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My Top 10 Actresses

  1. 1. My Top 10 Actresses Wow what a surprise that after my little thing about 10 favourite actors Ive decided to do 10 favourite actresses - what a surprise!! Actually i have been surprised looking for actresses to fit into this category at how little films still feature a male protagonist, isnt the film world sexist. Anyway here we go
  2. 2. 10. Amanda SeyfriedIll be the first to admit that not all of her films aregreat, just look at my review of Red Riding Hood whichwas a shame as it was one of her first leading roles. Ithink you just need to watch her first film role in myultimate guilty pleasure, Mean Girls, to fall in love withher harmless and adorable character. In fact thereason i think Seyfried is her roles i guilty pleasurefilms with her breakthrough into lead roles coming asone of the main characters in Mamma Mia, yeah i likeMamma Mia get over it!! Ive also been to where towas shot if anyones interested beautiful island, reallyworth a visit, hang on Im babbling again, i reallyshould get back to what i was saying. Anyway sincethen shes mainly been a rom com girl but showed herrelative versatility in Jennifers Body.
  3. 3. 9. Rachel McAdamsThis list is starting to look like a homage to Mean Girlsbut I promise this is the last one. McAdams was theultimate Mean Girl in the film and like Seyfried wasjust finding her feet in the industry when the teen flickwas released. McAdams was soon achieving leadinglady status in The Notebook (which I havent actuallyseen) and horror film Red Eye. She hasnt exactlybeen prolific in making films and The Time TravellersWife looks atrocious but McAdams made up for a filmlike that by starring in the reboot of Sherlock Holmeswhere she managed to stand out despite limitedscreen time and her reappearance in the sequel wasmuch welcomed but disappointed at her sudden exitfrom the film. Also did you know shes dating MichaelSheen?
  4. 4. 8. Heather MorrisThere is a theme of American actresses who appear inHigh School comedies emerging, but it seems that isone of the best ways to get attention in America. Nowi think Morris, who if you didnt know is Brittany inGlee (i have mentioned Im a little bit addictedbefore), is brilliant but the problem is she hasnt donemuch to prove her acting skill yet probably becauseshe never wanted to be an actor. Originally a dancer,back up for Beyoncé no less, she grabbed a back uprole on Glee and has since probed herself as comicgenius with her one liners and theres no doubting shecan perform, just watch the Brittney/Brittany episodeand youll see what a i mean. Hopefully Morris cansoon prove she can act either on Glee or in her postGlee career.
  5. 5. 7. Emma WatsonAnother member of the list who has only really hasone major role, although that role is rather major with8 big bucks film roles over 10 years. Watson has endedcoming up leaving the Harry Potter franchise, yes shewas Hermione, as the serious breakout star of theseries. You never know how a child actor will turn outand although her two co-stars proved to be capableactors its clear watching the later films that it isWatson who holds most of talent in the trio. Sheseems perfectly suited to the role that dominated herchildhood and will probably haunt her future as shetries to breakaway from been knowing as that girl outof Harry Potter. Hopefully Watson has enough talentto do that and if not Im sure she has enough moneyto live on by now.
  6. 6. 6. Amy AdamsLike her Muppets co-star Jason Segal, Amy Adams isone of Hollywoods most likable figures. Her filmsdont exactly scream greatness, although shedeserved all the praise and nominations she receivedfor The Fighter, but like Adams herself theressomething about them you cant stop falling in lovewith. She really made her name with a leading role inone of Disneys recent hits Enchanted, in fact it wouldseem Adams could be Disneys perfect poster girl. Shewas one of the highlights of the playful Night at theMuseum 2 and was one of the only good things aboutLeap Year. She seems the perfect female lead for TheMuppets (expect for Miss Piggy of course) and i hopeshe will be able to build on the success she will surelyget for Man of Steel.
  7. 7. 5. Tamsin EgertonMost of this list is American so Im glad that Egertonmeans Ive added at least one more British name to it.Shed nowhere near a household name but its alwaysnice to be a fan of someone who isnt on the big stageyet. Egerton is really representing the 4 leads ofBritish flick here which is superb cast lead film.Other then that shes not really done too much as aleading lady. She had a minor role in Driving Lessonsand was very much support in the St Trinions films.2011 was a reasonably good year for her appearing inAmerican TVs Camelot, although she was one of theonly positives in the cancelled show. She alsoappeared in one of her best roles in Chalet Girl fittingperfectly into her usual spoilt brat role. Still likablethough…
  8. 8. 4. Emma StoneAs appose to the previous entry Emma Stone is prettymuch near the top of the acting world at the moment.I can never remember not enjoying a Stone film andthey seem to keep getting better. She was underusedin Superbad and then became one of the best thingsabout The House Bunny. But the real moment i realisedthat she was really going to go right to the top waswhen she appeared in the brilliant Zomebieland, oneof the best casting in a film since Lord of the Rings.She then took a major lead in Easy A a performancethat earned Stone much deserved critical recognition.2011 was a huge role for Stone but i have yet to seeany of her 3 releases but need to see all 3. This girlsgoing to be big, well probably even bigger then she isnow!
  9. 9. 3. Mila KunisWhat is it with Jason Segal and picking great actressesto appear opposite him? I talk of course about her rolein Forgetting Sarah Marshall a performance that surelywould win over any viewer. Ever since Kunis has beenslowly rising up through the film world. Shes one ofthe most recognisable voices in America after herlong running role on Family Guy, that i dont actuallywatch just thought most people seem too ... Her rolein The Book of Eli has the potential to make her a starbut the film was a disappointment but then after agreat cameo appearance in Date Night, Kunis soonmade her way into the spotlight with her supportingrole in Black Swan which threatened to steal thespotlight away from Oscar winner Natalie Portman(who almost made it to this list) and made Kunis ahousehold name. Surely theres more too come.
  10. 10. 2. Naya RiveraNow Glee aint exactly the sort of programme whereyoud find great acting talent but in Miss Rivera theyhave discovered a huge talent. Like Heather Morris,Naya was originally hired to be a back up character onthe show and also like Morris has been risen tobecome one of the stars of the show. She has had anhistory on American TV as a child actor appearing onshows like Baywatch and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.After she finally got to speak on the show her Gleecharacter Santana seemed to be a fairly two-dimensional bitch but after gaining main cast status inseason 2 and finally getting some proper storylines,season 3 has made proved to be her year, becomingthe star, with a superb and touching performancewith a coming out story. Hopefully she can turn hersuccess to the big screen next, and as mentionedbefore it will be a crime if she doesnt bag the role ofJohanna in Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire.
  11. 11. 1. Jennifer LawrenceSpeaking of The Hunger Games I dont think itll be asurprise to anyone whos been here before to knowthat Jennifer Lawrence is my favourite actress. Shesnot been around long but with her first starring role inWinters Bone she managed to make herself the 2ndyoungest Best Actress nominee in Oscar history, yeahthe girls talented. Theres no doubting theperformance is incredible and made her the perfectchoice for Katniss in the fore mentioned Games. Youcould of forgiven her for staying in the indie game,especially after a great performance in The Beaver. Butshe has ended up in main stream Hollywood and herfirst major blockbuster role managed to bring a wholenew side to the character of Mystique in prequel X-Men First Class. Bring on The Hunger Games andeverything else this girl can do.