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Tiimiakatemia Learning Network Action Report 2013


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Tiimiakatemia Learning Network Action Report 2013

  1. 1. ANNUAL REPORT 2013
  2. 2. Welcome to read Tiimiakatemia Learning Network’s action report from 2013. Last year was the first operational year for Tiimiakatemia Learning Network and its cooperative. We bravely followed our Leading Thoughts by doing continuous experiments and creating new things, learning by doing and travelling wisely but often. Network of team coaches became stronger despite of ”birth giving pains” of the start. We had several physical meetings where ideas were created and shared, new projects emerged, new knowledge was born and even new industry started! Steps towards becoming world’s fastest learning network were taken. We hope that following lines inspire you to continue the good work and courages other team coaches to join the network! ”We are the tribe, we are the brand, we live the brand!” Hanna Waldén and Sanna Tossavainen Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014
  3. 3. TIIMIAKATEMIA LEARNING NETWORK « Tiimiakatemia Learning Network is an international learning network of team coaches. It gathers, shares, connects and influences. It is a platform for shared actions, experiments and giving birth to new. It has a key role in generating and developing team entrepreneurship. » Tiimiakatemia Learning Network’s (and cooperative’s) members are all engaged to Leading Thoughts which guide networks’ actions. Leading Thoughts can be found from Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014
  4. 4. TIIMIAKATEMIA LEARNING NETWORK COOPERATIVE « The purpose of cooperative is to support its members’ professional development and growth through trainings, generation of new knowledge, sharing and connecting its members together. It functions as a platform for shared projects and as a marketing and distribution channel for services produced by cooperative members. » The charter of Tiimiakatemia Learning Network cooperative was signed in 22.10.2012 by 23 Finnish team coaches. Heikki Toivanen was elected as a chairman of the board, Hanna Waldén as a managing director of cooperative and Sanna Tossavainen as leader of communications and community building. Outi Syrjälahti joinded the team 4.3.2014 as communication and back office support. Cooperative produces different gatherings, seminars and meetings, trainings, publications and communication services. During its first operational year, Tiimiakatemia Learning Network cooperative got 60 members (not all have paid, yet). The goal was to have 300 members. Main reasons for not reaching this goal has been the lack of focus on recruitment and « birth-giving pains » of first operational year. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014
  5. 5. THE BOARD The first board was elected to take a role as « kick-starting board ». The aim was to have representatives from different parts and angles of Tiimiakatemia Learning Network. Decision was that the first board is Finnish but the next board has also international representatives. The board of Tiimiakatemia Learning Network cooperative was following : Mona Bishoff, Novia university of applied sciences, debuty member Jarmo Matala-aho, Economic Information Office Heikki Toivanen (chairman of the board), Tiimiakatemia Jyväskylä, debuty member Essi Silvennoinen, Tiimiakatemia Jyväskylä Sanna Tossavainen, Tiimiakatemia Learning Network, debuty member Leena Varis, Proakatemia Tampere Margit Vanha-aho, Warvicco Team Ltd/Partus Ltd, debuty member Juha Harikkala, WinNova Länsirannikon Koulutus Ltd Heikki Haavisto, Sastamala municipal education and training consortium, debuty member Maria Käkelä, Kulttuuricampus Ikaalinen Hanna Waldén, Tiimiakatemia Learning Network/Partus Ltd, debuty member Mikael Hirvi, Partus Ltd The board gathered together 11.2.2013, 3.5.2013,17.9.2013 and 16.1.2014. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014
  6. 6. ACTIONS OF 2013 The aim for first operational year was to boost the actions and connections emerged from “bottom-up”, activating the network members to take as active role as possible. Also, aim for listening the needs and hopes of the network members was settled up as an important goal. Third element of focus was boosting and creating shared platforms for communications and activating them as strongly as possible. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014
  7. 7. International network meetings 19.1.2013 First official global member meeting in Jyväskylä, after Tiimiakatemia Jyväskylä’s 20th anniversary party. Working themes were :  Needs and hopes of Team Coaches of Tiimiakatemia Learning Network. 13.-14.6.2013 Second meeting in San Sebastian, before Mondragon Tiimiakatemia’s 5th anniversary party. Working themes were :      Tiimiakatemia leading innovation and social movement Tiimiakatemia Learning Network structure The role of the Mothership in Jyväskylä What do you expect from the network as a Tiimiakatemia Learning Network member? Extra: Book of experiences by Team Mastery International Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014
  8. 8. International network meetings 22.-23.11.2013 Third meeting in Debrecen, before Tiimiakatemia Debrecen’s 3rd anniversary party. Working themes were :     2025 team entrepreneurship is the right for all Australians – measurements, topics and action steps for following years How to make the results of teampreneurs and projects more visible and comparable ? Both on local and international level. Re-birth of Leadership Revolution Program Active ownership (like open brand), what does it mean and how could we help you ? Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014
  9. 9. Trainings in Finland 4.3.2013 Team coaches’ updating day in Finnish, in collaboration with Partus Ltd. Theme : Learning 9.10.2013 DNA of Team Learning -seminar in Turku Gatherings Pilot gathering : « Team coaches go to glögi (mulled wine) » in Turku 13.12.2013 and in Lahti and Tampere 19.12.2013. As a result of each gathering team coaches decided to meet more regularly in 2014. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014
  10. 10. Marketing and communication E-newsletters Were sent on April, May and June through Mail Chimp service. Statistics showed that very few newsletters were opened, so preparation of newsletters was withdrawn and planning of new and more engaging communication tools and channels was started. Web page - was opened in November 2012. -, a satellite page of Global Tiimiakatemia movement and network, was opened in November 2013. Facebook - Open group of Tiimiakatemia Learning Network - Closed group of Tiimiakatemia Learning Network cooperative for members. The challenges with closed group are a) how to offer added value to members? and b) how to activate members to create contents? Twitter @TALNetwork, #TALN LinkedIn Closed group Tiimiakatemia Learning Network cooperative (updating weak). Marketing pins Join the tribe and I TA Creation of annual clock/rhythm for year 2014 Using Team Mastery and Tiimimestarit – sessions as a marketing channel and recruitment channel Member recruitment pilot « Tiimiakatemia Learning Network on the road » -visit to Turku on 30.1.2013 and meeting with active team coaches from Turku region. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014
  11. 11. Join Tiimiakatemia Learning Network We want to remove youth unemployment by coaching team entrepreneurs We are Team Mastery or Tiimimestarit team coaches We need support and references We want to learn and develop ourselves We want to co-create new knowledge We want to develop our organizations; team based work and creativity are our answers to competition We want to do shared projects We want to be part of the fastest learning network in the world J O I N I N ! Team coaches, join Tiimiakatemia Learning Network. By joining, you help us to organize events and coordinate the network! Tiimiakatemia Learning Network January 2014