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The current panama brochure

  2. 2. The Pearl Islands in Panama’s Gulf, is one of the most pristine territories in the Pacific. This string of almost one hundred lush green islands, except for a handful, are completely uninhabited with sugar white sand, dense rainforest and inky blue waters. The islands themselves are actually the peaks of long extinct volcanoes that rose above the sea during a period of violent activity. Silent for over a millennia, the serene Pearls get their name from the abundance of pearl producing oysters, including a 31-carat pearl found over 400 years ago. In Pre-Columbian times, an Indian king whose main occupation was pearl diving, ruled Las Perlas Islands. He and his people used pearls for ornament and as currency for trade. Las Perlas were eventually conquered by the Spanish attracted by their wealth and later became home to pirates who looted settlements and brought their treasure back for safe keeping. To this day, most of the pearls in the world were collected in these waters. San Jose, the island on which we reside, is the second largest of Las Perlas Islands, is situated in Panama’s Gulf just 90 kilometers away from Panama City, a short 20 minute ride on a propeller plane. Over 35 splendorous white coral, ebony black and radiant gold beaches and coves surround San Jose, nestled between temperate turquoise waters and the lush green vegetation that covers the island. Coconut palms and wild sugar cane are found along the coast line while the interior soil is extremely fertile nourishing a wide variety of vegetation including gallery forests with trees rising 80 feet and higher. Many rivers and springs provide an abundance of fresh water and meet to form several waterfalls, up to 60 feet high. An abundance of wildlife roams the island including deer, agoutis, parrot and giant pigeons. Panama is the only place in the world with Humpback whale migrations from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, July to November the waters surrounding the Pearls are shared with these gentle giants. The deep blue of the Gulf’s warm waters has one of the world’s largest varieties of tropical game fish due to its strong currents, bringing more than ten dif- ferent species fish during the dry season and big game fish the rest of the year. Panama’s name actually means “abun- dance of fish” and the Pearl’s are often compared to the Galapagos, known for their vast biodiversity.
  3. 3. ACCOMMODATIONS All of our rooms on the property are a fresh mix of island charm and recycled and repurposed décor pre- sented in a clean modern format. Trust us its rad. Each individual cabin is lofted into the canopy over looking a wide expanse of Gulf. Private and indescrib- ably beautiful we take the utmost to make your room a sanctuary where you can really let go and relax. *Meals, non-alcoholic beverages, watersports and ATV activities are included in the reservation Prices in USD + Tax were applicable
  4. 4. ACTIVITIES At The Current we make our own fun. Though we love relaxing beach days, we also love to get outside and play. We know that most of the time you are stuck in your office or in your daily routine, so we want is to give you the opportunity to really change it up. Our activities and tours are never canned so this is rough idea of what might happen. If we want to stay we do, if we find a cool place to explore, cliff to jump off of or just decide to go off course, we do that too, that’s what makes The Current unique. These activities are designed to get you out there to explore this beautiful place with us. OUR PROPERTY Our beach is so beautiful we wanted to keep CLUBHOUSE the beach club simple. There is nothing we Think of the clubhouse as a local hang out, hate more than pristine beaches lined with international beer and fresh, clean cocktails, a The Current property was designed miles of chairs. We chose a limited number of place where everyone gathers to recount the to capitalize on the natural beauty of simple chaises and umbrellas raised by our day’s events. Board games and pool tables San Jose. When creating the hotel our attendants. The beachfront, served by the res- may sound pretty tame but many a wild night vision was to enhance the experience taurant staff, offers full food and drink menu. has occurred here. of the island. Our common areas were When you get restless our fleet of hobie cats, designed to be functional, minimal and jet skis, kayaks and snorkel equipment keep GYM modern and not to disrupt or impose you entertained. Though we can assure you will get all the ex- on their surroundings. ercise you need, for those who just can’t give THE POOL up the weights and treadmill our small gym The spring fed infinity pool affords panoramic offers everything for a regular workout. views of the Pacific. Relax in comfortable chaises, nap in a hammock or look out over the ocean, the raised pool deck is one of the best spots on the property for whale sightings.
  5. 5. ATV coral reef, sea rays manta rays and various will take you to their favorite places around the Our ATV tours are one of the coolest ways to squid. Next stop at Isla del Rey where you can islands in our kayak tours. explore the interior of the island. We usually kayak up the mouth of a river through a man- head out in the morning and arrive back around grove forest, diving off the sheer cliff face and lunch. We pack snacks and water and make visit the local village of Ensenada. Head back to SAILING plenty of stops along the way so really the time the island at sunset. As any great sailor knows it is impossible to flies by. We head out from the hotel across our predict where the wind might take you. What we beach with the ocean lapping the shore on one can say is that an adventure in any direction will side and the shady palm groves on the other. FISHING afford you breathtaking views, open-ocean and Driving from one end of the island to the other Las Perlas is one of the most world renowned deserted beaches. Chartered boats are available we cover a lot of ground from more rugged type places for fishing, with over 900 world records full and half days. trails to old gravel roads carved out by the US set in these waters you are sure not to come military. We wind through the rainforest passing home empty handed. With both in shore and over ravines, under canopy forests and drive high seas options there is something for every ECO TOURISM cliff side with dramatic vistas and viewpoints. fisherman. For our in shore trips, we take out The biodiversity of San Jose is one of the rea- Along the way we might see deer, wild pigs, 29-foot single engine boats and drop line near sons we were first attracted to the island. In ad- niekes an island animal we can best describe as the famed sea ledge. Dropping from 60 feet to dition to the idyllic island setting, much like the a cross between a rat and rabbit and many of 4,000 feet deep the two currents that converge Galapagos, Las Perlas is rich with life. Over 900 the over 900 species of birds that reside here. at the ledge are rich with nutrients attracting a types of birds make their home on San Jose During high tide the waterfall is at full force wide variety of fish species. High seas fish- including toucan, parrots and egrets. Las Perlas making it the perfect jump spot, right into the ing takes you deep into the Gulf in pursuit of has a longer migration of whales than any Gulf. big game including black marlin, white marlin, where else in the world which means 9 months sailfish and roosterfish. out of the year you are likely to see a whale everyday and not on a whale watching trip, right BOATING from the pool deck. In addition, dolphins, rays, Our boat outings are full day trips exploring the JET SKI shark whales and sea turtles make their home outer islands of Las Perlas. Our 110-foot yacht, Another great way to explore our island is by in the Gulf’s nutrient rich waters. the Cape James, had a storied history before tandem jet ski. Always available on our beach settling in Panama. Once used by General this is a great way to set out on your own to see McArthur as a signal ship during WWII it was the impressive coastline of San Jose. Weave SCUBA DIVING stationed in the Philippines and Borneo before in and out of dramatic rock formations created There are two prime scuba spots just a short finding its way to us. Our trips starts with 2 by tectonic shifts, play on the open ocean or boat ride from San Jose the first is a small hours of travel on the open water rounding the explore nearby beaches. coral reef teeming with schools of fish, rays Southern side of our island providing sweeping and other sea life. The other is a shipwreck that views of impressive 40-100 foot cliffs covered has recently been dated to 1635. What makes in greenery. Our first stop is at the Island of KAYAK this dive unique is that little excavation has been Mogogo known for its gold sandy beaches. The Kayaking is another great option for exploring done on the area and the ship still holds much boat staff will prepare a beach bbq while you always available at the beachfront. Kayaks al- of its cargo. On this dive all of your findings will enjoy the scenery or relax on the beach. We low you to stay close to home and explore our be collected and logged in Panama’s national highly recommend the snorkeling around Las cove or to set out for longer adventures. Let us treasury as artifacts of Panama. Perlas, as our islands are known for their vast know and we will pack lunch and snacks for biodiversity. Expect to run into schools of fish, you. Want to know the secret spots? Our guides
  6. 6. CUISINE THE CURRENT is committed to serving healthy organic food and sourcing as much of our menu locally as possible, including fresh catch and indigenous produce. This doesn’t mean great food has to be formal, our executive chef, Ian Wittgreen’s innovative creations are served at beach side BBQs and on our patios. Ian is a rare talent whose culinary studies have brought him to some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants including the highly praised Arzak. His culinary philosophy is a casual one, believing that nothing is written in stone. He is a master of reinvention and his food takes on a variety of different influences including Caribbean, Mediterranean, Spanish and Asian techniques and flavors. He believes in supporting regional markets, which both preserve local traditions and minimize waste created by an ex- cess of imported goods. SPA The spa at The Current is casual, simple, and created for general relaxation and wellness. Informed by ancient Aruvedic practices we offer total body assessments along with complimentary 30 minute de-stress massage upon arrival. All treatments are available in spa, in room or beach side and range from intense deep tissue massages to hydrating facials aimed at a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.
  7. 7. CONCIERGE The Current’s concierges make it all happen. Starting from the day you book they are absolutely amazing at fine tuning every detail so you just have to pack and go. From helping to create the best travel plan to coordinating your activities on the island there are few things our concierges can’t do. They specialize in customization so if you have always wanted to spend a day alone on a deserted island, catch world record breaking Marlin or sail on a Captain run sailboat let them know.
  8. 8. ITINERARY that starts at the front of the the beach and an afternoon lunch at Boya Arena a large swim, run whose course Day 1 hotel, across the beach and fishing tournament hosted sand bar with white sand covers beach, rainforest and Arrive at Tocumen Air- winds through rainforest to by Punta Coco. Dinner at the and shallow waters. Head ocean. Meet at the waterfall port and transfer to a brief the southern end of the is- Epicurean followed by drinks back to the island for dinner for a specially prepared bbq. 20-minute flight to San land. For lunch our chef will at the bar. Exchange fish- at the Epicurean. Farewell dinner at the Epi- Jose. Meet our staff and take prepare a special beach bbq. ing stories and celebrate the curean and one last rowdy the short drive to The Cur- Take the afternoon to ex- champion fish with a round Day 5 day at the bar. rent property. Check in and plore the island on your own of drinks on us. We love to This is the day to get your settle into your room where snorkel, hike, sail or kayak get the party started. diving in, head out early Day 7 you can decide whether to to check out the incredible on the Cape James to Isla Watch the sunrise and enjoy have a 30 min de-stress beaches, forest and wildlife. Day 4 Galera for a double dive, one breakfast before departing massage (on us) or to wait At sunset hop on board the We know what you think of reef one wreck. Have lunch for Panama City. until morning. Make your Cape James, our 110-foot when you hear bird watch- on the boat then head to way to the clubhouse for yacht, for sunset cocktails. ing and its definitely not nearby Isla del Rey. Kayak welcome cocktails followed Head back to the beach for something you would get to the village of Ensenada by dinner at the Epicurean. the Tide Affair a five-course up early for in most cases, to meet the local villagers. Retire to your rooms or stay dinner and wine pairing. but when have you honestly Head back for dinner at the up drink, chat and meet the been able to see a Toucan pool. people who will be hanging Day 3 that wasn’t on your cereal out at the island for the next Set out on the Cape James box? This early am activity is Day 5 week. early, don’t worry we will more popular than you think, For your final day at the Cur- pack breakfast and coffee, your going to have to trust rent we stick close to home Day 2 and head to Isla del Rey us. We will reward you with for one last day on our idyllic Wake up to the sound of to visit the first submarine an amazing breakfast served island. For those looking to the ocean. Take breakfast ever built, marooned on its beachside followed by a trip relax take this day to book a in your room, on your pa- beach. Kayak up the mouth to Mogo, a completely de- massage, walk on the beach tio or poolside for the best of a river through a man- serted island with golden or take a refreshing swim. view of the property. De- grove forest home to exotic sand beaches. A dive will be For those with endless cide whether to chill on the birds and crocodiles. Return hosted right off the island energy partake in the island beach or take the ATV tour to The Current for lunch on with a snorkeling option and triathlon a challenging bike,
  9. 9. For more information please call us at: 1.877.928.9101 or email us at: WWW.LIMITEDEDITIONLEISURE.COM