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Official Google Wonder Wheel is Back!


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The official Google Wonder Wheel keyword research tool is alive and well. The Wonder Wheel was taken offline on July 3rd, 2011 and has been replaced with the Exact same engine - this time without the visual appeal.

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Official Google Wonder Wheel is Back!

  1. 1. Official Google Wonder Wheel is Back!Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of building aneffective website.You must know the actual search terms people use so your keyword termstarget the right audience. There are many tools available to perform qualitykeyword research, and each has their own benefits and deficiencies.As one of the best resources for finding highly relevant keyword terms,many people used the Google Wonder Wheel keyword tool. Google Wonder Wheel
  2. 2. Unfortunately, the Google Wonder Wheel was taken offline on July 3rd of2011, leaving many people to look for alternatives.Wonder Wheel was used by many educators, librarians and marketers tofind related keywords visually, using Google’s database as the resource.This means that the displayed terms were relevant in Google’s view. Unlikemany other keyword research tools, having access to Google’s database wasthe most accurate source of keyword relevancy. The visual portrayal ofkeywords also made it simple to discover search terms interactively.Is Wonder Wheel Really Back?The Google Wonder Wheel keyword research tool is back (sort of).One of the newer additions to Google’s Adwords tools is the ContextualTargeting Tool and it contains a feature that many people have not yetnoticed. While many are aware that the Contextual Targeting Tool wastouted as a replacement for the Wonder Wheel, many don’t realize that ituses the same engine.At the Google Agency Summit in New York, Jordan Rost stated that theContextual Targeting Tool doesn’t use a similar engine as the one used forWonder Wheel, he said it is the exact same engine.While it is not as visually intuitive as Wonder Wheel was, it will still providethe same valuable data once you know how to use it. So let’s take a look athow the Contextual Targeting Tool can be used to find related keywordterms based on Google’s own data.How to Use the Contextual Targeting Tool the Same WayYou Used the Google Wonder WheelHere we are going to look for related keyword terms for SEO. We know thatSEO is a very competitive term, and we want to find closely related keywordterms using Google’s data engine that have less competition.Log in to Google Adwords and select the Tools and Analysis tab, thenselect the Contextual Targeting Tool.
  3. 3. Google Contextual Targeting ToolThe Contextual Targeting Tool is designed to assist marketers in findingsets of keywords for their display advertising campaigns.Here we enter SEO and click Search. The program will then find groups ofkeywords related to your search query and a list of relevant keyword.From there, we can dig deeper to find better keywords.
  4. 4. We notice the new ad group name SEO Basics which is a terms we hadn’tthought of, so we will use this as our new anchor term.We enter SEO Basics into the Contextual Targeting tool, hit Search, andnow the ad group name SEO Basics includes the keyword term SEOTechniques, which has a good chance of being a less competitive keywordphrase.
  5. 5. To test our theory, we use the Google Keyword Tool and search for theExact Match for the term SEO Techniques.Here we see SEO Techniques has exact match traffic of 5400 Global and1600 US monthly searches and is listed as having Medium competition.From here we have other tools and techniques we can use to dig deeper intothe potential of this keyword phrase.
  6. 6. As you can see, the Google Contextual Targeting Tool is not as easy to useas the Wonder Wheel, mostly due to the lack of visual assistance and thereare a few more clicks involved.However, the fact that the tool uses the exact same engine as was used forWonder Wheel makes this just as valuable.There have been many attempts to create a keyword research tool with allthe benefits of Wonder Wheel. Some were good contextually, but not asvisually appealing, while most were not worth the effort.That all changed with the creation of Keyword Map ProKeyword Map Pro is, in many ways, a better tool than Google’s WonderWheel ever was.
  7. 7. Keyword Map Pro vs Google Wonder WheelUnlike Wonder Wheel, Keyword Map Pro can dig an unlimited number oflevels deep and you can create broad, strong, and mixed relevance maps,and much more. The best part is Keyword Map Pro takes your keywordsand relevancy data directly from Google. Keyword Map Pro Unlimited LevelsRight now, you can get keyword Map Pro at a huge discount including fulltraining videos and some incredible additional bonuses.Discover all the benefits here: Keyword Map Pro