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Armed womengettingstarted

  1. 1.  The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the self defense products you will be promoting.  Understand how to use then and the specifications.  The retail price and what is included.  It is very important that you understand exactly how the products work.
  2. 2. Available In pink only 3.2 Million volts L.E.D Flashlight Free Black Nylon Case Built-in charger 4 ¼ inches long 2 ¼ wide $39 plus tax
  3. 3.  A stun gun is a non-lethal self-defense weapon that deters attackers using a high voltage of electricity. Stun guns are specifically made to target the nervous system of the attacker. Essentially, a stun gun floods the attacker’s muscles with an intense frequency of electric pulses that keep the muscles moving rapidly and uncontrollably.  Women often wonder how long they have to make contact between their stun gun and the attacker in order for it to get the job done. As little as half a second of contact can stop an attacker because of the pain from the muscle contractions. Contact for 1-2 seconds, generally an attacker will experience uncomfortable muscle spasms and some confusion. If you are able to make 3 seconds of contact or more you will completely throw your attacker off-balance both physically and mentally. Keep in mind, 3 seconds of contact with your attacker may seem like a lifetime while he’s attacking you. This is in general, everyone is different.  Despite its effective results, a stun gun does no damage to the heart or rest of the body. Making it an incredibly effective, yet non-lethal self-defense product!
  4. 4. • Free Carrying Case, fires while in case • Safety Switch to eliminate accidently discharge • 4” tall • 2” wide 4.5 Million volts Built in Charger L.E.D flashlight
  5. 5. Shoots a steady stream up to 25 feet Available in Black and Pink Most accurate pepper spray available Free water canister for practice and pepper spray canister
  6. 6. Black Silver Blue Pink Colors available Most powerful self defense product available without a concealed weapon permit. Shoots up to 15 feet, will go through 2 inches of clothing and will incapacitate anyone temporarily. Built in laser sight and safety shield to prevent accidently discharge. Criminal record check done by TASER International in order to activate (cost $9.95) This is very quick and easy. Can be done online or over the phone.