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Vine vs Instagram

  1. 1. Vine Starts to Wilt as Instagram Video Blooms
  2. 2. Instagram VS Vine Instagram, the social media application owned by Facebook, and Vine which is owned by Twitter are big rivals in the world of social media with the Facebook owned application outdoing Vine on Twitter itself! Surely as Vine is owned by Twitter is should be leading the competition with Instagram but it isn’t. So what happened? Is it true that Instagram>Vine?
  3. 3. The Applications Themselves Vine: • Debuted early 2013 in the USA. • Allowed you to create a 6 second which could be shared onto Twitter into your news feed • The android application debuted on June 3rd 2013 • Was the first of the two applications to introduce the video sharing • Editing features are available whilst recording • 6 second recording limit • Owned by Twitter
  4. 4. The Applications Themselves Instagram: • Debuted October 2010 for the Apple App Store • Debuted on Android in April 2012 • 150 million monthly active users (as of September 9th 2013) • Originally a photo sharing application, video sharing was added only weeks after Vine debuted • Has video editing features such as filters, anti-shake and mid-record focus. • 15 second video recording limit • Owned by Facebook
  5. 5. So Why Is Vine Failing? The reason are quite simple, especially when you think of it in terms of business, no matter what the applications can handle, the way they are advertised and managed is usually the key to their success. • ReputationOne of the biggest contributors is most likely the fact that Instagram already has a set reputation about them, and it is a very good one. It has been around for much longer than Vine and established itself before any competition began. • It doesn’t advertise itself- Instagram, already established as being compatible with a variety of social networks, has its name plastered everywhere, whereas Vine is only fully compatible with Twitter and can have some limited uses on Facebook.
  6. 6. The Tech Of The Applications Even with a good business strategy, what you are advertising needs to meet up with the specifications of the competitive IT industry of today. • The recording times The math is simple, Vine has 6 seconds as a recording limit and Instagram 15 seconds, that’s less than half of what Instagram has to offer, so even with a good business strategy, the large gap in time is a massive contributor to its potential demise. Since Vine was the first for video sharing, Instagram jumped up to the opportunity to stop competition by giving the extended recording time over Vine. • The limited flexibility Vine is very Twitter orientated with little support for outside of the Twitter network, meaning social networking users who use numerous sites are going to want to go for the more flexible solution which is Instagram, unfortunately for Vine, Facebook has been making it very difficult for Vine to have compatibility with Facebook making it difficult for them to gain and keep their users.
  7. 7. The Tech Of The Applications • Video editing Vine offers a unique ability to edit videos whilst they are recording, it also has a new ‘Time Travel’ feature where you can go back in time in your Vine video and remove, reorganise or replace any shot within the post at any time. Users can also work on up to 10 different Vine videos at one time and go to their main feed to browse without losing any of the work they have done on Vine. • Vine established video sharing software before Instagram Vine was the first of the two competitors to use this type of software, and unfortunately Instagram copied the idea and pushed Vine into the background. Vine was very popular in the first few weeks where they were the only one in the competition but with the introduction of Instagram's copy Vines stocks fell by 40% in the first day causing them to struggle even more. It is unfortunate as the smaller IT companies often fall prey to the powers of the larger companies and Vine was another victim.
  8. 8. What Do You Think? • Will Vine become even with Instagram? • Which do you prefer? • Do you want to know more? Speak to one of our social media consultants! Tweet us: @TeamTillison