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Webinar: Mobile trends and their impact on Nordic enterprises


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Mobility is truly an exciting area for competitive differentiation. This is the presentation from our webinar exploring the latest trends and opportunities in a connected and mobile world, but also how they will impact Nordic enterprises and how to make it work for you. The presentation is built upon the latest insights from the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona. Please visit for more info.

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Webinar: Mobile trends and their impact on Nordic enterprises

  1. 1. Mobile trendsand their impact onNordic enterprisesSharing the latest insights from theMobile World Congress in BarcelonaTieto Enterprise MobilityWebinar | 12th of April 2013
  2. 2. Welcome. Your hosts today: Magnus Höglund Jouni LainePete Räsänen Torbjörn Lundmark Johan Löfmark
  3. 3. Practical detailsTime: We aim to present for 40minutes and leaving the remaining20 for questionsQuestions: During the session youare able to type in questionsSlides: Will be available afterwardson the Tieto Slideshare account
  4. 4. 30 seconds about TietoTieto is the largest Nordic IT services companyproviding full life-cycle services for both privateand public sectors. The company has globalpresence through its product engineeringbusiness and delivery centers.Tieto is committed to develop enterprises andsociety through IT.Market position➔ #1 in IT services in Finland➔ #3 in IT services in Sweden➔ #1 in telecom R&D in Europe
  5. 5. Agenda Transforming Enterprise IT Next wave Mobility trends in the enterprise context Devices & Operating Systems© 2012 Tieto Corporation Mobile World Congress
  6. 6. …it was about here it started to get exciting Mobile internet emerged about 13 years ago. Before that we only used our iPhone is phones for only a 6 making calls year old product (2007)© 2013 Tieto Corporation Nokia 7110
  7. 7. Mobile World Congress 2013 Where the future of mobility is being defined App’s Mobile Payments Mobile Device Managment Devices etc…Operators &Equipment Providers • #1 Conference in mobility • 72,000 attendees (from 200 countries) • 1,700 companies exhibiting
  8. 8. Mobile World Congress 2013 Tieto activities on site Our customer nominated: Global Industry Nokia Mobile Analysts Samsung Awards Briefings Technical VIP tours Roundtables to partners n. e.g: HTML5 Market IBM vs. native Intelligence Microsoft Carrier Partner City meets Cloud Dialogues City Enterprise Mobility Demo Customer Industry Booth Workshops Roundtables e.g: Indoor ideationInternational positioning innovation Experience Financial workshop Seamless Sharing Services Connectivity (banking) dinner
  9. 9. Let’s begin…
  10. 10. © 2012 Tieto Corporation Devices
  11. 11. © 2012 Tieto Corporation Operating systems
  12. 12. The debate continues:Native vs. HTML5
  13. 13. Only single platform needs to be supported Application positioning User experience matters much more than costs Need to handle with complex graphics, large scrolling lists, smooth transitions, high security Speed, power, control, native l&f or full offline support matters Need to integrate with other apps in device (i.e secure access initiation, QR/Bar code, NFC etc.) Need broader access to device peripherals or capabilities like file Caption system, sensors, camera (other than GPS) Stay there Application needs to act as background app (alarms, notifications) Go if you can Want to monetize via an app store Only way to go Can’t fake the native feature in a browser Changeable features, need updates often Need to deploy apps without app stores One implementation for all platforms No high interaction demandsNative Application Hybrid Application Web Application 13
  14. 14. ..but it does not end there Hybrid: Client orClassic web server-side page or HTML?single-page HTML5 as web app? native Server-side Javascript
  15. 15. Mobile Device Management
  16. 16. …the usersare driving the eco- system BYOD are driving the technology shift
  17. 17. …the usersare driving the eco- system BYOD are driving the technology shift
  18. 18. Near Field Communicationwas big…but nothing new
  19. 19. Future of payments mobile? Major mobile contactless paymentexperience with 3,500 preloaded phones
  20. 20. The next wave of innovation(and business disruption) Connected City In door positioning
  21. 21. End to End in two directions Core challenge for Enterprises Services across Conceptualizing Detailing the full service Ideation Application Deploy Operations and lifecycle Development Continuous Development Solutions connecting to complex, business-critical backend systems© 2013 Tieto Corporation System Integration
  22. 22. Challenges forEnterprise IT Bring Your Own Device DISTRIBUTION Public App Stores | Enterprise App Stores | Virtualization Technologies DEVICE & APPLICATION Exploding Mobile HYBRID activity and transaction MANAGEMENT innovation rate NATIVE APPs MOBILE WEB volumes SECURITY higher than Enterprise ACCESS CONTROL adoption rate CONNECTIVITY LAYER Middleware, Business INTEGRATION LAYER applications, processes are data models designed to and security INTEGRATION, ENABLEMENT & OPTIMIZATION support designed for OF BACKEND DATA, APPLICATIONS AND SYSTEMS old world systems rather than situations Cloud Industry Things Webservices Services Solutions Proprietary Disrupted (incl Legacy) development and Partners & Alliances governance processes Enterprise ITPolicies transformation
  23. 23. Key TakeawaysInnovations, disruptive technologies,short time to market cycles, early end-of-life solutions – an enormouslycomplicated and diversified technicalecosystem……extremely exciting times,just like the early days of the internet!
  24. 24. Today, it’s all about theapplication of the technologyAnd technology is no longer the limiting factor Technology is driving Usage > Technology Service Innovations development t
  25. 25. RecommendationsFormalize idea(s) of how mobility willdifferentiate your business towardscompetition.► Start here and not with the technologyEnsure service infrastructure readiness.► Be ready for mobility!Join us for Mobile World Congress 2014!► 24-27th February
  26. 26. Questions?Reflections?
  27. 27. Let’s continue theconversation Download our white paper around how mobility is Changing the Way of Doing Business (in collaboration with Gartner) Tieto Social Media channels
  28. 28. Mobility is changing your business and transforming your IT. At Tieto, we make mobility work for you ► End-to-End2; we advice and support you across the full service lifecycle, including capabilities to connect complex, business-critical backend systems ► Our Co-Creation model help to identify and explore opportunities in your business context, accelerated by our industry business process expertise ► With our best-of-breed Solution Framework, including powerful alliances & partnerships we are able to advice and support you on any technology choices ► Tieto is mobility with over 20 years of experience and 3000 projects in mobility, but most important: we continue to drive the front line of mobile innovation Thank You!© 2010 Tieto Corporation