  13. 13. Drivers for investment 4 of 4• Large employers• Small and medium-sizedemployersPage 13
  14. 14. Page 14Barriers to sustainability
  15. 15. Barriers to sustainability• Cost of launching• Difficulty in measuring returnon investment• Lack of support fromorganizational leaders• Costs of maintaining• Lack of internal capacity orknowledgePage 15
  16. 16. Page 16Positive outcomes ofinitiatives
  17. 17. Positive outcomes of initiatives• Improved employee morale• More efficient organizationalprocesses• Stronger public image• Increased employee loyalty• Increased brand recognition• Increased consumer/customerconfidence• Increased employee retentionPage 17
  18. 18. Page 18Demonstrations ofsustainability
  19. 19. Demonstrations of sustainability1 of 2• Sustainability is part of theorganizational goals• Information aboutsustainability efforts isincluded on theorganization’s intranet• Information aboutsustainability efforts isincluded on theorganization’s websitePage 19
  20. 20. Demonstrations of sustainability2 of 2• Sustainability commitment is includedin the organization’s mission• Sustainability efforts are covered inthe organization’s annual report• Sustainability is linked to individualperformance goals• The organization issues a reportdedicated exclusively to sustainability• Sustainability seminars/training ismandatoryPage 20
  21. 21. Page 21The implementationprocess
  22. 22. The implementation process• Initiate-what to• Implement-how to• Operations-why toPage 22
  23. 23. Page 23Stages in the reportingprocess
  24. 24. Stages in the reporting process• Define report content• Ensure report quality• Set report boundaries• Include standard disclosures• Focused sustainability reportPage 24
  25. 25. Page 25The corporate maturitycurve
  26. 26. The corporate maturity curve• Compliance• Integration• TransformationPage 26
  27. 27. Page 27Leadership
  28. 28. Leadership 1 of 2CHALLENGES• Living with uncertainty andcomplexity• Valuing difference• A relational enterprise• Stepping outside the system• Leaders developing leadersPage 28
  29. 29. Leadership 2 of 2COMPETENCIES• External awareness andappreciation of trends• Visioning and strategy formulation• Risk awareness, assessment andmanagement• Stakeholder engagement• Flexibility and adaptability tochange• Ethics and integrityPage 29
  30. 30. Page 30Pressures andopportunities
  31. 31. Pressures and opportunities• Investor• Consumer• Peer• Financial• Efficiency• ReputationalPage 31
  32. 32. Page 32Sustainabilityprofessionals
  33. 33. Sustainability professionals 1 of 2• Presidents and CEOs• General Managers andOperations Managers• Industrial productionmanagers• Transport, storage anddistribution managersPage 33
  34. 34. Sustainability professionals 2 of 2• Science occupations• Engineering occupations• OthersPage 34
  35. 35. Page 35Impact on HR
  36. 36. Impact on HR 1 of 3• Changing employee contract• Recruitment• Employer brand• Engagement• How people work• Accountability andmeasurement• Training and leadershipdevelopmentPage 36
  37. 37. Impact on HR 2 of 3LEVERAGING SUSTAINABILITY• Creating a positive brand thatattracts top talent• Improving employeeretention• Developing organizationalleadersPage 37
  38. 38. Impact on HR 3 of 3ROLE OF HR• Yesterday• Today and tomorrowPage 38
  39. 39. Page 39The supply chain
  40. 40. The supply chain• Risks and opportunities• Organizational perspective• Investor perspective• Framework for assessment• Examples of riskPage 40
  41. 41. Page 41Global megaforces
  42. 42. Global megaforces• Climate change• Energy and fuel• Material resource scarcity• Water scarcity• Population growth• Wealth• Urbanization• Food security• Ecosystem decline• Deforestation
  43. 43. Page 43Software packages
  44. 44. Software packages• Functionality• Questions to ask• Standard disclosuresPage 44
  45. 45. Page 45Growing trends
  46. 46. Growing trends 1 of 2• Sustainability reporting isgrowing, but the tools are stilldeveloping• The CFO’s role in sustainability ison the rise• Employees emerge as a keystakeholder group forsustainability programs andreportingPage 46
  47. 47. Growing trends 2 of 2• Despite regulatory uncertainty,greenhouse gas reportingremains strong, along withgrowing interest in water• Awareness is in the riseregarding the scarcity ofbusiness resources• Rankings and ratings matter tosenior executivesPage 47
  48. 48. Page 48Case studies
  49. 49. Page 49Conclusion and questions
  50. 50. Page 50Conclusion and questions• Summary• Videos• Questions