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Lina Kjällström, Consumer and Channel Marketing Manager Nordics of Fitbit shared insights on influencer marketing at PING Festival 2018 in Helsinki on May 8. She stressed the value of authenticity, ethics and long-term relationships with influencers. However, media articles live longer than blogs and social updates. A balanced mix of both audiences works best, Lina says.

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Fitbit ping-festival-080518

  1. 1. Take care & share! @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  2. 2. TO MAKE EVERYONE IN THE WORLD HEALTHIER @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  3. 3. active users* 25.4M positive affirmations through feed posts 71% feed users 20M times users joined groups 4.7M *As of December 31, 2017 Largest Global Social Fitness Network @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  4. 4. Key principles of cooperation @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  5. 5. Authenticity Ethics Long-term relationships @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  6. 6. Partnership in Sweden @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  7. 7. MARKIZ TAINTON In Markiz’s blog, you will follow Markiz and her husband Kevin’s journey to parenthood through IVF treatment. Markiz loves life and you will read about her daily routines, which feature lots of love, laughter, interior decor, fashion, exercise, and above all, food. Born: 1986 Lives: Stockholm CHILDREN • PARENTHOOD • FOOD • WOMAN 18 - 45 ca 4 600 U/W ca 17 800 followers (Feb 2018) @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  8. 8. MARKIZ TAINTON Instagram TOPPHÄLSA • FITBIT @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  9. 9. JULIA KHOURI is run by Julia, she lives on a turn of the century farm with her husband and their four children. In the blog we can read about interior design and her daily routines, she loves to inspire. Born: 1981 Lives: Ösmo LIFESTYLE • INTERIOR • WOMAN 18 - 45 ca 7 500 U/W ca 22 500 followers (Feb 2018) @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  10. 10. TOPPHÄLSA • FITBIT JULIA KHOURI Instagram @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  11. 11. ANNIKA LEONE She works as a journalist/editor with a focus on parenting and culture. She is a member of the TV4 weekend panel on Nyhetsmorgon and appears regularly in other media settings. Annika Leone is a single mother of daughter Lilo, and we get to follow her “every other week life”. This raw and honest blog shows life’s ups and downs, especially with its focus on being single in a world where everyone expects you to belong to a couple. Annika touches upon many of the reactions she gets regarding her life choices. Born: 1974 Lives: Stockholm RELATIONSHIPS • PARENTHOOD • WOMAN 18 - 45 ca 12 500 U/W - ca 10 400 followers (Feb 2018) @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  12. 12. TOPPHÄLSA • FITBIT ANNIKA LEONE Instagram @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  13. 13. Tips to influencers @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  14. 14. Take care of your own brand. Be true! Source: @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  15. 15. Let Fitbit be a part of your life Source: @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  16. 16. Just wear it… ...and share! Source: h
  17. 17. Tips to marketers @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  18. 18. It’s about quality, not just quantity @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  19. 19. Influencers online impact is continuous and fast @iinnuuu
  20. 20. @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  21. 21. A balanced mix of both audiences works best @fitbit @MeditaPRComm #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  22. 22. Thank you! Thank you! Lina Kjällström +46 708 128 180 #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18
  23. 23. Thank you! Fitbit’s PR, Media and Social in Finland Medita Communication #FitbitForAll #pingfestival18