Aleigha’s birthday party!


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Aleigha’s birthday party!

  1. 1. Aleigha’s Birthday Party! Tiffany Barnes
  2. 2. Party PlanningAleigha is having a birthday party, she will be serving cake and/or ice cream to 10 guests. Alejandra, Cody, Carson, and Anna want cake and ice cream; Dana, and Evan only want ice cream; and DJ, Jayton, Ashley, and Charles only want cake. Create an excel spreadsheet showing each person attending the party in column A and their food selections in column B, C, and D. Don’t forget Aleigha she wants both cake and ice cream, too.Creating Your Spreadsheet what should mycolumn and row ti...
  3. 3. Creating Your SpreadsheetGuests Cake Ice Cream Both Create an excelAlejandra spreadsheet with 12Cody rows and 4 columns. Using the mouseCarson place the cursor inAnna the correct cell andDana type the titles guests, cake, iceEvan cream and bothDJ across the 1st row.Jayton Place the guests and Aleigha’s namesAshley down the firstCharles column under theAleigha title guests.
  4. 4. Cake or Ice Cream?Make sure each guest gets their food choice by marking the correct cell for his/her food preference with an X. Each guest should have 1 X in the row beside his/her name.
  5. 5. Cake or Ice cream? Using yourGuests Cake Ice Cream Both mouse click to place the cursorAlejandra x in the correctCody cell and mark anCarson “x” for each guests foodAnna selection.DanaEvanDJJaytonAshley Creating YourCharles Spreadsheet what should my columnAleigha and row ti...
  6. 6. Double Check• Make sure each guest has only 1 x beside their name• Make sure there are 11 x’s total, we don’t want to leave anyone out!
  7. 7. Got the Party Planned?• Think you’ve got it?• Print your spreadsheet out – Open the menu – select print – Quick print
  8. 8. Need to see something again?Party Planning what did they want again? Creating Your Spreadsheet what should my column and row titles look like?
  9. 9. How’d you do? Each guest shouldGuests Cake Ice Cream Both be listed downAlejandra x the firstCody x column and their foodCarson x choice markedAnna x in the correctDana x cell.Evan xDJ xJayton xAshley xCharles xAleigha x
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