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Career Services and Social Media


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The photos in the presentation are kindly provided by the Metropolia Communications Department along with the overall layout.

Homepage of the Metropolia Career Services

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Career Services and Social Media

  1. 1. Career Services and Social MediaInfo for visitors on Staff WeekTiina Niskanen 5.6.2013
  2. 2. Five questions1. How is social media utilized on the homepage ofMetropolia Career Services?2. How did Metropolia Career Services enter socialmedia?3. How did I build my professional profile in socialmedia?4. Why should students have professional profilesin social media?5. What should students consider when buildingtheir profile in social media?Tiina Niskanen 25.6.2013
  3. 3. Who am I, where from, what do I do
  4. 4. Online examples5.6.2013 4Tiina Niskanen
  5. 5. Metropolia Career Services Part of the RDI and Partnership Services Network on the fields of study Over 20 persons with varying resources Joint services Hanna Kortelainen Tiina NiskanenTiina Niskanen 55.6.2013
  6. 6. Coordinator, Career Services Career Services EVTEK 1998 Metropolia 2008 Network collaboration, projects VALOA eHOPS KOUTSI Contents Employment services Homepage Intranet Wiki Social media applicationsTiina Niskanen 65.6.2013
  7. 7. How is social media utilized on the homepage ofMetropolia Career Services?
  8. 8. Career Services Links (main page, job offers, contacts) Facebook Google+ Linkedin Twitter Wiki Facebook ja Twitter widgets Sharing buttons (communications team handles)Homepage: Career Services main page5.6.2013 8Tiina Niskanen
  9. 9. How did Metropolia Career Servicesenter social media?
  10. 10. Listening and experimentingFrom private to public, English firstTool StartPersonalStartMetropolia Career ServicesBlogi 12/2010, 5/2013 -Facebook 12/2007 9/2010Google+ 7/2011 11/2011Linkedin 7/2007 10/2010 ? 1/2011 ? 2011Twitter 3/2010 6/2010Wiki - 2010-2011Tiina Niskanen 1029.4.2013
  11. 11. How did I build my professional profile in socialmedia?
  12. 12. Openly and gradually Courageous plunge Agile experimenting (no five year plan) Iterating (perpetual beta) Doing stuff publicly Listening, reading, participating According to resources5.6.2013 12Tiina Niskanen
  13. 13. Why should students have professional profiles insocial media?
  14. 14. Goals and situations vary Yes Utilizing networks Openness, benefits of serendipity Visibility as an expert In a small country it’s easier to get visibility innew media No Security or ethical reasons Work (police, judge, social worker, teacher) Private life (”net won’t forget”) Data security of the applications Copyrights (e.g. photos)5.6.2013 14Tiina Niskanen
  15. 15. ”Free” visibilityTool FollowersTiina NiskanenFollowersMetropolia Career ServicesFacebook 300+ 1 500+Google+ 17 600+ 900+Linkedin* 500+ 1 1 600+ 2 100+Twitter 800+ 700+Total 20 800+ 6 500+Tiina Niskanen 155.6.2013* The general company profile of MetropoliaData gathered 4.6.2013
  16. 16. What should students consider when building theirprofile in social media?
  17. 17. All is not in your own hands Digital footprint (recruiters also google) Matching cover and contents (walk the talk) Influence tools tell something, but not all (e.g.Klout, Kred, Peerindex, more here) Net may distort (e.g. over 11 000 new followers in 1,5months in Google+ without change in online behaviour) A professional online identity is build one profile at atime. (Tuija Aalto 2010, "Tuhat sanaa" blog) Build your professional profile and brand with care. Thensell it for high price. (Heini Hult-Miekkavaara 2011,"Intunex" blog)5.6.2013 17Tiina Niskanen
  18. 18. Matching the two-way street What does the employer say it’s looking for?Where? How? Homepage (basic info) Job ads (on paper & online, read between thelines) Social media discussions (more info) What does the student want to offer? What is thegoal? How? Own net presence (e.g. openness) Asking friends, crowdsourcing networks5.6.2013 18Tiina Niskanen
  19. 19. More info
  20. 20. Lots of info available Literature, articles, videos, discussions Newest info in the articles, blog posts, videos,discussions - books come later What is being discussed? Who is talking? Withwhom? Search engines (Google: career services socialmedia, over 455 000 000 results; recruitment socialmedia 159 000 000, personal branding social media 21800 000…) Social Media (Facebook, Google+, Linkedin,SlideShare, YouTube…)5.6.2013 20Tiina Niskanen
  21. 21. Enjoy the ride!
  22. 22. THANK YOU!