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Presentation Girls’ Primary School reaps benefits of new HP MultiSeat solution


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Presentation Girls’ Primary School wanted to modernise its computing facilities, while minimising its environmental impact and reducing costs.
The School worked with HP to deploy an HP MultiSeat solution that allows it to almost double the number of PC seats in the computer lab with minimal expenditure.

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Presentation Girls’ Primary School reaps benefits of new HP MultiSeat solution

  1. 1. PRESENTATION GIRLS’ PRIMARY SCHOOLPresentation Girls’ Primary School reaps benefits of new HP ms6000MultiSeat solution “The HP MultiSeat solution has solved our IT challenges and provided a robust, low-cost and easily managed technology platform that allows us to bring learning to life.” Ann Kelly, IT administrator, Presentation Girls’ Primary SchoolHP CUSTOMERCASE STUDY: OBJECTIVE:Presentation Girls’ Presentation Girls’ Primary School wantedPrimary School deploys to modernise its computing facilities, whileHP MultiSeat solution minimising its environmental impact andto provide interactive reducing costs.learning for pupils APPROACH:INDUSTRY: The School worked with HP to deployEducation an HP MultiSeat solution that allows it to almost double the number of PC seats in the computer lab with minimal expenditure. IT IMPROVEMENTS: • Four HP MultiSeat units make administration, management and support much easier. • Less cabling results in a safer learning Presentation Girls’ Primary School in Maynooth, environment for pupils. Co. Kildare, Ireland is a Catholic primary school • 19 power hungry PCs have now been catering for girls from ages four to thirteen, as well reduced to four easily administered HP as running pre-school classes for children with MultiSeats. Autism. It seeks to provide a broad and balanced education in an atmosphere of mutual respect with BUSINESS BENEFITS: an appreciation of the individual needs of pupils, • The computer room can now cater for staff, parents and the wider community. At present, even the largest class, ensuring all pupils the School caters for 465 pupils. The teaching get a dedicated terminal. staff consists of an administrative principal, 17 • The reduction in energy use will save the mainstream teachers, five resource teachers and school an estimated €8.00 per day. two language support teachers. The School has a • With much less heat generated, the pleasant, happy working atmosphere and its motto learning environment is more pleasant, is “Aoibhinn Beatha an Scolaire” which means less cluttered and now much more School Days are Happy Days. conducive to teaching.
  2. 2. “The room is much less cluttered with more space for pupils and because there are only four PCs, the heat emission is reduced andwith it the energy costs.” —Ann Kelly, IT administrator, Presentation Girls’ Primary School OUTDATED COMPUTER FACILITIES Following a recent extension to the School, it HAMPER LEARNING was provided with a small budget to provide IT Presentation School had a dedicated computer equipment for the newly built classrooms, as well room as well as a number of PCs in classrooms, as a new, larger room to serve as the computer but it was clear that the computing resources lab. However, this room was only equipped were not being used to their full potential and with four Local Area Network ports, making that a number of issues surrounded the set up of connectivity a major issue. This provided the the computer room, which housed 19 PCs – the impetus to rethink its approach to IT. maximum number that could fit in the small space. “We had the larger room but there was no way This posed a number of problems for the School, we could use it to connect the number of PCs we most significantly for class sizes ranging from needed,” adds Mrs.Kelly. “We were seriously 28 to 35, meaning that some pupils would have considering shutting down the computing facilities to share a computer. Not only did this result in for a term and moving back to the smaller, less crowded teaching conditions, but the combined comfortable room in the new school year,” says heat generated by the PCs in the confined space Mrs.Kelly. made the room stuffy and unpleasant. In addition to this, the power often tripped due to the drain A NEW APPROACH TO on the electricity feed, so it became clear to IT COMPUTERS IN SCHOOLS administrator and Year Five teacher, Ann Kelly, HP Project Manager and parent of one of that the room in its current state was not fit for Presentation Girls’ Primary School’s pupils, teaching purposes. Tyrone Williams, was familiar with the HP MultiSeat solution and came up with a novel “Teachers had become reluctant to use the solution for the School. The PC sharing solution computer room because it couldn’t cater for every extends the student computing environment by pupil, and the fact that the PCs were running all delivering the familiar, reliable experience of a day in an enclosed environment made it very dedicated PC to multiple users for maximum cost warm. In addition, the vast amount of cabling savings, management and power efficiency. presented a health and safety risk,” explains Mrs.Kelly. “Plus, PCs were out of date with some Presentation Girls’ Primary School opted for of the network PC’s running Microsoft Windows four HP ms6000 MultiSeat units, installed by HP 2000. It became clear that we needed to revamp partner Net Communications, each supporting the facilities in order to provide a welcoming up to eight users on widescreen HP LE1851w learning space.” monitors.
  3. 3. By retaining three of the existing PCs, the The HP MultiSeats run a number of applications, School could meet its goal of catering for the including Microsoft Office and a range of largest class which is made up of 35 pupils. educational tools. The remaining PCs were either decommissioned Presentation Girls’ Primary School is also or distributed among the new classrooms, a Green Flag school, which means that meaning all classrooms are now prepared for the environmental considerations play a key role in interactive whiteboard technology that the School decision-making. The new solution has helped the hopes to roll out next year. school reduce its energy consumption and save money. It is estimated that, courtesy of the new REAPING THE REWARDS OF solution, the school saves €8.00 every day it is MULTISEAT COMPUTING open – over the course of a year that adds up to Now, instead of having 19 power-hungry PCs considerable savings. to manage in the computer room, there are four easily administered HP MultiSeats; the benefits Hardware performance has also not been an were immediate and significant. issue for the School. “Even with eight pupils streaming live video from eight different websites, “Most importantly, the largest class can now there is no appreciable deterioration in service,” ensure that every pupil will have access to concludes Mrs.Kelly. “As far as the pupil is their own screen. But there are numerous other concerned, the experience is identical to using advantages,” continues Mrs.Kelly. “The room is a dedicated PC. It has also helped our children much less cluttered with more space for pupils learn about networking and gain a broader and because there are only four PCs, the heat knowledge of how computers work. Given we emission is reduced and with it the energy costs. don’t actually teach IT as a subject, this is an Administration is also easier because applications invaluable bonus.” need only be installed in each MultiSeat.” As a result of the success of the deployment Presentation Girl’s Primary School’s sister establishment, Maynooth Boys’ Primary SchoolCUSTOMER SOLUTION AT A GLANCE will also be rolling out a HP MultiSeat platform toPRIMARY APPLICATIONS PRIMARY HARDWARE support its computer room.• Microsoft Office • 4 x HP ms6000 • 32 x HP LE1851w Monitors
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