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Sales Challenger over McKinsey Sales Funnel.


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Customers are coming to the table with more information than ever before and this changes everything for Marketing. How will you respond? The Sales Challenger is a great start.

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Sales Challenger over McKinsey Sales Funnel.

  1. 1. Marketing Leadership Forum The Sales Challenger By Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson June 2014
  2. 2. TheWayWe ShopHas Changed
  3. 3. Customer BuyingDecisionTimeline
  4. 4. I Met A Challenger
  5. 5. It’s Not What You Sell…It’s HowYou Sell It
  6. 6. Challenger Marketing Teach. Tailor. Take Control.
  7. 7. SalesDisruption
  8. 8. Oldvs. New
  9. 9. Oldvs. New
  10. 10. Thought Leadershipvs. Insight?
  11. 11. CatalyseAction
  12. 12. Marketing
  13. 13. Thankyou