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Marketing Plan For Art Studio


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Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan For Art Studio

  1. 1. + Tiffany Conyers Company- Artevino Art Studio Website: www.artevinostudio.comBusiness Goals
  2. 2. + About Artevino Art Studio  Artevino Art Studio is a paint and sip art studio that allows you to relax and spend time with friends drinking wine and painting a masterpiece of a portrait that you take home. Artevnio you can either sign up for a general public session or book a private event for any occasion.
  3. 3. + Target Market  Artevino holds events for all ages kids and adults. However, my target market will be adults females between the ages of 25- 40. That is the age group that look for relaxing events to do after work or just for a girls night out.  Artevino currently has a working Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, as well as yelp. I believe that my target are more prone to spread the word about how great the business is so having a Yelp, Facebook, and Instagram are definitely a plus for the business.
  4. 4. + Primary Goal  The primary business goal to bring brand awareness. I want to get the name of the business out there and how great it is so that the clientele can build up. The call to action is to get new customers to sign up for Artevino Art Studio newsletters via email. Upon signing up they will receive a coupon with a percentage off of a session. At their first session they can sign up for our refer a friend program so that they can tell family and friends and eventually be rewarded.
  5. 5. + Top Three Social Media  The three social media accounts I will be focusing on is Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to measure likes, shares, and followers. I chose those measurements because I will be able to see often posts are being shared(brand awareness) and viewed(likes).
  6. 6. + Competitors Sip & Paint Studios within the same area
  7. 7. + tclair The social media sites that Pinot’s Palette use are as follows: Facebook Pinterest Google+ (209 followers, 40,971 views) Instagram- 3,368 followers Twitter- 137 followers
  8. 8. + Pinot’s Palette  On the previous slide I listed all the social media sites that Pinot’s Palette uses. On all of their social media sites they kept their followers updated on new art work that will be available to paint, updates on if any seats were available for upcoming classes. On their pinterest account there were multiple pins, from celebrating artists to art work that was done on site. Their Google+ account had videos and a link to a YouTube Channel that was belonged to the company but was not listed on the website.  As far as commuinicating with followers, I did not see much communication between the company and followers. Once in a while on Instagram they would respond and on Facebook answer a few questions. But nothing extrodinary.
  9. 9. + The social media accounts that A Sip of Art are as follows: Facebook Twiiter Instagram On all of these accounts there are no more than 200 followers. My guess is that it is because it may a new business and they are working on their cliente.
  10. 10. + Successful Social Media Campaigns
  11. 11. + Facebook Campagins
  12. 12. + Love Has No Labels
  13. 13. + …..Continued  The Love Has No Labels was one of my favorite campaigns on Facebook. It was a campaign that showed that love is love no matter was race, age, religion, size, etc. They did this campaign with videos that caught the attention of millions of people around the world.
  14. 14. + Like A Girl-Always brand
  15. 15. + Pinterest Campaigns
  16. 16. + Honda
  17. 17. + Urban Decay
  18. 18. + Instagram Campaigns
  19. 19. + Bloom & Wild
  20. 20. + Bloom & Wild
  21. 21. + Guerlin
  22. 22. + Guerlin
  23. 23. + My Plan  My plan for my social media campaign is to use content such as videos and photos to show what goes on at Artevino sip and paints as well as finished products from satisfied clients. That will be on all three channels; I will also to all three channels at least 10 times a day to show off work of art and just to answer questions and concerns from my followers. I will also post to promote contests for my followers and clientle to get more referrals. The hashtags that I came up with is #nightofart #nightoffun #getwastedwhileyoupaint. I think those will appeal to young and older demographics. The metric I chose will show if I gain more followers and have more clientele coming in daily.
  24. 24. + Cross Promoting  I will cross promote by having different contests on all three channels.  Interacting with clients on all three sites and promoting each social media sites on the opposites to bring more brand awareness and so that clients have opportunities to win contests and stay up to date with all three channels.
  25. 25. + Sample Editoral Calender
  26. 26. + Sample Postings
  27. 27. + Facebook  1.) Okay everyone share pics of your paintings and your fun night out at Artevino! Ready, Set, GO!!  2.) We have 2 seats left for our girls night out ! Get your ticket now !!  Both of these postings are geared toward mainly women between the ages of 21-45. I find that this age group enjoy nights out with friends the most and like to plan fun relaxing nights.
  29. 29. + PINTEREST  Artevino Studio does not currently have an active Pinterest account. My ideas if they were to create one is to have use this social media platform to pin ideas of what clients want to do. As well as post pictures of upcoming events using the painting that will be created that day so that they can pin it if they are interested as a reminder that they would like to attend attend the event.  Pinterest would be the best platform to really get to know what the clients want to do in the simplest way.
  30. 30. + Instagram
  31. 31. + Instagram  My Instgram posts reflect what goes on at Artevino. The painting on the left is what I would post to see if my followers would be interested in that doing that painting during a session. I want to see what my followers are interested in. My posts on Instagram are geared towards everyone, so that they can see and comment on what Artevino is all about.
  32. 32. + Amplification Strategies  I’ve noticed that a lot of Paint & Sips use pictures. What I would do differently is use actual footage/video to show what goes during one of sessions. Which brings me to think that maybe I should be different from all my competitors and be the first to have a Snap Chat account for a Paint and Sip business.  This business is not a business that I think I need to partner up with someone, maybe a wine company or local store. I think it all has to do with my content and how well I engage with my followers and audience.
  33. 33. +