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My Top 10 Actors

  1. 1. Now when i started this blog I promised lots of fun top 10s and so far i have done a grand total of ... 1 =/ So here is my top 10 favourite actors, now it must be said that the decisions made here were extremely difficult and there are soo manypeople that I unfortunately had to leave out of the list, sorry guys!! So here we go:
  2. 2. » One of Britains biggest exports in terms of American success after a breakout role in Schindlers List in 1993 and then got the huge role of taking on one of the main characters in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace and ended up been one of the few successs of the film that has since gone down as one of Hollywoods biggest disappointment. But where my love of Neeson really comes from is from his recent work as an aged action star after 2008s Taken which has lead to a real career resurgence and a role in the film adaptation of The A-Team a role which has cemented Neesons role in this list, despite some blotchs including Taken wannabe Unknown but every film cant be great.
  3. 3. » Tom Hardy has recently received one of the most rare things in Hollywood, a 2nd chance. After appearing in Band of the Brothers Hardy ended up in blowing his first chance at Hollywood success by appearing in Star Trek Nemesis. That could of been the end of Hardy but he went back to England and built his career back up appearing in films like Matthew Vaughns Layer Cake. But Hardy truly proved his talent by taking the lead role in Bronson a truly great performance as Britains most violent prisoner. And soon Hollywood came knocking again as he appeared in Chris Nolans Inception and became the star of the show. Now he seems to be one of the men of the moment and will soon be appearing in Nolans next film, probably the most anticipated films of 2012, The Dark Knight Rises. Something tells me we have a star in the making here.
  4. 4. » One of the true nice men of Hollywood, Jason Segal seems to also be one of the most liked actors working in the industry at the moment. Impressively he manages to juggle his film career with his role on TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother where he made his name and still continues to impress as the most lovable character in the cast. Segal then made his true Hollywood breakthrough when he wrote and starred in Forgetting Sarah Marshall one of the best comedies of recent years. Now as if Segal couldnt get anymore likable hes the man behind the return to the big screen of The Muppets. Could he get any better?
  5. 5. » According to IMDb I havent seen Sheens 3 most famous films, Kingdom of Heaven and his appearances in the Underworld series. But despite this Sheen has still managed to make himself one of my favourite actors, mainly thanks to his talent of portraying real life figures. First came his appearance in The Queen, as prime minister Tony Blair, then he was Frost in Frost/Nixon before making an appearance as another of the North Easts famous figures Brian Clough in The Damned United, a role that really made a mark on me. He can act as fictional characters with him been the only likable aspect of both New Moon and Tron: Legacy
  6. 6. » Now John Simm is probably the least known name on this list but its what you get for sticking to British television. Simm starred in BBC drama Life on Mars alongside long time co- star Phillip Glensestar and proved to be one of Britains finest drama playing a cop who ends up been transported back to 1973. Simm left the show after 2 series and spin-off Ashes to Ashes was created which suffered from Simms absence. But what really made him one of my favourites was his guest role on Doctor Who as the main characters nemesis The Master, a role he would return to 2 years later for 2 more episodes making his name as the revived series greatest villain. Simm now stars in Sky 1s drama Mad Dogs and is still proving his versatility as an actor.
  7. 7. » Now i will admit that Kevin Spacey has been a recent addition to the list of my favourite actors, but the reasons for this are quite clear when you look at the list of films that Spacey has appeared in which share a distinct adult theme. Of course the first time i will have seen a Spacey film would have been his voice appearance as the villain of Pixars 2nd feature A Bugs Life. Like many people i fell in love with his Oscar winning performance in American Beauty which remains probably the best performance of his career. Since viewing Beauty Ive only seen two Spacey films, both where he takes an antagonististic role, in the brilliant Se7en where although not appearing till the second half of the film he steals the show and his comic turn in Horrible Bosses.
  8. 8. » Now this isnt going to sound great but Tennants place on this list has been pretty much down to one role. It will also be a surprise that out of all the British actors on this list to have appeared in the Harry Potter series as a minor but significant role as Barty Crouch Jnr in Harry Potter and the Goblet Fire. The film was released shortly after it was announced that Tennant would be taking his signature role as the title character in long running BBC show Doctor Who a role that he starred in for 3 series and then a further year featuring 5 specials in which time he played his way into the hearts of the nation as their favourite Doctor. Since leaving Tennants been suspiciously quiet but did but in a wonderful performance as Jimmy Murphy in TV film United.
  9. 9. » My first exposer to Clooney was when he played Batman in Batman and Robin so as i young kid I naturally saw him as the coolest person in the world, now that time has gone Clooney has admitted that the film is the worst of his career and recently even critised Batmans nipples... Obviously as i was growing up i knew Clooneys name but i he really grabbed my attention when i got old enough to start watching his first major role as Doug Ross in the first 5 series of ER. Since then Ive been a keen admirer of his work, he has had a few back fires, like The Men Who Stare At Goats but in recent years Clooneys work has become a true Hollywood great with a voice performance as Fantastic Mr Fox and in indie hit Up in the Air. Now it seems it may be time for Clooney to receive a much needed Oscar for The Descendants.
  10. 10. » Im going to be honest Im not familiar with most of Gordon-Levitts work which seems to have been a succession of cameos and minor roles. He first broke into my attention one of his main breakout roles in 10 Things I Hate About You opposite a young Heath Ledger and from that moment on it was obvious that he was one of the nice guys in cinema. Unfortunately he fell back into obscurity after the end of 3rd Rock From The Sun. But then came a second breakout role in 2009s comedy gold 500 Days of Summer in one of the most brilliant romantic films of recent years. He was then criminally under used in G.I Joe. He now seems of truly made it to the A-list by appearing in Chris Nolans Inception and will, like Hardy, be teaming up with the director again in The Dark Knight Rises. The future is bright for this one!!
  11. 11. » The term legend is one that is branded about quite allot nowa days but i think its right to say that Tom Hanks has become one of the Hollywood legends over the last two decades. Theres so many films you can look at when looking at his history but Ill start with for me his best role and one of the best roles in cinema history as the titular character in Forrest Gump a brilliant performance and one of his next roles has become just as iconic appearing as Woody in the Toy Story films. He was just as iconic in Saving Private Ryan. Over the next years there have been many great performances but for me one of his best was in The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons which will hopefully see him reprise the role in the third adaptation of Dan Browns books. Long live King Hanks.