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How to set up a Global Strategy on Social Media?


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Shu Uemura is an international cosmetics line, native of Japan.
They use Social Media to expand relationships with their fans, feel close to the brand by listening to their needs and providing them suitable contents: education, entertainment, product information and promotional offers.

Like Shu Uemura, organize your team globally, strengthen brand equity and optimize your social performance.

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How to set up a Global Strategy on Social Media?

  1. How to set up a Global Strategy on Social Media?
  2. PLAN YOUR GLOBAL MARKETING STRATEGY TELL YOUR STORY MONETIZE Discover the brand world Offer exclusive productsthrough the "mon shu girl" doll to your community ENGAGE Invite fans to participate in creative contests
  3. SHU UEMURA TIGERLILYshu uemura is an international The Tigerlily Platform helpscosmetics line, native of Japan. brands to easily drive theirThey use Social Media to expand social marketing strategies.relationships with their fans, feel Used to manage conversationsclose to the brand by listening to and run effective campaignstheir needs and providing them across 60 countries, it optimizessuitable contents: education, your large-scale actions byentertainment, product information providing uniques experiences.and promotional offers.Like shu uemura, organize your brand internationally.
  4. 1 Facebook Twitter Youtube Weibo Youku +1 worldwide accountDEFINE YOUR BRAND PRESENCEFish where the fishes are:• shu uemura has Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts in more than 15 countries all over the world.• As a Japanese brand, they are especially present in Asia.• In China, they are using local social networks such as Weibo and Youku, equivalents of Twitter and Youtube.shu uemura focuses its presence on networks with a relevant audience, where they can develop the product promotion in accordance withthe brand DNA and its main target, young female.
  5. 2MANAGE A CROSS-CULTURALCOMMUNICATIONshu uemura cares about local cultures, the strategy can vary a lotdepending on where fans live.Social Media must be managed locally:• Make-up trends• Communication codes• Local calendars• Business operationsThe International division’s role is to :• Define the general strategy• Maintain the consistency of the brand image• Provide assets that cannot be produced locally. 16,271 40,586NEW FANS LAST MONTH DAILY REACHED PEOPLE MON SHU GIRL HUB Installed on 13 Facebook pages of the brand Available in 6 different languages (FR - EN - CN TW - CN HK - JP - KR) Frequently updated content (video, photos and short messages)
  6. 3 BUILD YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PARTITION FROM A 1 Global and 13 Local Pages with : But : DISTRIBUTED • Full localization on Page: cover and profile photo, apps, milestones, Timeline... + • • Lack of global community Cluttered in search, fans may PRESENCE... • Insights on regional performance like the wrong page. ...TO A The Facebook Global Pages combines the best of Global/Local Strategies and allows brands to : CONSISTENT • Have one Global Page Name, Like Count and PTAT across all pages GLOBAL PAGE • Automatically redirect customers to the right local page • Promote your Page with juste one vanity URL • Learn about all customers through one set of Global Insights Global Page 22.88%ENGAGEMENT RATE 217,517STORIES LAST MONTH France Japan Malaysia Rest of the world Taiwan Thailand UK USA + Canada
  7. 4ENHANCE TEAM COLLABORATIONAdapt your Global strategy to your organization. Establish a personalized workflow at each level to localized experiences.shu uemura chose the Tigerlily Platform to: Define worldwide team workflows Create master templates for international content Add tags to organize publications Filter publications and fans contributions by country, locale, users... Adapt a post to local (translation, link..)
  8. 5PROVIDE GEOLOCALIZED EXPERIENCESOffer multilingual and geolocalized apps deployed on many pages at once in order to support product launches.DRAWING CONTESTAn invitation to draw your own interpretation of "mon shu girl"Available in 8 countries(HK, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, USA, JP, South Korea and Taiwan)A contest with a high level of engagement SHOPPING Exclusive shopping area to discover the Holiday collection. 351 4251 29,072 DRAWINGS VOTES APP VISITS Geo-targeted to 7 countries (EN,CN TW, CN HK and KR).
  9. 6ANALYZE YOUR PERFORMANCE AT EACH LEVELWith a global view on your results:• Measure and compare your teams performance depending on your KPIs• Track your teams average performance at each level and compare to industry benchmarks• Ensure brand consistency across social channels• Optimize your future campaignsTIGERLILY INSIGHTS MORE ABOUT INSIGHTSPart of our Social Marketing Platform, Insights is now available for all If you want to learn more about Tigerlily Insights, you can readclients who use “Conversation”. our blog post : Go further than Facebook Insights
  10. STAND OUT ON THE SOCIAL WEBThe Tigerlily Platform helps brands to easily drive their social marketing strategies. Used to manageconversations and run effective campaigns across 60 countries, it optimizes your large-scale actionsby providing uniques experiences. VISIT OUR WEBSITE CONTACT US