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  • Open Access RepositoriesOpen access publishing allows free access to and distribution of published articles where the author retains copyright of their work by employing a Creative Commons attribution licence, therefore removing any barriers to access.A new form of scholarly publishing
  • What about this one, open access journal, peer-reviewedBiomed Central as of today has 220 open access, online, peer-reviewed journals –
  • Awareness, awareness and awareness
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  • Include grey literature and published material whenever conducting literature searches (especially when performing systematic reviews) in order to limit bias.
  • Grey literature jackie2012

    1. 1. Grey Literature: Uncovering Elusive Material February 16, 2012
    2. 2. Which of the following is NOTconsidered as “grey literature”?
    3. 3. Questions?• Thoughts to share at this moment?
    4. 4. Session Outline• What is Grey Literature? definition & features• Types of Grey Literature• Impact of Grey Literature in Health Research• Examples of Sources of Grey Literature
    5. 5. Uncovering Elusive Material: Grey Literature DefinedGrey literature has been defined as:• ”the information and resources that do not categorically fall into what is available via standard traditional or commercial publishing channels.” From: International Journal on Grey Literature• "that which is produced on all levels of government, academics, business and industry in print and electronic formats, but which is not controlled by commercial publishers." (New frontiers in grey literature: Fourth International Conference on Grey Literature: GL99 proceedings;1999 Oct 4- 5; Washington, D.C. Amsterdam: GreyNet; 1999.)• “virtually everything we read outside of journals and books can be considered grey literature.” (Coonin, B. Grey Literature: An annotated bibliography. 2003: Available at
    6. 6. Grey Literature: Features• Rapid publication - current• Variable formats (flexible)• Detailed• Most not peer reviewed• No commercial source• Limited distribution in a geographic area• Free (in most cases)• Information on non main-stream topics/aspects
    7. 7. Open Access Repositories
    8. 8. Types of Grey Literature• Theses and dissertations• Conference proceedings• Newsletters• Reports• Government documents• Informational communication (telephone calls, meetings, e-mail, blogs, interviews, social networking sites, etc.)
    9. 9. A Fact, not Just One• In June 2001 a 24 year old female volunteer died in a research study at the US based Johns Hopkins University Asthma and Allergy Center in Baltimore, Maryland. No distinct cause for death was identified but weakness in the process of literature review for the risk of the non-FDA approved use of hexamethonium was noted.Source:
    10. 10. Grey Literature in the Health Sciences• As a primary source of information, grey literature was cited in the medical journals that provided reliable data on research in progress. (Alberani, et. al., 1990)• Technical reports prevailed over other types of grey literature. (Alberani, et. Al., 1990)• Expert searching in public health requires the ability to identify and search for resources beyond the electronically available published literature. (Alpi, 2005)
    11. 11. Grey Literature in the Health Sciences (continued)• “Unpublished trials contribute almost 20% of the weight in individual meta-analysis.” (Krishnan, 2004)
    12. 12. Challenges of Grey Literature• Hard to find• Much content isn’t web-published• Rarely indexed, or minimally indexed• Basic bibliographic information may be unavailable• Older reports may not be archived (long term archiving issues)• Volume of material can be overwhelming and time-consuming
    13. 13. Grey Literature Searching Exercises• Can you find the abstract of this conference presentation: Dunscombe P, Anderson R, Brown D, Gackle M, Lau H. A Course in Ethics and Errors for Radiation Medicine Professionals. ESTRO Meeting, Barcelona, Spain. Sep 2010• Is there any active clinical trial in North America on depression screening in patients undergoing radiation therapy for cancer?• Can I access part of the document “International Travel and Health 2010” on the topic of Vaccine- preventable diseases and vaccines?
    14. 14. Grey Literature Toolkit
    15. 15. What can we do as librarians?• Lin, Y., and M. Vaska Raising Awareness of Grey Literature in an Academic Community Using the Cognitive Behavioral Theory. – In: GL11 Conference Proceedings. TextRelease, 2010, 8 p., including PowerPoint Lin, Y., and M. Vaska Information Literacy and Librarians’ Experiences with Teaching Grey Literature to Medical Students and Healthcare Practitioners. In: GL10 Conference Proceedings. TextRelease, 2009, 7 p., including a PowerPoint
    16. 16. Questions? Comments?Thank you!Yongtao Lin, MLISLibrarian, Tom Baker Cancer KnowledgeCentreyolin@ucalgary.caPhone: 403-521-3285