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Slideshare tim final copy


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Slideshare- Tim Flicker

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Slideshare tim final copy

  1. 1. Tim Flicker An aspiring journalist who sees the media as an important conduit in connecting people. My interests include politics, sport and Indonesia. I write about corruption in Indonesian soccer, Judaism in Indonesia and the role of the media in the Australia-Indonesia relationship. ID Hub
  2. 2. Identity Statement I am an 'Indonesianist' who is passionate about all things relating to Indonesian sport, culture and politics. I recently published research on the way media frame corruption in Indonesian soccer. I see the media as playing a vital role in influencing public debate. I believe it is important that the media do not only focus on the negatives of the Australia-Indonesia relationship, but also the strong people-to-people links that do exist between our societies. I try to use this approach when I write about the Australia-Indonesia relationship.
  3. 3. Rationale • My online presence is an attempt to attract leaders in the areas of Indonesia and sport. These include: • Government and organisations interested in the Australia- Indonesia relationship • Media and communication professionals • Academics and researchers in Indonesian studies • Sports media, journalists and enthusiasts
  4. 4. Achieving My ID • WHERE? Regular Blogging, Twitter Posts, InstagramPictures and #timpflicker • WHAT? Sport, Politics and Indonesia • WHO? Australia-Indonesia Community and Communication Practitioners • HOW? Semi-formal Tone and Personal Voice
  5. 5. Blog Posts Media Mapping The Power of Sport Bauman- Tourist or Vagabond?
  6. 6. Twitter Indonesian Election 2014 • Indonesian Election 2014 Unpaid Internships Charity Ride
  7. 7. Instagram No Jnukies Sunday Plans AFL IC14
  8. 8. My Platforms #timpflicker