Tiimiakatemia Learning Network meeting January 2014 in Morva


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Tiimiakatemia Learning Network meeting January 2014 in Morva

  1. 1. International Tiimiakatemia Learning Network gathering in Morva, near Jyväskylä, 16th – 17th of January 2014 ”Brand Camp: Crystallize Your Own Team Coach’s Brand!” www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  2. 2. “We are the tribe, we are the brand, we live the brand!” Team coaches’ network had a great kick-start for this new year of 2014 when we gathered up in Morva 16.-17. of January. There were 30 team coaches from 5 different (Finland, France, Hungary, Mexico/Spain, Brazil) countries present. “Brand Camp – Crystallize your own team coaching brand” was hosted by Heikki Toivanen and Sanna Tossavainen and they challenged us all, with help of founder Johannes Partanen, to think our brand from various angles; from personal point of view through our learning contracts, but also from global Tiimiakatemia point of view. It was great to see the richness of the dialogue and idea brainstorming as well as very concrete action steps that were taken with various project seeds and connections amongst participants. Brand Camp will for sure lead to many great Results, which of course are always happy to see as a team coach! Tiimiakatemia Learning Network co-operative also had it´s annual meeting prior to the Brand Camp. The action plan for year 2014 will be full of exiting possibilities for new actions and connections. More local meetings of team coaches, faster news and knowledge flow, concrete projects done together, maybe even The First Global Teampreneur Industry Conference (name still on a progress : ) will see its daylight! Through these, we want to help all active team coaches and other members of the network to find more and more value from being part of this fastest learning network in the world. Waiting forward for all this and much more from this year 2014! Hanna p.s. Next Tiimiakatemia Learning Network gathering will take place in Madrid 6th- 7th March. Hope to see as many of you as possible there! Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  3. 3. Thursday 16.1.2014 Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  4. 4. Check-in: Who are you and how was your year as a team coach? Hanna - I’m Tiimiakatemia activist since 1993 - My last year as a team coach was very learningful. I connected a lot with network, I saw a big expansion. I jumped from the role team coach to be also a team leader. - My challenge today is: what do I need to learn as a team leader? Jarmo - I haven’t worked as a team coach. I work for non-profit organization which introduces schools to companies, goal for schools is to find projects outside school environment - I met Tiimiakatemia 1997 when I was still a traditional marketing teacher. I still feel outsider of everything. Tomas - I’m still in Team Mastery - I’ve had interesting and transforming year since June 2013 - I’ve had negotiations with Brazilian government to get some resources. As a salesman year was great, as a team coach not yet - Mimmu and Mondragon Tiimiakatemia are helping me a lot Niina - Last year I was home with my first born. - Year 2012: I’m a coach and my main field are people who are unemployed and want to become entrepreneurs. In few weeks I’ll start with my next team. My goal is to first change Finland, then the world. - I have my own company, I’m working in collaboration with Partus and some other companies Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  5. 5. Florence - I’m a participant of learning expedition - I’m working with Tiimiakatemia Strasbourg - I have worked with international businesses for 15 years Johannes - Last year I was retired for 3 months. Now I’m working full time, our managing director kicked himself out. I’m responsible for the brand! - I want to start Tiimiakatemia Global Service center. I suggest we all use the name Tiimiakatemia. No more the name Team Academy, it sounds too American! - I want to write total of 7 books about my experiences. I’ve published now a book in Finnish about individual learning. Next one will be about team learning. Jocke - With Timo we coached one Tulisielut group, it was interesting experience. We are both strong personalities. - I’ve had some shorter processes with teampreneurs - In Novia I helped to develop Tiimiakatemia. - Last year I was thinking a lot of Johannes’s idea: what does “trust the process” mean? - What does empowering students mean? What does individual learning mean? - I’m back in researcher’s world. We have applied money for a research: How do working life competencies develop in team based work? - I’m building a house. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  6. 6. Monica - We have many team masterians in Turku area. I did Tiimimestarit 8, Johannes and Niina were coaching me. - My challenge is: how can I help our youngsters to develop their skills in product development? - I hope next semester I can have a real team. - In Salo Business Academy I have an international team. It’s really interesting. Heikki - Last year I learned a power of learning contract: I wrote that I want to write a book and I did it. It’s about friend leadership in teams. - I’m coaching 1st year team and 3rd year team. We are focusing strongly on friend leadership and they don’t have leadership groups. - I just received an email that an article I’ve written with other people was chosen as The Best Scientific Article of 2013. Philippe - I’m a team coach for second year team in Tiimikatemia Strasbourg - Last year was very difficult: many experiences, many mistakes, a lot of learning. - At the moment it’s going better and better - I see a clear need: a space to ask questions about coaching, teams, team learning… Timo - Last year I made a promise to focus, but I had a lot of stuff going on. This year I made the same promise again, but I need help. - Our teams will be ended, I’m coaching my two last teams which are 2nd and 3rd year teams. It has been a great experience. I’ve realized that I have to concentrate to team coaching as this is my only chance. I will not have more teams. - We’ve tried to get money from Tekes etc. We keep looking, we want to develop something around methods. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  7. 7. Jussi - I’m last year teampreneur and also learner in Team Mastery international - I’ll start my trip around the world next Sunday - Graduation is close, only thesis is missing - I thought I know something about coaching, but I don’t know anything. I participated to junior team coach -program, which is maybe the best program in Tiimiakatemia. - Last year was the toughest year. - I’m going to continue as an entrepreneur, I don’t know what to do and how, but this is my only chance. Tiimiakatemia changed my life. Mimmu - I’ve worked as a team coach since my graduation from Tiimiakatemia. - Last year was crazy. In January 2013 I finished as part-time Tiimiakatemia team coach and joined my team Solideal for their trip. After trip I’ve experienced 250 days of travelling; search, meet people, coach Team Masteries, help people, plant the seeds, see realities of different countries… - Now I’m collaborating with Mondragon Tiimiakatemia, I’m living in Basque country. - My daughter was born 5 months ago. Olga - 2011 my vision about Tiimiakatemia was: make people happy. I started to coach a team, everybody were happy but there was no team learning. My first penguin team got broken. - Now I started with new team. Team Mastery 4 gave me a totally different touch. I’m uncomfortable zone every time when I’m in front of my team. I’m always asking: what is my impact for penguins? Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  8. 8. Sanna - My last year was difficult, I was in a cultural project and running a cooperative. I learned a lot, but felt that I had too many responsibilities and I was always working alone. I became really tired. Now I’ve left the project and can concentrate to Tiimiakatemia Learning Network - Last year I was an assistant coach of Johannes in Tiimimestarit 33, I’ve learned a lot from Johannes. Our last session is next week. I also coached in organizational process in France. I hope it continues on 2014. Juhana - I’m sharing the same work space with Monica and Timo. - I’m not coaching and I’m not teaching, so sort of I’m coaching. - How not to teach in ordinary courses? How to improve these activities and methods in our university and other universities? Hanne - I’m a 3rd year teampreneur - I’m active with international network, I’m Tiimiakatemia’s international leader and Hanna is mentoring me. - I was a rental team leader for Heikki’s team, I learned a lot from Heikki Emma - I was in Solideal, in Mimmu’s team - Last year I did no coaching at all. I graduated, did trip around the world and wanted to take a step back. I wanted to see how traditional organizations work, now I’m working in Lassila & Tikanoja waste management company. I have a feeling tat I want to get back to Tiimiakatemia world. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  9. 9. Niko - I’m a 3rd year teampreneur - I’m taking baby steps in team coaching - I was a rental team leader, it was interesting experience to see the start of team learning process as an outsider - I organized some learning expeditions last year Ville - I could say I’m 10th – 11th year teampreneur - I work in Monkey Business, we want to bring what we learned in Tiimiakatemia to business world. - Creativity and design interest me, what can we bring from there to business world? - Last year was interesting. I worked a lot, maybe too much. - I haven’t been actively involved with Tiimiakatemia network, now I’m feeling the spirit again! Timea - Last year was my first full year as a team coach. I learned a lot. I found a job that I really want to do! - With Judit and Gina we are launching our company, we are offering organizational development for companies. We want to introduce Tiimiakatemia methods also for companies! Gina - I’m coaching a 3rd year team and I’m also a university lecturer of marketing, communication, cosmo behaviour… - I have 2 sons - I do some research work, I need to produce 3 papers / year and I will concentrate on Tiimiakatemia tools! - Last year was really good, I found myself as a Tiimiakatemia activist. Facing my normal system’s colleagues is interesting but we are strong! - We have our first customer! Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  10. 10. Max - Last year went fast, I experienced mistakes, failures, adventures! - I’m participating Team Mastery Iberia - I’ve coached in MINN process (Mondragon Tiimiakatemia’s Masters program) - I’m a project team coach for two team companies working in TeamLabs Madrid - I’ve started some companies with friends - I’m strongly involved with Hub network Minttu - 2003 I visited Tiimiakatemia. I lost my heart and here I am. - I’m working with vocational schools. I’ve coached 10 adult education teams. I started with entrepreneurs, now I’m concentrating to vocational school teachers. - I will start with my first international team in March. Kata - I’m studying educational systems in learning environments. I heard about Tiimikatemia from Timo and I wanted to come here. - My thesis is about interactive communities and collaborative groups - I see so much enthusiasm and I’m now in the right place! Karri - I’m working as a train dispatcher in Finnish state railways. It is a 140 years old company and our task is to change the work inside company. - There were 10 of us. We were coaching shift supervisors etc. We got lucky when we got inside Tiimiakatemia; we realized that maybe we need some learning tools. - Last year I wasn’t coaching that much, but we had big expectations. Nothing happened. Now I’m very confused. Company is changing. - I have a need: I want to have some nice discussion with you; how do you stand the situations where nothing happens? How not to worry? Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  11. 11. Judit - I have 3 sons - I love my country but only thing that is missing is this kind of spirit! - I’m interested in rural development, developing human and social capital - I heard about Tiimiakatemia through SoL - I participated to Team Mastery 4 Learning Lovers - I’m a team coach of graduating team, I joined them in the middle of the process. In the beginning they said “you cannot change us, we already have our mental models”. I trusted the process. One teampreneur wrote to me “good to see someone to believe so much!”. - I did a coaching course in Budapest. - Emotions are part of the process. I always want everything now, but I’ve realized it’s time for deepening. - I’ve managed to find people around me with positive mind set. I like working with youth and I’ve found also some positive companies. Riikka - I’ve been a full time entrepreneur for 1 year, I’m a change coach. In Tiimiakatemia’s 21st birthday party I decided to become an entrepreneur. Spring was hectic, no time for reflections. - Last year was full of contradictions. Best year of my life, but also worst year. - I’m participating Team Mastery international, I had my 30 years anniversary party, I went through depression, I met great people, I started to dream again! - This year will be more about coaching - I’m tired to change things that are not willing to change. I’m dreaming of new platforms which are open to new dream. I want to find my own team! This year is full of hopes! Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  12. 12. Jaana - I’m part of Partus team - In the beginning I found my way out from Tiimiakatemia, but then I came back. This is my family. - Last year I coached Tiimimestarit and Team Mastery Brazil (spent total of 2 months in Brazil) - I recently started to coach new entrepreneurs’ group, it is refreshing! It had been awhile. - My main thing is vocational level and entrepreneurial on the job –learning. We are developing the model, we started with 12 consortiums, now we have 20 in. We’ve made a lot of materials. - I’m writing a book: a Guide book for team coaches. You can imagine how difficult it is to write! A lot of tacit knowledge. - I’m very anxious to see what will happen here! Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  13. 13. Group work 1: How do you brand yourself? In which medias you are present? Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  14. 14. After dinner Johannes shared his thoughts about Tiimiakatemia brand Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  15. 15. Growth is so fast that we need to take slower! We have owned our brand only for 2,5 years. When JAMK (Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences) owned the brand, we never knew what will happen next day. Our challenge today is: how to finance everything in order to manage brand better? In China they want the brand, Tiimiakatemia. You can’t sell any products, such as Team Mastery, alone. It is like a platform for everything. All foreign visitors have almost always said: I want to start a Tiimiakatemia. In which way we build the brand? Use of logo is one of the key things. Also the name, Tiimiakatemia, not Team Academy. Earlier we also used word teamsters, nowadays it’s teampreneur. During past years we’ve changed our leading thoughts only little. Each Tiimiakatemia have their own versions. Basic ideas must be anyways the same and linked to the brand. Why are they called leading thoughts and not for example guiding ideas? Because leading thoughts were the only way to lead team entrepreneurs. We have selected 170 brand ambassadors. We’ve seen they are key players and always with us. In Team Mastery 2 they realized that we are a tribe! We had wrong attitude, in the beginning we thought that everybody must pay for the name. How can we own the brand together? We are all learning together, life long learning We are creating brave team entrepreneurs, we need team entrepreneurs! Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  16. 16. Group work 2: how can we help Johannes? - We are different and unique and should be proud of it! - There is something in the values that all cultures can engage to. - Ability to be vulnerable: you have a safe environment where you can show your emotions. - Tiimiakatemia: Tiimi is emotions, akatemia is knowledge Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  17. 17. - Why not changing from ® to #? ® is fixed. - Customer is in the middle, customer is teampreneur - Teampreneur is a mind set, it’s a life style! You can’t take it only as business, it’s a positive virus! - Team coaches should also be teampreneurs! - Think big and save the world Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  18. 18. - Why do we need a brand? Do everybody want to be branded? Some companies hire people who look the same, some companies hire people who have something in common but each individuals are different. - There are 600 Finnish Tiimimestarit and international Team Masterians. How to mix these and have international projects, where team coaches connect naturally? - We are educating teampreneurs, we have different Tiimiakatemia units. Fact is that some are far away. There should be quality checks. - This is a transformational process, my life changed when I joined - Tiimiakatemia “United Colors of Benetton” – we should have stories from each country and use more story telling Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  19. 19. Kata - When I heard about Tiimiakatemia, I went to webpage. It was nice, but I didn’t understand anything. Is it international? Where are the students? What about the projects? I got the feeling that Finnish teampreneurs are not connected with international network, so brand is not international, brand is Tiimiakatemia Jyväskylä - Now I understand it’s about learning based on practise and team work. New way of education. It’s about team entrepreneurs, not team coaches identity (which were strongly present on web page). Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  20. 20. - Why do Johannes need help if it’s not Johannes who is communicating? We are all communicating for him! - We need movies and video testimonies! - Excitement, passion is the brand! - Brand should empower people to communicate! - Should we have a brand book? - How to keep it very very simple? - Clarify the rules: how can you use the brand, under which circumstances… - We could have our own TedX channel Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  21. 21. - Active ownership: Tiimiakatemia has been flexible, we’ve had a possible to do whatever we want. Is it a good or bad thing? - We need more visual tools, music, feelings, dancing… - We need simple instructions, a curriculum which you can present to your principle and management - More actions! Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  22. 22. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  23. 23. Friday 17.1.2014 Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  24. 24. Good morning everybody! Let’s jump into action immediately! Go through your learning contracts with your pair and think of following questions: - what is your dream? which competences it demands? How can you utilize the network? Then prepare visual presentation, put it on the wall and comment others’ presentations by post-its! Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  25. 25. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  26. 26. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  27. 27. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  28. 28. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  29. 29. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  30. 30. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  31. 31. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  32. 32. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  33. 33. Original plan was to build your own personal team coach’s brand but maybe more important is to go back to your learning contracts, think of 3 action steps and do one of those now! Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  34. 34. Max, Kata, Ville - We have similar aspirations, dream: making documents and catch wisdom of older people - Filming, Instagram, Facebook #lifeisastory - In our learning contract someone commented: how to develop competence of story telling? Encouraged by this we did our first pilot immediately! - Life is much more than a story is lacking actions! Jarmo - You have to dream your shovel and a calendar in your hand - I have meetings in Lahti with Riikka, with Judit tomorrow, then I started lobbying team entrepreneur on Twitter #teamentrepreneurship Tomas - I’m trying to develop a way to integrate Tiimiakatemia tools to companies - I just designed a project, took a photo and sent it to Brazil, asked feedback from Brazil and got it, have now someone who uses designing tools and will help to make promotional materials - Company is the customer, who are the key people inside companies? Riikka (and Niina) - We want to start Tulisielut program together in August/September. Our region - Written task: I’ll need to put my school project on paper (Riikka) Timo - I have a meeting with Jussi Galla, we’ll plan how to start new teampreneur industries Karri - FinnRail, it’s like a still water. Who’s going to do something? I just made a call to one of our manager. I have a meeting with them, they asked me to do a presentation for them. I took responsibility. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  35. 35. Niko - Developing Leadership Revolution Program, going to run the program with Hanne - I want to be NJL (from Young Manager to Leader) program’s assistant team coach, I called to Timo Lehtinen - Meeting with Hanna next week about Tiimiakatemia initiative in Shanghai Hanna - We had fertile dialogue in room number 5. - I have many things on my list: preparation of certification system, creating a global service center, negotiations with China, visualizing different stages for establishing Tiimiakatemia - I’m ignited by teampreneurship industry, will call to Nina Jussila Jocke - I have 5 dreams! - I’m going to prepare a speech to my wife: instead of building a sauna, lets go to Mondragon - I want to write articles in collaboration with others Florence - I go back to France with many tools: such as idea of Tiimiakatemia brand manager, essay library… - I want to know who are the great Tiimiakatemia innovators, which are the innovations done - Implement trust as a key starting point, put customer into centre (=teampreneurs) Minttu - I need to finish, continue, start - TOY-project needs to be finished, but coaching vocational teachers must continue. A big challenge. - We have to start new Team Mastery program, we just asked for help (money, participants…) Kata - I finally have people around me! - This gave me a lot of inspiration Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  36. 36. Jaana - I’ll start talks with Partus core team, new meeting on Monday - TOY-project needs to be finished - Global actions: I need to figure out when to go to Mondragon and plan for future action Niina - Collaboration with Riikka - I need to organize my calendar and next few weeks Heikki - Jussi promised to promote my book - I’ll start mentoring process with Olga - I’ll prepare a joint article with Gina Monica - Being more active member - Know more about international work - Thinking of what I want to become when I get older Armelle - I want to learn how Tiimiakatemia works Aleksi - I want Hanna’s time for Learning Expedition project group - I promised to go to France on 2014 Juha - I just had joined reflections about coaching - I want to learn about sales, method of aggressive waiting - I decided to do some shopping for my wife and buy flowers to her Juhana - I want to be more active follower and listener - More steps, more actions - Where is my focus? Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  37. 37. Jussi - I just made wordpress and about me -pages - Will have a meeting with Timo and Ville - Should we do something together with Florian? - Partus, help me, what can I do? - Thesis at some point during spring time - Some work still before the trip, more money! Judit - We don’t have special programs in Debrecen, I’d like to start some programs, for example from hippie to maker, inspired by Ulla - I need to prepare a toolkit and sales brochure - Organizing workshop in Budapest with Ville about innovation - Preparing a proposal about rural teampreneurship with Jarmo and Paolo for European union Hanne - I check all my projects and decide action steps - I want to develop leadership revolution program - I want to develop friend leadership for leaders - Talk with Tomas Sara - I’m in new learning expedition project group - I just sent English essays to our guests - Promised to go to France Ulla - Preparation of from hippie to maker -program - We are going to have one joint session with Debrecen - Sticky monsters put some pressure on us, will start serious negotiations. Olga - I need to increase mobility and connections with network - Just joined Tiimiakatemia Learning Network - I’ll have a skype call with Heikki on 28th - How could I structure better my own learning? I saw Heikki’s learning contract and will decide my monthly actions - I need to improve my team coaching. I ordered one book, thanks Sara for English essays, Erasmus exchange hopefully with Essi Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  38. 38. Timi and Gina - We made a brand envelop for our business - The name of our company is: Diamond coaching and development - Diamond is never ready, always develop yourself - We want organizations to find diamonds, positive diamonds inside - Someone will create a logo for us, we need to use social media - Next week we have a meeting with our first customer Philippe - I created a Facebook group for us - I want to join Tiimiakatemia Learning Network - I want to make a movie/document about Tiimiakatemia - Check www.brainztorming.com Mimmu - I contacted Aitor, we meet to plan steps in Latin America. - It’s good to hear that Jocke is coming to Mondragon! Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  39. 39. Post-motorola What went well? - New connections, meeting with the network - Good structure with flexibility, time to discuss - Not too many topics - Love-Hate relationship with learning contracts - Being all on the same track - Self-generating system - Respects to Heikki, it’s not easy to host and facilitate peers - We have challenges with teampreneurs in every country! - Brand discussions, brand opened for us - Best meeting ever - Concrete steps - Created understanding what’s happening in the network - Creating of shared understanding - The place - Using creativity - Had time to think about ourselves as team coaches - 3 action points! Concrete! - Fun - Dialogue - Spirit Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  40. 40. What didn’t go that well? What did I learn? - No hot tub and sauna was cold - Maybe some other ways to facilitate? - Some were not ready for branding themselves - Too much time for tasks sometimes - The focus was unclear (branding) - Too long check-in and sharing actions! - Type of activities - Name tags were missing - No hole in the ice - More talking than acting - Think bigger that you think, do it together - Learning contracts - Tiimiakatemia Strasbourg is in the right way - We have the power, we want to do things voluntarily, we can be a platform to change Europe and the world - Teampreneurship industry is global - People are more similar than different - Tiimiakatemia is global language - We can do several things with the same tool - To be more visible and understandable for customers - New people, aspects, ideas - Learning contract feedback - Me as a brand - Learning from others - Learning contract must be a living document - Meet, talk, listen to people Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  41. 41. What will I put into action? - I want to be a brand ambassador - Participating different meetings and events, hosting some - Recruiting new members - Action steps - Creating / developing own brand - Contact people in the network - 3 action points – presure 1 hour - Visualization - ”From hippies to makers” - Design a sales brochure - Show the Finnish style for French teampreneurs - Baby steps - Joint Tiimiakatemia Learning Network actions Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  42. 42. Next Tiimiakatemia Learning Network gathering is organized in Madrid on 6 – 7 March! Event is on Facebook and information will follow also by email! Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  43. 43. Join Tiimiakatemia Learning Network We want to remove youth unemployment by coaching team entrepreneurs We are Team Mastery or Tiimimestarit team coaches We need support and references We want to learn and develop ourselves We want to co-create new knowledge We want to develop our organizations; team based work and creativity are our answers to competition We want to do shared projects We want to be part of the fastest learning network in the world J O I N I N ! Team coaches, join Tiimiakatemia Learning Network. By joining, you help us to organize events and coordinate the network! http://www.taln.fi/join-taln-page/ Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com
  44. 44. Let´s keep the flow of knowledge and actions on, together we will become the Fastest Learning Network in the World! See & hear you soon! P.s. Remember to feed and follow latest news in Facebook, Twitter & all the other existing space medias : ) Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014 www.taln.fi www.tiimiakatemia.com