ONE YEAR. ONE PROJECT TO UNITE US ALL.                                                 © TIM GREGORY AND CHLOE WARETINI 20...
© TIM GREGORY AND CHLOE WARETINI 2011the regional aspiration ‘see it’                getting us toAuckland’s challenge in ...
© TIM GREGORY AND CHLOE WARETINI 2011the community inspiration ‘feel it’                  getting us toTo make the Eco Cit...
© TIM GREGORY AND CHLOE WARETINI 2011the local action it’        getting us to ‘doIt is going to take a strong signal of c...
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Room to Grow Eco City Project Concept


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Room to Grow Eco City Project Concept

  1. 1. FINDING THE ‘UNITING SPARK OF OUR EMERGING CITY’ © TIM GREGORY AND CHLOE WARETINI 2011‘remarkable futures don’t happen. they are made.’From our spectacular natural environment to our diverse population – Auckland is bursting with potential. Potential thathas not been realised due to our fragmented past. With the dawn of the Super City there is the opportunity to act withleadership and create a remarkable future for Auckland.However the success of Auckland is inseparable from the behaviour of its people. We may now be one city, but that changehas yet to be made in the hearts and minds of Aucklanders.‘great cities are built on strong communities.’While we all love our place in the Pacific, this has not been expressed as an outward passion for Auckland. Rather it is seenthrough the many actions we take in our local communities. The abundant school fairs, community planting days and localfestivals provide the pulse of Auckland’s beating heart.Without doubt the love and pride is there – we just need something to connect it to a bigger idea of Auckland we all share.‘we must be an eco city.’‘this is our opportunity to unite.’The passion for the stunning natural environment we live in is something all Aucklanders “a good polity is oneshare. It is impossible not to be inspired by the awesome Waitakere Ranges, the ruggedWest Coast and the pohutukawa-strewn beaches of the East. It is the reason we move where all citizens believehome from London. It is a lifestyle we all cherish and have a stake in. they are bound togetherA grassroots movement towards preserving our environment is growing strong. All in a common project”around Auckland circles of cooperative action exist. An opportunity exists to connectthese circles and create a common project in which all Aucklanders can play a part. A - Richard Sennettproject that connects local actions to the bigger picture. A project that unites us as the The Culture of New CapitalismEco City - the world’s most beautiful and liveable city.The question is how to make the aspiration of the Eco City a reality...In this document, we propose a citizen-engaging strategic combinationof aspiration, inspiration and action to make this happen. THE PROJECTS | AUCKLAND . collaborative projects | concept- brand- execution
  2. 2. ONE YEAR. ONE PROJECT TO UNITE US ALL. © TIM GREGORY AND CHLOE WARETINI 2011our goal is to create communities of actionso the eco city will take care of itselfhere’s how we plan to do it:1. mapping our regional aspiration We will create a map that: • highlights Auckland’s natural riches and our aspirations for protecting them and getting us to ‘see it’ helping them thrive • is a living document of Auckland’s Eco City credentials - identifying the circles of cooperation that are building the Eco City at a grass roots level • is a visual representation of the common project that all Aucklanders contribute to the success of – importantly providing an invitation to act2. creating community inspiration We will create community places that: • transform a meaningful and achievable number of disused Council reserve sites getting us to ‘feel it’ into vibrant engaging spaces that are designed and run by the people of the place – encouraging involvement by giving a sense of empowerment, ownership and pride • link to the bigger vision of the Auckland Eco City through the incorporation of the map in mural form, showing the ‘big picture’ and the importance of the local geography to it, and zoning in on local treasures and sources of pride • are places of learning about your local environment, engaging in activities that contribute to the Eco City vision, and finding out about action you can take all over your community • use the social innovation of urban agriculture as a practical and relevant engagement tool with the development of community gardens as a central activity at the spaces3. initiating local action We will create a day of action where: • the map of the Eco City will be launched and 1.4million Aucklanders will be invited getting us to ‘do it’ to take local action towards making the Eco City . This will signal a new era of a united and passionate Auckland - made up of engaged and diverse communities taking action together • the first project of the Eco City - Room to Grow - will be launched in the community spaces we have created with live music, workshops, demonstrations, planting, harvesting and enjoying fresh produce and abundant invitations to engage • identified on the map will be many more potential sites for community gardens - using Auckland’s sprawl to the best advantage. THE PROJECTS | AUCKLAND . collaborative projects | concept- brand- execution
  3. 3. © TIM GREGORY AND CHLOE WARETINI 2011the regional aspiration ‘see it’ getting us toAuckland’s challenge in becoming an Eco City lies in strengthening the relationship “The vision will becomebetween its people and the environment. As inhabitants of a busy metropolis, we can the reality only if peopletend to become disconnected from the natural environment around us. from Favona to FreemansIn our daily lives we can often miss the signposts that give us a sense of place – we Bay, Muriwai to Milford,can forget how amazing it is to live it Tamaki Makaurau – a thin isthmus between two from Waiwera to Westernharbours on a Pacific island – an outpost at the edge of the world. Springs, and fromA map that captures the positive relationship between people and the environment, Mellons Bay to Masseyacross the entirety of Auckland, would serve as a reminder of this stunning natural believe this is THEIRbeauty, connect us to the bigger picture and open our eyes to the wonder that exists in Auckland - that they haveour backyard. a real part in this cityA map that tells the story of our environment and our aspirations for it and they can make a realWe have been gifted three beautiful harbours, islands, beaches and forests. Each of difference”these treasures would be featured in the map, with a description of its value and ouraspirations for protecting them and helping them thrive. Aspirations for our harbours - Mayor Len Brownsuch as being able to swim in clean, safe water every day of the year. Aspirations for Inauguration Speechthe Waitakere Ranges like being world renowned as a pristine sub-tropical rainforest.Aspirations for our naturally fertile soil to be used once again to provide fresh food forour local communities.A map that reveals clusters of local actionIt will identify the circles of cooperation that are building the Eco City at a grass rootslevel. These would range from long established initiatives like Project Twin Streamsto projects for native bush regeneration, coastal clean-up schemes and fledglingcommunity gardens. The key criteria would be environmental action that engages thecommunity.A map that is an invitation to actThis map won’t be a static thing to put on your wall and no longer notice. It will bea living document of Auckland’s credentials as an Eco City – interactive, engaging,proactive – communicating opportunities to get involved in environmental action allover Auckland.We see the map becoming an ubiquitous and iconic brand, residing in schools, dairies,supermarkets, libraries, online: in your community. THE PROJECTS | AUCKLAND . collaborative projects | concept- brand- execution
  4. 4. © TIM GREGORY AND CHLOE WARETINI 2011the community inspiration ‘feel it’ getting us toTo make the Eco City, we need to back up the aspiration with genuine impetus to get the ‘A city of proudmovement started. People need to feel empowered and inspired to want to act. The best communities, secureway to do this is to create a space they can own – a place that is truly theirs where theycan come for inspiration, connection and exchange. in their local identities and in their place asCreating places for community inspiration part of a metropolitanWe propose a place-making initiative, nominating sites in a number of localities tobecome community spaces. Designed and run by community for community, these powerhouse’places will be tangible examples of the relationship between local people and place.Bridging the gap between the map and Auckland’s communitiesLocal places of regional significance, these places will bring to life the ethos and intent ofthe map in the real world. They will be the connection between the map and the personholding it, the big picture and the local community, the big aspiration and the smallaction.This connection will be made through the presence of the map in mural form - asymbolic tie back to the wider movement – the common project of the Auckland EcoCity. It will show that we are all in this future together and all vital to the success of it. Itwill map the significance of this local place and the people who live there, and give themsomething to be proud to be a part of.Places to come and get involvedEach place will have its own identity – representing the culture, creativity and innovationof the community – but still be recognisable as part of the Auckland Eco City. They willbe welcoming places full of local opportunities and invitations to act. They will be placesof learning, connecting people back to the natural environment and growing new skillsand knowledge through doing. They will be places where, after a hard days work, youcan kick back with a cup of tea or food and listen to live local music or just chat withothers in the space. THE PROJECTS | AUCKLAND . collaborative projects | concept- brand- execution
  5. 5. © TIM GREGORY AND CHLOE WARETINI 2011the local action it’ getting us to ‘doIt is going to take a strong signal of change and a breakthrough performance to weave “It’s true you can’t livethe new Auckland Eco City story into our culture. However this signal cannot come in the here by chance, you haveform of traditional communications. to do and be, not simplyWe all know actions speak louder than words. We learn by doing - doing changes how watch or even describe.we think about things. To be an Eco City we must not just say it but ACT it. The Eco Citymust start with Council taking the initiative – inspiring grass roots participation and This is the city of action,empowering the citizens of Auckland to ‘own it’ and ‘do it’. the world headquartersAn inclusive, engaging and involving event that marks the dawn of a new era, and invites of the verb”people to take action towards achieving the vision of the Eco City, will be the catalyst - Lauris Edmondneeded.Sowing the seeds of change with the first Eco City project: ‘Room to Grow’ ‘Flowers grow inOn a day in December, the Auckland Eco City will open for action. On this day, the map flower gardens,will be launched and 1.4 million Aucklanders will be invited to take action in their local Vegetables grow incommunities toward building the Eco City and engaging in the first Eco City project:Room to Grow. vegetable gardens,Room to Grow – will bring the accelerating international movement of urban Community grows inagriculture as a means of growing community. It is a proven social innovation, community gardens’recognised as an activity thats value is easily understood and that connects peoplefrom diverse backgrounds, and is therefore the ideal initiative to kick off the Eco City.Ultimately tied to action (developing knowledge and skills through doing together)and a sense of place, Room to Grow is about both people and the environment, theingredients of the Eco City.Two immediate strands of action will be highlighted on the map as invitations to actin Room to Grow:1. The community spaces we’ve created will be the launching pads for Room to Grow.The wider communities around these places will be invited to get involved in theopening of their gardens, which will come alive with workshops, demonstrations,planting, harvesting and eating fresh produce and live music in a festival-likeatmosphere.2. To bring this opportunity to everyone in Auckland, not just those who live nearthese new community places, the map will be populated with abundant invitationsto act – identifying disused Council reserve sites that have the potential to becommunity gardens - using Auckland’s sprawl to the best advantage. THE PROJECTS | AUCKLAND . collaborative projects | concept- brand- execution