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How To Get Customers To Your Website with Proven Search Engine Marketing


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Google Partner, Google AdWords Search Engine Marketing case studies

Search Engine Marketing Results:

1,019,627,078 Google Adwords Ads Placed
5,871,442 Visitors Delivered To Client Websites
Over 116,970 Transactions Created Online

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How To Get Customers To Your Website with Proven Search Engine Marketing

  1. 1. Save Time, Money & Effort Getting Customers Online Selling Buyers TM © 2014 Timothy Cohn. All Rights Reserved With Proven Search Engine Marketing
  2. 2. Advanced Marketing Consultants has been providing measurable marketing results to clients across an array of industries since 1990. Having started the Google AdWords program at inception in 2002, Advanced Marketing Consultants became one of the first firms worldwide to earn the Google Partner designation. We have since placed over 1 billion Google ads, delivered more than 5.8 million visitors to client websites and generated 116,000 online transactions. Advanced Marketing Consultants is uniquely qualified to provide you with the proven search engine marketing experience necessary to help your business become locatable, competitive and transactional through Google. About Us
  3. 3. “With Tim Cohn as our marketing consultant, we experienced more than a 400% increase in our business in the first year of his program.” - S. Williams Lost Creek Mushroom Farm “…Your work was a very significant contributor to the $1,570,000 being raised in six short weeks.” - S. Sidwell Oklahoma Renaissance Foundation “Tim Cohn’s public relations and marketing efforts produced approximately $100,000 in direct sales…” - G. Danford DFE Communications Corporation “AMC has been a proven winner for our business. Tim Cohn’s ability to see the big picture and bring it to fruition helped triple our business in the past six months. Tim Cohn’s working knowledge of direct marketing will quickly benefit any company.” - E. Dalton Ph.D. Director, Freedom From Pain Institute Client Experiences
  4. 4. Google Experience Search Engine Marketing Results: 1,019,627,078 Google Ads Placed 5,871,442 Visitors Delivered To Client Websites >116,970 Transactions Created Online
  5. 5. Search Engine Marketing Performance $2,063,115.93 Google AdWords Investment
  6. 6. Your Google Experience How Many Visitors Has Your Website Attracted? Answer:_____________________ How Many Customers Has Your Site Generated? Answer:_____________________ Why Do You Have A Website? Answer:_____________________
  7. 7. Software Case Study Sold a $29.95 Product Online 35,722 Times
  8. 8. Software Case Study Producing $1,069,873.90 in Sales To Date
  9. 9. Services Case Study Constructed a Specialty Website
  10. 10. The Transactional Brand Services Case Study Won an $802,000 Construction Contract
  11. 11. Services Case Study Completing Work Offline Began With Online Construction
  12. 12. Selling Buyers TM Getting Customers Online While Saving Time, Money & Effort With Proven Search Engine Marketing
  13. 13. Advanced Marketing Consultants @TimCohn 6403 NW Grand Blvd, Suite 208 Nichols Hills, OK 73116 USA 405-842-8850 Contact Us For Your Free Consultation TM