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My presentation power point of use of technology

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Technology Project

  1. 1. Guided Reading By Tiffany Meyers Section 2
  2. 2. •For Guided Reading I used technology twice. The first time I used a power point presentation to go over the vocabulary words in the book that we were going to be reading. •If the student knew the vocabulary words then they would put their hand on their head and I would call on them. •The first thing that was displayed on the slide was just the vocabulary word and if the students did not know what it was from that they would hit the space bar and a picture of the word would give them a clue at the word giving them practice using syntax reference. •After that part of the lesson the girls read the book Math Test Mix Up .
  3. 3. The next guided reading that I did also used a power point but for a different reason. •I used it to assess the children and see if they understood the concepts about quotation marks. •In my lesson I began by explaining what quotation marks were and that they allow us to know who is talking in a book and what they say. •I told them that all punctuation goes inside the quotation marks except for the coma that lets you know that there is a quotation mark. •My objective of the lesson was to have the students be able to tell me what the person said, who said it and where the quotation marks go. •My power point that I did have a sentence on the slide and it needs quotation marks. The students had to point to where the quotation marks would go and read what the person actually would say in real life. •After they pointed to their answer, they would press the space bar and the quotation marks would appear and the words that the person actually said would be underlined. •It was a great way to engage the children. They loved playing with my tiny computer and checking their understanding through the game.
  4. 4. “ Is the pizza here? ” asked Jake.
  5. 5. My power points for guided reading were essential for the children’s learning. They allowed a sustained interaction while discussing first the vocabulary words and then quotation marks. I would not have been able to teach the vocabulary words in the same effective way if it hadn’t been for my power point. It allowed me to show them clues if they were stumped by what the word was. The power point for quotation marks allowed the children to check their understanding of the concept and it made it so much easier for me to check what they know. This let them have some responsibility because if they took it seriously they would learn something but if not then they would just be pushing a button. The technology really enhanced the lesson because it caught the students attention and allowed them to be apart of their learning. They were so engaged in this lesson it was amazing!