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Social by Design: 10 best practices to build Facebook applications


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At Tigerlily, we integrate social features from the very first steps of design. Because Facebook is just like everyday life.
Discover 10 best practices to integrate in order to be successful on Facebook.

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Social by Design: 10 best practices to build Facebook applications

  2. At Tigerlily, we integrate social featuresfrom the very first steps of design.BECAUSE FACEBOOK IS JUST LIKE EVERYDAY LIFE.
  3. CARRY YOUR IDUse the Facebook "Single sign on" (SSO)to log into your app 1
  4. CARRY YOUR ID 1To simplify the sign in and login process, you have to connect Spotify withyour Facebook account. Spotify uses your Facebook information to easilycreate your account and to begin sharing your music with friends.
  5. 2MEET FRIENDS Display the Facebook "Facepile" plugin to see friends connected to the app
  6. MEET FRIENDS 2The French Tennis Federation had displayed the"Facepile" plugin on its latest Facebook contestto encourage user to participate like their friends.
  7. 3CHITCHAT Foster Facebook comments with interactive contents
  8. CHITCHAT 3Livestream propose to interact on live events with the Facebook commentsbox and other social streams. Users can publish their messages on theirFacebook profile.For the last Facebook developer conference, F8, where Mark Zuckerberglaunched the Timeline, the live stream brought together more than 100 000unique viewers around the world.
  9. 4 PLAY TOGETHERAsk users to build their own team to join a contest or a cause
  10. PLAY TOGETHER 4The french band Cocoon organized a privateconcert for its community. Fans had to create theirown teams of friends who wanted to attend thisexclusive show.In one week, more than 2,000 events were createdfor a total of 5,000 participants.
  11. 5 GRADUATEGive awards to your best ambassadors
  12. GRADUATE 5Foursquare offers badges and exclusive promotionsto their most active users.
  13. 6ACT PUBLICLY Show actions to your friends, such as inputs & participations
  14. ACT PUBLICLY 6Cinemur notifies you of your latest friends actions :they want to watch this movie, they like this movie,they comment this movie...
  15. RECOMMENDInvite your community to publishand rate their own contributions. 7
  16. RECOMMEND 7The music TV show, Taratata, invited its Facebookcommunity to create their Spotify playlist andshare them with friends to win votes.A social way to recommend music through aninteractive contest. Nearly 200 playlists werelisten by nearly 10,000 users.
  17. 8 SHARE YOUR LOVEPush sharing actions : invite, like, tweet... 
  18. SHARE YOUR LOVE 8For its vintage photo contest in partnership with theband "The Black Keys", the mobile Brand Sosh invitedusers to share their contribution to win votes fromtheir friends and encourage them to participate. Inone week, more than 400 photos were uploaded.
  19. 9SHARE FASTER Integrate the Facebook Open Graph to boost your app
  20. SHARE FASTER 9The Open Graph allows users to instantly andseamlessly share what they are reading,watching, listening, cooking...Dailymotion was one of the first services tointegrate the Open Graph last year. In april,Dailymotion won more than 20m users !
  21. THINK SHAREAlways think about what users want toshare and not what you want to sell 10
  22. THINK SHARE 10Orange RockCorps organized the first interactive showwith The Ting Tings. The more the audience sharedcontent through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter andFoursquare, the more the concert was impressive.An original way to live an highly social experience.
  25. The Tigerlily platform helps iconic brands optimize conversations, engage users through rich contents or contests, and identify key communities. NOW IS THE TIME TO BECOME A SOCIAL MEDIA CHIEF. VISIT OUR WEBSITE CONTACT US
  26. TO ALL FLICKR ARTISTS, Title Slide•Gruppe Feuer by siegertmarc Introduction•Vintage Card by dan.marvTHANK YOU. Carry your ID•Vintage Travel by CodyCreamerThis presentation could not be done without you. Meet friends•Smile by jerik0ne Chitchat•SAMFund Event-Chicago by jerik0ne Play Together•1975posthoorn02 by annrkizst Graduate•Analog Pictures from Mom by cote Act publicly•Leap of Faith - Manaoio by Justin Ornellas Recommend•Self-Portrait #24 by r.f.m II Share your love•Chris and Monica - Wedding by B Rosen Share faster•Relic Flight Val by B Rosen Think share•Sharing music, roman style by B Rosen Recap•Two by Foxtongue All these photos are under Creative Commons license.