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Ckn presentation final copy submit


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Co-creative Knowledge Network (CKN) Project

Published in: Technology
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Ckn presentation final copy submit

  1. 1. CKN: Mapping Sport in Yogyakarta
  2. 2. Objective • Map and identify sporting clubs and communities found in Yogyakarta • Involves personal interests of sport and Indonesia Going to watch PSS Sleman!
  3. 3. Facebook Group/Page • Currently 10 Members • Indonesian and Australian friends • Recently Added Local Indonesian Sports Journalist Facebook Search: Mapping Sport in Yogyakarta
  4. 4. Google Map • Map of Sport Clubs and Communities in Yogyakarta • Initially created by Andy Fuller e=UTF8&msa=0&msid=206156135259236754339.0005 047fe4db8b758626c&dg=feature
  5. 5. Twitter
  6. 6. Network Map
  7. 7. Recommendations and Insights • Important to post in both English and Indonesian • Try and provide incentive for interaction • Better to have a few active participants than many inactive participants!